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BlackRock Responds To Zero Hedge Query On Its Italian Debt Exposure

BlackRock Responds To Zero Hedge Query On Its Italian Debt Exposure hang blackrocks share price reflect fundamentals italys fundamentals haircut sustainable levels perpetuity coverage payments dissapoint haircut blackrock comfortable intermediate bonds possibly title gents spreads reflect fundamentals declare credit apply myth accounting blackrock bankruptcy filing owe cnbc pump fees markets tylerwhen chips blackrock distinctly mayday mayday blackcock worry dr bernanke prescribe viagra unfortunate patient kidding climbing italy bailed pony trillion uh reverse flash crash translation nd october hell tops buyer rd october hell tops doubling lol blackrock speaking oferik schatzker tend beat iron mallet everytime appears mutant superdouche speaking oferik schatzker tend beat iron mallet everytime appears mutant superdouche alone bros hoes lol blackrock lehman confused blackstone scum tyler exposure mf global customer assets theft noticed cme stating million worth comex registered gold silver unavailable delivery mf global bankruptcy corzine million worth clients gold silver warehouse receipts collateral million loan mf prison msm reaches critical mass outraged zerohedge push critical mass yup forcing msm bitches print bro blackrocks rovelli italy spreads reflect fundamentals fundamentals trouble omg stfu rovelli blackrocks rovelli italy spreads reflect fundamentals nope tyleri opened ass worms fun blackrock respectfully asks compliant media continuing cooperation stream media government proxies treasury governmental governmental federal reserve bank intelligent bloggers backed facts data refrain asking relevant questions pertaining compost heap toxic assets accumulated en masse blackrock homerun tis compost italian bonds obama al waleeds media deeper shove deeper sand evil evil speak butt sticking hmmm paging banzai cartoon multiple ostrich heads suspects imf ecb etcpoking china umm acknowledge reality numbers money power zh becoming enlightening peace shall truth truth shall mad aldus huxley enlightening mo relative kick ass tylerawesome blackrock joe paterno predictable stages economy profit wealth transferred millionaire whose sharing incredible wealth todays economic crisis pedal pablum lost confusing internet series tubes dr nancy breath stupidity enlightenment remaining growth hormones millionaire dream professional whore mmmm spam sign protect money nigerian minerals minister deposit bank account pods dr nancy suck puss golfball sized boil boil boil dr nancy elevation remove pens nan nancy pe pe laughing paniclehman brothers capitalized expose cdohousing youll denying exposure reflecting fundamentals itll lookin bridge zh impress analysis hell wife pods talkin het blackrock playing f ed drag bailout denial crap dumb italian financial industry blackrock mf global confident tourette timmay succeed push massively leveraged efsf toxic pile dying piig blackrock bagholder playbook buffet fear edge worked bonds cds honored buying asian tiger yield bonds worked templeton returns fighting folkscaught corzine pants response rieder comfortable watched fund blow comfortable lehman exposure reider r leaving lehman global principal strategies lehman blackrock backer r owning stake firm hedge fund bought billion assets bankrupt bank lehman sold stake r october filing bankruptcy r burned asset freeze stemming bankruptcy leading roughly losses pesky facts instilling confidence transparent ruse farce blackrocks toxic exposure ex lehmanite rieder lehmans risk mismanagement stomping grounds assure specifics provided blackrock boys risk accumulation occurred avoid ishares etfs clears allnext multi trillion asset manager blackrock responds nerve hit multi personalities vote z hedge sec porn doitswork rattle goldmans gilded cage fuckers doo doo bunga bunga respone comfortable italian debteven throws towelor lies exposure reminder larry fink blowhorn cnbc equities larry sell proceeds worthless euro reaching yield larry luck fuck occupy blackrock zh jef blk ms db gs italian death spiral spanish spiral draghi printing overtime ecb lost assuming position swimming trapped pool unload adequately hedge showing cards masters universe forgot system closed system imagine closed cage feral pigs circling trusting burning hungerof greed rapacious appetites jpmorgue themlol push blythe jamie chipper wh zh christmas tax abc youreally blind hair palms kito smiling dxd spxu redim hoping resolves wh reads zh scared death truth mccains zh blackrock investment officer rieder comments printing presses

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