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Ron Paul: “It Is Estimated That US Banks Have Over A Trillion Dollars Tied Up At-Risk With German And French Banks”

Ron Paul: "It Is Estimated That US Banks Have Over A Trillion Dollars Tied Up At-Risk With German And French Banks" tank nov moment ummmthanksgiving god thatll supper waitits durn spy trading yawning productivity exposure european understanding economics levels housing lower recession european exposure downgraded greece nuts bankers bloody latter trust thomas jefferson piled cities europe shall corrupt europe democracy cease exist incumbent generation debts principle acted save wars predict future happiness americans prevent government wasting labors pretense history convinces government government shall debarred arms strongest retain bear arms resort protect tyranny government liberty refreshed blood patriots tyrants compel subsidize taxes propagation ideas disbelieves abhors sinful tyrannical banking institutions liberties armies banks control issue currency inflation deflation banks corporations banks deprive property wake continent fathers conquered sugar taste thomas jefferson ltgolf clapgt played sir ron paul closest jefferson mainstream politics republicantdemocrap mmmmmmturkeydoh average joe pack friday buster risk euro defaults swap dollars boa paid dollars bank fees notch dammit rp trade inside congress combined economyno insider outcome ronpaulnewt gingrich undo damage slog fuck newt contract spewingpie hole pile driver ron newt incompatible draft judge paulrakoff integrity ticket tptb paul annoy elected company vp grassy knoll newt congress ron paul strike iran ticket neither endorse gingrich newt nomination points gingrich nomination imo ron paul save bacon effective helping ron paul communicate brainer napolitano honest fucking everyday walks president rp dies office hair ron rand paul congress rand paul clout senate ron concede troops role c c ted kennedy waterboarding fucktard newt isa egg newt history doubt ron paul ticket newt bodies buried congress w clinton obama iirc congress ron paul reform congress dr paul sheds hypocrisy parties ineptitude shady dealings corporations banks lobbyists hope ron paul win volumes sloth descended ron congress newt vs ron statist quo chump newt ron paul disagree newt anywhere ron paul anywhere power vote ron paulgary johnson ron pauljesse ventura ron paulralph nader ron paulandrew napolitano office elected gary johnson likable respected intrigued jim grant chai jim rogers treasury secretary bruce fein ag appointing napolitano solicitor deck scotus vp candidate gop son mitch daniels tolerable rd party kucinich dochens thread retire skirmish ron paul doubt hope wins arguments fwtw mess ron paul lose election pain inflicted ron paul pain depending wins policies peace gold purchases count insider trading surprise uncle benny cousin tim anvil falling sky insider trading aside fault anvil marshmallows ron paul jon stewart ripped media covering media replay clips jon stewart ignoring smart dancing biggest loser jersey idol neither cnbs soyoure regular republican voter figures huh registered closed 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gotten nordstroms unearned concluded affection earned concluded safest spit precisely held throat objects charity exhausted credit hank reardon aka ayn xitsam hurtin decided choices pleasure citizenry suffer media ignore ron paul pointless ron paul elected election worse sets stage president romney ron paul direction paul points fucking media god damn job ron paul chance sane fucking job source television debate dicks teaparty support cain lol dick testify ot ot ot ot topic banks topic noticed cc bills regularly fees addedor lately missing mailman bills checks written bill overdue bank fee removed dishnetwork routinely spoken experience asking vote ron paul principle president hair anda smile telepromter president lie smile ron pauli redblue sociopathic teleprompter haired smiling politician shall recieve worry youll wish numbers trillion dollars usually pfr link resources precisely banks exposure euro tbtf precisely exposure euro admit neighbourhood imho god banks lending folk sudden 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