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Futures Reopen To Surprising Dose Of Gravity

Futures Reopen To Surprising Dose Of Gravity bitchez fail deer headlights moment reelz central planner planet money offering bid freshly printed fiat meaningless timmay rushing kids piggy banks esf pump chinese rescue idiot savant idiots chinks hang tough thru emerge prime hegemonic power everyones idiot offense particular disdain chinese problems prc guangdong cities cities twenty construction cranes gracing smog laced sky vantage rise condosthis consisting buildings streets infrastructure surrounding completed development streets traffic completed buildings emptyok percent buildings filled amazing distance sees construction cranes building developments visiting building stories thirty percent china liveable modern space waste building building guangzhou york village recall miami skyline filled construction cranes admit expert reverse cultural revolution farmsteads housing crops harvest modern machines attract flies geithner honey cain kazoo perry beef jerky jeesusss dg sanity zh constantly correction fi fx equities commodities tradeable instrument cbs sivspvs olympus enron et al hide losses constantly purchase anyall collateral par value showing offsetting accounting entry stops price oil ben crew concerned explains iraq libya iran mic lid price oil ensure flow established cbs printing offload toxic investments favored impaired firms greece italy puppet masters temporarily pulled tank mf sacrificed absolute chump compared comitted saved corzine nd martini lunch drop empire whites eyes kahuna ah wizard oz method investment analysis lol oil commodity contradicting bk events global conspiracy concocted prudent economies placating masses turning plans integrate economies expanding avoiding riots growth depletion finite resources principally oil keenly aware growth debts growth overcomes ability peak oil peak growth peak financial collapse collapse industrial civilization timmy benny aware debate figures robert hirsch trust steven chu aware peak oil consequences global governments implementing crash program alternative energy solutions alongside futily temporarily bringing oil dollars fossil fuel era blip human history benny timmy aware scope finger gloved omnipotent control power juice naturally percent lower justify printing election printing shock awe drop progress summer central bankers clusterfuck dissolution ref matthew r simmons legacy ocean energy institute oei legacy died heart attack shortly speaking gulf coast debacle publicly bp link failure ps matt simmons peak oil bbl enlightening google ps sites unavailable google drowned hottub rip nailed rosex steven chu peak oil aspo conference hirsch sent chu emailing details thefakemichaelmoore gmail interview robert hirsch oil drum archives hirsch talks department energy response interview david fridley worked steven chu lawrence berkeley laboratories david speak directly chus knowledge peak oil imminency chu publicly markets crash catch thesis advanced writing sciences wrote november listed cited hirsch david fridley relationship chu ill split tptb ultimately avoid meltdown tricks distractions extreme key commodities mostly oil hell industrial population explosion fueled cheap oil money changers jackpot turning nightmare mis allocation capital grand scheme catastrophic blip punctuation population expansion contraction expansion phase hell fun contraction phase anyhow key players visions future egos players balling exits wannabes jacking systems echoes bullshit resonating populations aware forth potential instability unpredictability oil price flow rate control oil somoene eating tanker headed eu priced instincts andfeelingsnow money leads waywe ends raging bullif marine italy weeksthen youll surprised markets percent finishing levels percent higher disabledvet theory precedent markets react mentioned zero hedge creating wiley coyote moment bk peak oil toxic bonds worry oil production finishes growth scitizen bk agreement responses haphazardly whimsically solution problems economic growth sustained basis yowzuh italy pre sold bond issuance sell ecb minions extend pretend gambit price calculated reduce pressure italian bond yields sole purpose providing lived exit window holding pasta al debte surge newest ramp dies reality swarms gorge corpse ecb announcing buyerprinter resort traders institutions bought central planners central banks bought lower rate rates higher central banks buying essentially printing money bonds worthless italy hurry austerity countries insolvent hurry brink junk whomever buys toxic sludge nations books ball germanys court markets forcing germans address fundamental avoided countries ez ignoring rules germany formalize transfers wealth poorer countires save euro creation federal united states europe euro collapse countries fend politicians slight majority innorthern europe wealth createddo support federalist approach ongoing bailout profligate socialists democracy somrthing unles corrupt ploiticos smoke mirrors enter financial innovation euro ps greek holidays cheap againif printing drachmas santorini denmark entered recession floundering serious lack bank credit elections summer socialist prime minister woman kinda foxy adolf linkln bitchez thursday friday italy greece es greek august theyd kinks national emergency broadcast system caerus brother ill swear tip gmcr ill ill zep zep zep graf zep sister hindenburg sig august ladies boobies plenty pert manual examinations herman cain job interview interviewing german ladies invoke presidential candidate global economic collapse candidate majuere maximum limit herman koch sorrycain changing kill jedi cops reuterstopnews japan police olympus investors demand data basement ecb void unlikely asia dumping european en masse italy silvio moves exit eu lira austerity francegerman suck ez banks pitiful greece italy spain worry tim gang save tomorrowwont handle eur wish worse favorite soap opera peaking weekend killed jr friday dream chasing waterfalls chasin waterfalls stick dicks balls ice cube goldmans mario appointed senator appointed italys don hedge funds slam dreadful boj submission roll ass rumor spike overnights mule bank bailing greece barton biggs count tza faz holders selling money tvix save preparing bernanke emergency meeting leaders zimbabwe central bank print faster failedthats necklinemaybe tomorrowi doubt necklinei italian neck tie players gs blk blk mf global style trigger financial weapons mass destruction uncle warren warned hath arrived fuck grand tradition fabian socialism bloody accustomed bites realizing return disappeared rabbit hole fuck turning boiling frogs knukles offer jpm price cds appreciate paid personally burn bitch burn party disclosure caps caps gold silver yr blondes zip code herman cain bought efsf deal french banks blowing france aaa rating toilet esfs italian wipeout planet european china commie con artists


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