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This Is The Moment Rick Perry’s Presidential Chances Flash Crashed

This Is The Moment Rick Perry's Presidential Chances Flash Crashed perry declares credit mericans voted dubya salivating ass clown stupidity atrocious unlessperry claims temporarily possessed reagan perry shold philosophermeat loaf goof ron paul debate fun jim cramer mad money carried pleasure button herethe texas gunslinger unloads maria ron paul taxes rp debates introduces terms maria represent idiocracy money cheap financing rp gone inflation higher maria ltspeachlessgt ltcheshire smilegt worked paul applause straw polls win ron maria seemed likes hate fuckin reuters november cnbc debate leaving debate rick perry quoted yaall bus waitin rick perry concluded blunder bye bye rick damn texas moonshine dude respond retard retard cocaine cramer lol pwned jamie dimon usually hookers ass realllllllll felt embarrassed egg felt intelligence sucked brain debate minutes zoned shock horror pissing laughter crying joe biden debate thatwould scoop hoping recognize leadership path outdone led narcissist simpletons aspire power society epa agency youd disband epa agency youd disband referring monitor agency perry ummm rid improve funding courts matters resolved law suit prefer baseball bats resolved hed totus reader wtf disband hed break band fucking eliminate loud meant dismember epa memorizes points plans developed advisory team presidents paul paul convictions whores biggest donors paul sold unemployed guts dept interior epic derp derp derp derp um um um third um um um fuck douche cramer admits banking system isit cash silver trust bank deposits redeemable suggest holding silver italy collapses fiat drunk wtf rick perry president laughing laughing flames bush perry dick york dick sargent washington presto chango hilarity thethethethethethethethe stateside admiral stockdale nicecruel perrys brainfart endear innumerable halfwits americas rural backwaters urban fucktards thinks answers voter thinks perennially search ideal president son perennially ideal ideal w worse beer crowd ate lost lol boom dynamite perrys faux paw aside lived texas joker vote grazing sheeple himself loses focus definately launch codes fun president fucking ron paul looked freakin amused perry asked hate candidates anothe election choose dressed ass hats speak bullshit unicorns ron paul issues weaknesses superior dunce currently headware sported followers ron paul tricorn survey sayswhat dept energy funniest embarrassing nightmare literally vomitted stage punched kramer hell worse cain audience booing questionnot princess nancy gropings edit cain subjected debate entirety fd worse bo voting candidate clue ron paul ron paul starting newt massacre o debate alone lincoln douglas style debate baggage lose baggage baggage newt starting smartest reasonable candidate lesser evils perry er cain flavor survive hitting mitt romney nwo chosen stolen billion bushes clintons pumping media porn strings fucking doomed hell system romney nom paul p obama wins ec losinggt popular vote combine economic crash iranwar storm tuesday november ftsumter positively groomed bear agency government perry fan ron paul agencies deered headlights americans agencies hud romneys donors goldman sachs credit suisse morgan stanley hig capital barclays kirkland ellis bank pricewaterhousecoopers emc corp jpmorgan chase co villages vivint inc marriott international sullivan cromwell ubs ag bain capital wells fargo citigroup inc blackstone bain co meaning voting meaning funds sides wins fail media perry paul won illonois straw poll perry romney win enjoy links europe session candidates wish pery pery third onelets teleprompter puppetlol bush jr bush jr herman cain answers frequency trading mentioning bold fucking dumb bold cains tax godfathers deluxe pizza godfathers pizza sucks bold tax cure willright installing theocracy loved voters elected officials bailed elected officials trade treaties endless voters fucking worked evidenced seamless policy continuity bush obama adminstrations somehow dismantle plutocracy quote governor perry oops caught regardless asshole push turd reminds drunk texas governor idiot count perry drunken retard texas governors national elections perry sexual deviate bush clinton fag obama granted serial rapist clinton perry harmless likes booze occasional coke party whores occasionally fun boys palm beach visit te club camapaign finance withdraw claim wife anita drag te caught texas politics followed perry career dumb aggie cheerleader texas aampm admitted girls flunked grades horrible harmless justice sale sale texas perry pocket aipac industrial president suck ron paul newt vote asshole fucked bachmann circus fucking sanctimonious slapdown rhetoric snarc iran preffers dogs cats pets outrage former federal tax attorney cats pets dogs nuke iranians offense obama guts snarc santorum anywhere microphone tptb ideas false flags turned nude sex wild college wild party jewish kibbutz stayed israel circus perrys disdain education documented dude tweaking hearing aid uh um vp candidate perot fuckup fail history admiral wrongway quayle gore apart


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