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Guest Post: Energy Independence – The Big Lie

Guest Post: Energy Independence - The Big Lie jim forgot c corruption forgot citizens terror citizens carpool conserve energy civic national minded sacrifices jim fucking idiot energy nazis despise nuclear energy dismissive tone nuclear power plants melt losing grid power paying fukushima solar storm emp electronics causing nuclear plants worldwide melt global extinction fuck jim asleep spelled c o l l e c v ignorance begins c lady srpouts drove suv onion lemon mushroom gasoline cheap higher gas price clueless c c iran conflict price barrel brent oil iran conflict price barrel brent oil suburban economy built eroi factor suburban economy falling eroi energy returned invested oil gas currently usa oil gas eroi global eroi estimated anytime energy ceos tout shale oil savior eroi shale oil eroi building suburban economy economy built cheap oil eroi suffers breaks rise exponentially dollar crashes infrastructure falling apart money siphoned bailing banks mortgages countries peak oil falling eroi declining net exportsa disaster ourcar crude credit consumption economy described future collapse empire cmon aleady lies recommend chris martensons crash shed subject edit section following oil dreadful regimes ignored countries oil portrayed threats points peak oil argument sham billions barrels oil discovered alternative energy subsidies cost effective government subsidizing oil industry drilling deepwater gom fun outside houston drilling profits astronomically higher geeze geez drilling waters movement politicians pockets laws preventing drilling duh algoremeet deepwater horizon deepwater horizon al gore fucking movement money politicians oil companies duh movement votes sheeple overrides money politicians research research tptb fuck votes sheeple hopelessly naive tptb interests produces profit fuck fuck movement fuck research trackbut thinkingi realizethat tptb fuck profit oil concern powerthe ipcc offspring movement tools condition collectivist slave met environmentalist ill apology stuck oil power apology stuck equating oil power failure differentiate failure inroads tptb born automobile sayin ntsh movement usa somehow convinced oil companies third countries cheap energy replicate wealth investors money competing powers russia china energy fuel machines drill wells capital investments risks experienced equipment dude abiotic oil tonnes solid evidence support theory lol diamonds iron copper uranium recommendation ressources unlike oil crossing rubicon creature jekyll books jekyll evidence oil power aware al gore republican governor jersey uncomfortable drilling coast jerseychristie jerseys coast economic engines convinced economic viability environmental safety convinced al goreshould bethe politician credible movement save movement fund raising vehicle aimed women cats target demographic money significance bought paragraph legislation confusing germans wrote topic experiences avatar catch sitting nervous dinner epas website exist carbon dioxide necessary pollutant wish oil drill yard wanted legally property court oil movement exists rush limburgers movement exists rush limburgers epa seize forced spend sorting garbage issued electricity quotas sq ft appartment downtown recuperation system roof youlllookjust likethat deer headlights wake itll freedom gone judging score arrows invested maintaining status quo delusion cost drilling extraction costs vary dramatically factors oil grade pressure extractable oil cheaper deeper nimby bitch gulf oil disaster local regulatory agencies forbidding drilling shallower waters government gun pointed gulf disaster desire risk expected profits drilling fix sooner peak oil sham oil discovered wake views alternative energies subsidies cost effective oil coalare effective ps oil subsidized taxed billions discovered billions burned burn losehumanity burned google oil discoveries versus oil production sobering charts peak oil refers production discoveries reserve additions production volumes despite dramatically higher bottom forth addtional production biggest population increases exporting countries driving increases domestic consumption export volumes alternative energy subsidies cost effective government subsidizing oil industry government subsidizing oil industry suppose oil production stops subsidizing oil industry argument clicking charts energy independence sayin rickrolled rickrolled middle serious content sudden chuckling quietly funnier peak oil vastly depressing subject inject levity workforce bumper bumper traffic fro cubical human contact lunch cooler meetings computer cam conferences waste energy healthcare costs associated commutestraffic efficiently wake forced afford waste system blindingly adaptations decreasing consumption raise gdp necessity increasing gdp defines western human lifestyle increasing gdp necessary borrow consume borrowing consume necessary neither increasing gdp clueless idealistic wake argument holds individual basis aggregate charged lending pods meh borrow sum wealth value produced goods wealth society increased output price money money price goods underlying equation