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David Rosenberg On The Depression, The ECB, MF Global As A Canary In The Coalmine… All With A Surprise Ending

David Rosenberg On The Depression, The ECB, MF Global As A Canary In The Coalmine... All With A Surprise Ending surprise lthz rosenberg delusionalthinks fix muddle growth reappear economists clueless inside fishbowl hindsight delusional msm spade giant lie built spurious foundations designed fail controlled favouring buggery rosy glasses crowd zip ori caveat emptor nah dude trav delusional blog figured perceive nonsense bingo dude posted wo linking gibberish egotistical narcissistic web trav delusional tho smart mos def de fuking lusional junk caint bichezzz identify bichezzz internals junked caint junk rosie puts twist depression compares claims bear future insanity rosie constructive criticism fuck bonds fuck economic gibberish fuck giving power european central bank fuck qe europe fuck affair monetary system built fraud fuck fairy tale ending rosie respect canary coal spot rosenberg system idlike toadd willy webb isafat arrogantpiece thinks owes endless pizzas triple cheese besides economist vic illusion stripped revelationsso authority rabbit hole ends foundign 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replacing obama romney perry atlanta fedster herman cain usher election ron paul mass president headed monster republicrat party ron paul perceived economically illiterate fringe lunatic cliff policy initiative dc uproot bankster oligarchy return control nation citizens de charter shorted shorts preferable sharting shorts cdo underwriting derivative margin margin providing vehicle hedge lol powered isda lawyer bitchez gold canary fiat ponzi scheme golds watchin banksters fiat stands fuckem inthe ass timmy silver canay blows signal comoner save finances gold kings silver gentleman copper poor callin gentleman slice manipulated tptb lose control silver silver plays roles lever hammer pope dies hits silver hammer dead fiat stands fuckem inthe ass timmy orfinancially trick controlgtaltgtdeletegtgtgtgtgtgt economy dying skin investment gold fund zh ankle biter commentators bankers politicians printing money asses besides dead foreskin matters money invested economy dying ponzi liars thieves frauds wtf skin fuck gold offense career future unpayable tax burden currency inflated oblivion paying peoples mistakes worse survival safety freedom balance skin fucking skin thin assuming maniacally laughing yapping surely sobering sobering regardless skin youll surely defined gallows humor born crucibles survivors grinning fritz blow money money fear poor decisions idol troll answers everytime nine fuck assholei kids induced nightmare douche bag obviously thinks himself fuck fractional reserve banking system backed credit default swaps covered derivitives ponzi bets apart track disaster china russia venezula iran brazil oil producing nations pertro dollar cards stacked alliance sarkozy merkel beens globe fricken fini cooked toast roasted itif gun uhchina oil consumer iran venezuela zilch production growth oils refinable louisiana readership website tens thousands suppose thousands demographics party excuuuuuussssseeeee catch sites stretch kinda reality dealt lt fritzenheimer troll lt fritzenheimer cunt damn slew hate trick questions false dilemma troll cunt respectable commentwhat margin account recognized timechanged lifestyledid accept victim bankers corporate thugs ton money yearsnumbers bullshit walks zerohedge analyst boutique ib chicago balls foresight trade account kick offers occupy protestor halloween fawkes mask forced convince educatei personally edge staying date herea rumor surfaces catalyst zerohedge historically honest misjudgements solely observationa respect connected trading attempting grasp wave worldi everyday worth figures quietthis choose accept playpen speculation cower corner forever mom fiat currency stake dollar shitpot pile money itll starter investments business ankle biting pollyanna occassionally o underwear knot stuck trade hate monday moreabout bitterness yourk ira worry plenty pain gold hehe ankle biters trolls boys doctor working chickens someday ganja blowjobs chics universal currency withstood percenter health survive annoying 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