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All Your Private Data Are Belong To Obama

fucking government fascists benevolent governments existance deserve deserve increasingly tool forward rise extreme wing groups sovereign citizens oath keepers splc tab extreme groups threaten government banking system systematic monitoring zerohedge readers display characteristics classify threat government namely tendency outlandish conspiracy theories involving federal reserve cia shake conspiracy theories required respected politicians central bankers planning elaborate conspiracy harm decent ordinary americans reasonable forgot sarc sheeple whos conspiracy theorist worse facebook profiles twitter instant messages google search histories splunk server logs disqus logs controls companies hope changed hope monitoring obama phones gangs drug dealers mobility youths coordinate flash mobs empowerment rant liberalism obama democrat supporter facts cell phone program established reagan sence continually expanded rant socialism ideology infects parties wake includes republican conservative socialist whos disagreeing raygun cell phone program phone program harder coordinate flash mob lines ltthis removed governmentgt hmm correction reagan program phones homes cell phones readily increased incredibly kenyan cares brotherly monitors fuck obama government obamaphonegawwwd freelol controls companies gubmint zh terrorist hellooooooo jaaaaaannnnnnet anthraxi itlol obarry yap transparencynow whos transparency ironicalno email fucking lmfao remind government agency troll liberty death track mdb government troll faster arrow power control kleptocrats fascists sociopaths lose power inflation fucking theft taxation latter imposing tax representative local politician money fix damn imagine mdb playing classic hit troll leaves provocative message responds inevitable replies acting swiftian manner neither endless replies dull waste mdb obviously intelligent honest discussion enjoyable pgtnomillion dollar blowjob plantsplcnow recommended description honey potter respond replies recorded track whos enemy whos internet friction minutes crisp hd corporation surmise lone wolf government corrupt government realizing purpose figured numbskulls amazing vid fantastisch lol awesomely social exposed pos internets everyones arse gadgets popular modern dumb agrarians facebook twitter network marketing bs zerohedge timmay amazed marvel privacy sell lifes mac onceput buildings print fires conspiracy explanation melted steal building collapse shaft building created giant chimney trapping creating extraordinary temperatures steel structure melted building collapsed suppose conspiracy theorists satisfied explanations government koolaid munchkin mayberry alone trade history steel building collapsed fires fires steel structure buildings prepare collapse chimney woodstove digging fb position bro itching grandkids smart lomuthafuckinl mdb auto responce algo zh author paid mill zimbabwe dollars taxed french rate mdb gov programs picking human sarcasm mdb staying radar data collectors strategy provided mdb inclined function aggravate government types prefer catching entrap deal easier nano thermite bitchez experts speak energy weapon crazy analysis hope dollar sign trolls effort troll ill effort skip bs mdb syping guard thirds paying surveillance worth alphabet agencies manufactured bullshit respected politicians central bankers laughing laughing melted steal ahem bucks respected politicians central bankers fiscal cliff conspiracy theorist nightly geez mdb observations money appreciate truths hostile audience amazes patience razor sharp drolleries trenchant observations constantly manage mistakenly pin pejorative descriptions effort convey opinions mainstream alternative blogs ignore peril humor nary slip tribute inner decency dedication ordinary americans troubling assault freedoms plethora enemies domestic desperately examples wisdom sources joyful mdb brilliant satirist profound understanding events parody wish mdb critical ah profound understanding missed ceases amaze biggest heads conspiricy theory forwardho arrest obama ndaa treason mdb dick breath zh actor stir pot generate debate dimwitted obtuse extend sympathies missing chromosomes mdb wtf professionally website purpose commenting dude gun huffpost lefty somebody hahahahahahahaha mdb reasonable delta puts logging fartbook lone robotrader websites accidentally visited boating accident demonstration share abuse singing vent frustration blow fuse palace revolution compromise solution poor n roll band london fighting pout brother checking twice whos brother sees sleeping goodness sake brother soyou pout brother townbitchez santa santasay santa bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa wake fold pray ideas drivin insane shame scrub floor maggies benevolent government oxymoron arrow puts dis nigga twice fuck barry soetero alive listening phone closer closer shhhh quiet fuck obama obamanites opposed bushs wiretapping efforts alos bush supporters hide excuse sides bush powers republicans dr richard ted rall observed americans likechange government elect ideation congress favorable rating majority returned office hate favorability senate senators senator hate reps reps yours taxes taxes congress favorable rating majority returned office hate yup evil itor confused whenever confused pill drink excessively itor confused bushs patriot horrible infringment rights obama signing ndaa god terrorism hero reverse party

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