underlying equation growth economy growth borrowed money defaults growth agreeing growth economy money extracted default bankers wealth society bill warned banking extracts gain production extraction pods fight slaves perpetuating lent money investment slave masters lose fuck cares ows playing outdated benefits opening pandoras cogs rotating wish independence buying safeway fs frankfurters fishsticks fudgesicles fava beans faux chianti purchased software producers independence farmers energy dependence machinery dependence clothing dependence independent peasant provides necesities mature stable economies standards masses rise wealth receive division labor christina romer christina romer appreciate expertice subject graph mentioning consumer products produced oil replaced industrial hemp plastic sector medical waste lighters plastic bottles crime oil pulp cotton monopolies lobby changes law demanding legalization products industry oil production industry pollution products fabric stronger hemp hemp crop rotation improves soil bs hemp replace volume material unicorns butt bearing grease hemp hemp smoke needdesigner drugs hemp oil hemp displacing products modern agriculture entirely oil precious arable growing hemp oil hemp displacing products modern agriculture entirely oil poison possbily classify precious arable growing nwo illuminti discover abiotic oil energy hydrogen economy zero energy gas mines uranus uranus solutions abound peak oil hocus pocus chicken sarc sarc hell serious depressed gtnow depressed becauseif knowledge commodity futures preserve future reap financial gains reward shrewdness speeding economy equillibrium gains succeeded proving speculatorsto slightly depress wrote depressed realz fear groundling fyi emits watts energy absorbs watts solar energy generates power earths tax factoid practical application concur ringworld alone dyson sphere ltobject width heightgtltparam namemovie value chart proven reserves saudis claiming background remind oil stated proven reserves changes peak oil yall peak lies peak oil growth peak lies drags bullshit sky rocket growth serious concern existed history human race billions billions generation billion billion clothed housed medicated heated cooled transported oil coal switchgrass cow dung oil cheap oil chunk billion clothing housing medicine heating cooling transportation survive divert oil reserves creating sustainable support billions western halls industrial power flying fuck monetize financial exploitative instruments escape hope growth unused lands unused resources idle factories material factors production turned economic goods easier closer billion billion umm nitrogen cycle phosphorus cycle sulfur cycle carbon cycle exist cycles elements oxidation states plants nitrogen nh forms energy cycles population billion haber bosch burning tons fossil fuels fertilizer ammonia nitrates plants associate diazotrophic bacteria legumes plants soil reduced nitrogen rely nature nitrogen cycle billion phosphorus cycle issue coal oil burn haber bosch hope invest bullshit homework luck power flow california county alone spoils energy flux energy manipulating cycles provide flux issue systems cycle nutrients greenhouses realative soil acres composting math avoid urban areas malthus liposuction solution child gee research backed experts peer reviewed response tom response tom markets phucknut spend identifying developing solutions experts credit crash burn solutions support survival lost oxidation states homework assignment human population die starvation background contains bonus youll graduate degree biology invite parties human population die starvation knowledge biology alone qualify apodicticeschatological proclamations involving future scarcity economic goods energy fertilizer domain speculators risk fortunes specialize forecasting unknowable future conditions factors consumer demand human ingenuity technology factors production nitrogen landfills sewers previously untapped resources online peak oilers suburban sprawl oil reurbanize forced closer closer places nation owns mass transit vehicles fueled gasoline imagine soltions exists shown flux trolls blog math cite peer reviewed websites hardly reliable sources markets flux population growing exponentially required economic system worked agriculture energetically deliver scale sitting collapse solutions ill employed local farming co op delusional arable soil nitrogen phosphate sulfur oxidation degraded bacteria landfills forms plants support urban centers luck points upcoming wars agreemuch easier harvest soilent breakfast starve death lunch peak oil economics cracks putty cassettes plastic favorite horror lotion wankers model cars folding doors dice bottom oil trades usds stray arrangement bunker buster bomb adorned peace sign courtesy barama assassin nobel peace prize winner compound bottom oil trades usds fantasy oil trade soley usds wtiusd price benchmark price saudi oil producer sell oil currency wish gold gaddafi saddam pricing oil euros future nuclear fusion albeit rapid yield bursts nuclear fusion population centres frying tonight hahahahaha sunblock smoke em em sanity

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