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Main China Daily Xinhua Pens Epic Anti-US Tirade, Bashes America As Source Of All Global Financial Ills

Main China Daily Xinhua Pens Epic Anti-US Tirade, Bashes America As Source Of All Global Financial Ills communist honest ironic china insult remains entirely consumption exports china absence consumption export economy crumble exports china ultimate edge china chinas imports irrelevant exchange value weather collapse issue pads edible fucking issue export china trademarks patents manufacturing blueprints inflation intellectual property treasury dollars federal reserve notes testicles china net exporter knowing facts china maintains stupidly reserves sichuan quake reserves added decentralized manner population densities nationwide stocks frequently rotated ensure disaster supplies diverted efficiently grain reserves china annual consumption nadda zero zilch efficiency centralization waste shelves reserves actively stabilize suppress security china albertsons vons safeway ralphs walmart processed gmo pesticide laced poison designed depopulate health pie hole petrochemical ferts poisons support sharebartersell gold collapse hyper inflation imports amazingly cheap amazingly exporting fuel helps trade deficit gas higher biggest exports diesel fuel raising cost diesel heating oil continued rise yen vs dollar inevitable panacea leaders necessarily entails rise inflation sending receiving return dropping necessary adjustment situaion sustainable painful adjustment nonetheless eu biggest importer china insult factual description statement china truth remains root politics polite effectively withholding truth truth cardinal affront politics despite ongoings eu tinder iranthe actors stage starting speak lines boys girls pushing labor antisuicide nets worker dorms million chinese dollars purchasing power edge collapse hurts quit buying treasurys survive dictator shoot rioters dictator shoot rioters assad disagree shortly valid dictator ungrateful wretches murderous thug stalin ceausescu remained unconvinced million china insult mirrors insult china insult remains entirely consumption exports china absence consumption export economy crumble typical delusions importance neck woods europe biggest export yuan valued legitimate beef subject nevertheless appreciation yuan solve problems mixing truth lies expected bernanke delute dollars peg gold plug peg dollar crash dealing money declaring financial scatterbrains surprise yuan valued legitimate beef subject yuan buys usd buys inside china chicoms peg yuan usd causing imbalance labor arbitrage alot wealth convert yuan spend commodities widgets china cost yuaneach yuan worth widgets andthen sell widgetsat cost pocket repeat cycle money fist wallmart successful playing labor arbitrage chicoms undervaluing yuan ratio walmart communist enterprise china faults blind faults usa vs china reminds movie sting scene card cheat furious cheated kinda giving atta totalitarian regime chinese obama mistake bashing chinese gop chinese punching bags rino repubicans chronic overconsumption idiocy branding marketing erase critical cultural revolution camps politicians sighted corrupted forces population shortsighted corrupted saddest creeping nostalgia authoritarian forms government ccp plays propaganda masses masses choices marketers propaganda masses choice playing dumb opting hoping government responsibility citizenry participation levels bottom china pays tithe pax americana holding benny bucks conclusion walmart infinite cheap goods job spread levels income cheap consumer goods richer control control endless waves workers emerging markets understandable fascist wellthe chinese ingrates downgraded return chinese pussies dumping treasuires irrelevant loud mouth pussies chinese pussy pussy doctor buying sack treasuriesits pressure clouding serfs vision judgment facet puppetmasters bag tricks master believing countries belong trickpaper value lines sand dividing brother brother witches satan shall invent countries wicked stepping sand cadre groups bend cadre congressmen comrades brother bomb crashing winning team century changing leadership composed professional liars reality ballot congress threats levy tariffs chinese goods sides pussies scenes tptb amerika china trade kabuki theater sheeple countries thatthere portion narcissists vision accomplices disposed ala survivor china working feverishly withstand collapse doubt company countries prepare alternatives repiied harshly pointed tyler notch comfortable topcaller puts showing auctions sell russia exchanges somewhat staged concerned truth china piss taxpayer raining organs resale chinese obsession collect pieces uncle sam numbers control sides luck china pieces power promises broken iraq iran china toys aircraft carriers nuclear subs tzu win shot china worrisome civilization tzu chinese history boiled behavior bucket crabs crawl freedom priority escapes ill lose tzu boatload bland generic platitudes o genius enemy chinese minus precepts mongols mongols tore chinese asshole fought tzu manchus ongoing china problems chinese civilization tzu western powers pleased boxer civilization tzu japan crushes breaking sweat tzu chapter art advised trick enemies overconfidence allowing conquer forces strike cobra cities shopping malls confuse enemy tzu china inscutable sophisticated crude naive gwailo society comprehend laughed japanese overpaid hugely trophy properties globe thousands civilization cultural sophistication enabled tonowait lack understanding surprise pols noises bathroom customer china avatar bows thee teleprompter business model fraud bullying invasions economic indicators ponzi looting spreading mtv culture worldwide obama haarp haarp refer jibba jabba dump quarter billion treasuries overnight business yea sabre rattling kabuki theater international companies chinese working polls politician pandering union typical weakness yearsbwhaaaaaaaa dump wish trade value opportune leverage september october pms delivery casual observer china poor wars poor revolutions tom breaker bill reliving buddy movement dead william strannix movement moves distance stops revolution kill son bitch welcome revolution siege headline china observation unreal beggar thy chinese neighbor throws tantrum lashes chinese parents party party barely europeans vomiting fight party ass kickings doled bully party nukes americans dancing tards smart peopleltsarcgt enemies faults benjamin franklin peace fuck china dealing involves asking questions operations sharing confident technology attacked tremendous population verge awakening besides personally international corporations control amerika china working fronts towards nwo amerika default crushing chinas export economy fucking tired kabuki theater china smokescreen asia chinese trusted liked native population china holds wto complaints filed poison baby milk poison toothpaste toxic toys asia trusts china understanding hoot blah blah blah italian bond yields obama frustrated awful advice morons obama advice fucking hopey clown orders advice usa worlds economic ills europe licks geeeeeez obama urban chicago gangsta style bitch slap countrywhere shaolin fung fu originated obama convince democratic party style communism chinese style communism democratic party communism yields ultimate control decision bilderbergers trilateral commisioners fucked hood translation china obama fuck rode resume programming china dump treasury holdings fuck bullshit threats dosomething serious china raise tariffs goods kabuki theater sheeple tptb countries towards tariff fucking worlds consumers spending fucking idiot tariffs irrelevant fiat purchasing power troll

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