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Congress Must IMMEDIATELY Pass HR 1148: The “Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge” Act

Congress Must IMMEDIATELY Pass HR 1148: The "Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge" Act luck corrupt washington dc corrupt hedge funds corrupt bond funds corrupt mortgage industry corrupt europe corrupt china corrupt position institution corrupt supposedly congress service trade congress service corrupt club mp interview neil howe fouth turning services congress cap salaries average working americans salary provide dormitory style housing washington capitol chill crib washington provide expenses washington necessary finding trips eliminate pecuniary compensation lobbyists attract representatives teachers opposed sociopathic types flock position books wack moment recessiondepression gain bottom insulting pension wtf died united states inc born todays equivolent granting titles royalty explicitly prohibited founding senator president address individual office simliarly title money control alas ms pelosi official mouthpiece decried charges soft corruption levied husband purchased shares visa whilst credit card legislation favorable passing grifters congress defending character regarding sneak thief actions louder talked honor faster counted spoons ralph waldo emerson fittingly illustrated centuries reprobate breed congressman hypocrites sides mouths rot exposed wish gold nancy pelosi idiot douche bag shes manipulative corrupt selfish idiot douche bag fu nancy pos bitch monetary system corrupt fractional reserve banking corrupt central banks corrupt bernank corrupt derivatives markets corrupt gold silver markets corrupt fuck invite members congress cnbc money socialize gains congress critters audience stock tips electedi prison brokeragescorrupt financial isurancecorrupt medical insurancecorrupt awe heck insurancecorrupt equities marketcorrupt dead headlines chicks lingerie jeans lingerie financial crisis bought youll selling jeans lingerie ignore law prosecuted money hang reply watched minutes joke government gotten mixed nigeria worthless enforced typical 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congress building washington root corrupt evil spawned koch intersting pelosi pile billswere tabled dems washington tp candidates counting theirstock profits women safe planned parenthoodto opinion false dichotomy v corrupt politicians variety hook hat moral courage law acheive fascist enforcement hang nipples slap dead pelosi cell raj raj desperate uhhh prolly desperate rajs cellmate infinitely preferable rosie palm sisters stinks levels cat bag mainstream media practice key traded insider trades exposed publicly members congress forced trades fun congress members barred trading inside highest bidder inside government overstepped bounds control economy inside fringe benefit voluntary interaction million americans democracy claim chance jessica alba arrive drop knees blow jim morrison rises grave serenade occasion bill passed law morrison vampire partners business lunch mentioned minutes andasked iasked asking responded responded stunned dibelief surely sets lawsthis intelligent seasoned personbut naive title proposed resolution hr panachewhenever dogshit govt tries ram throats convince tastes pumpkin piethey tag itlike patriot actjust digestable hr pieces wascawy wabbitz martha stewart eric cantor stephen bachus anti poker congressional knowledge inside trade cantor towards fucking currency fascists worship dollar moreget money law shouldve surprising affairs policymaking evolved crony capitalism destroyed economy ron paul crony capitalism citizens treated law citizens includes corporations oligarchy sum rules rules club heads ows chance hell passing corrupt system discredit shut movement eyes turning criminals system congress crookbama crook dick nixon congressional knowledge iget itthey stock unlawful congressional knowledge cd partners business lunch mentioned minutes iasked asking responded responded stunned dibelief surely sets lawsthis intelligent seasoned personbut nave economists joseph stiglitz reserve agency independent government purpose lights congress vote law funding bill law duh turkeys vote christmas windfalls congressional senatorial critters critters mini version jabba hut bigger teeth chumping fat smokey cigar cookie jar

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