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James Turk Interview With Eric Sprott On, You Guessed It, Gold

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shortages waspuregarbage blatant lie meant impression markets dangerously supply panic bullshit kid dynamite pointed sprott purposefully structured options silver delivered options delivered contracted sprott misleads believing pslv intended inventory shortages pure propaganda meant hype etf earlier sprott investors slv paranoia markets transparent silver nuts sprott media blitz april april rang closing bell nyse spent cnbc bloomberg fox business peddling funds april thhe rang closing bell nyse interviews afternoon hedge fund managers ring nyse bell twice april cherry zerohedge bullish pro silver written sprott himself fund manager target investors penchant precious metals zerohedge april guessed intense media blitz nav juiced sprott dumping shares pslv thatkaboom pslv bagholders bleeding eyeballs sprott wolf sheeps clothing trade du jour beware particular wolf likes snack retail max fischer civis mundi sprott opportunistic billionaire shark exaggerates misleads specifically target 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