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Game Over? Reuters Says Germany, France Exploring Idea Of Core Euro Zone, End Of Existing Structure

Game Over? Reuters Says Germany, France Exploring Idea Of Core Euro Zone, End Of Existing Structure god bullshit execute alreadycnbc bullshit bitchez rid dead coke hooker binge weekend coma wake euro bullshit gold worth oz german french officials discussed plans radical overhaul european union involve establishing integrated euro zone eu sources raising possibility countries leaving euro zone remaining core pushes towards deeper economic integration tax fiscal policy translation merkozy piigs stfu sovereignty nations citizenry ecb banksters boys girls booted survivor europe tm nightly broadcast program bankers services citizenry receive exchange continued support european parasitic banking system establishing integrated radical overhaul european union involve establishing integrated euro zone interests doo doo mehapz piigs w currencies defaults auster eeez bks banksters eu fr ger countries withstand dipping solvent gold worth ounce mac cost taste referring macs hookers recall lawyer kill send bernak heidlebergs em solve problems bankster richer eu format tsch ciao un adieu adios tanto tempo dude wish farage citizen vote president mep nigel farage benefits euro collapse germany backstop fiat gold holdings cake increase exports usa bmws euro holders usd holders nail coffin ill fated currency germany capitalize implosion receission sets banking cartel zero sum canniblesbut fucking invade greece stupidest government europe destroyed libya greatest oil suppliers financial system unsustainable europe lose former un secretary kurt waldheim snake eating tradition germanyvs italy europe implode bombs iran appears illuminatti creek viable solution problems created ther nflx euro designed implode introduce currencyfiscal consolidation implode consolidation implosions power consolidations ding ding ding winnnah constitutional referendum beginning withholding aid exits sealed rules quarters seperate currencies kill starve leaders meanwhile cycles speak aware nations nuking suppressing armed uprisings devaluing fiat currencies starve sheeple collapse choas seize control stopped population incapable stopping criminal cartel power lunch kick gear fucking hate cnbc cnbc happier blood pressure lower die tuned stress cnbc clips hedge enraged usually break vicinity congress critters abut super committee cutting budget blah blah blahis sc constitutional shitdifferent cussing skills ability todays bankers budget brain boycott cnbc ge outfits scum bag cheerleader liars jeffy immelt himseer obummer jeffy quit spot ny federal reserve devote himself president electric reality jeffys funnier comedy channel cnbc stopped cnbs periodsince financial melt stopped cnbc cnbc bloomburg trading headline riskvolatility hate trading stocks prefer gambling sports cards betting decline financial lose fucking penny respect cnbc warp fucking idiotic bullshit fucking groundhog bill murray holler identical bob pisani job slight chance airing finance closely boom grade dick fulds twin daughters stories frontline cnbc tons money provides outlet assholes idiot mouths pisses stock picking correlation matrix individual stocks broader upwards fucking stock uncle warren pardon mister buffett oops uh privy mister buffetts bathtub musings reggie ultimately stronger euro fucking hell glossing merry freaking christmas pumper chumpers enjoy christmas tax pumpkinhead christmas president phony corrupt easier pony christmas thread westvillageidiot welcome clue drop loser states california union york sucks blood rid youd thievery outside village wannabe sarah jessica parkers toledo drag queens outside bombing crumbs meant magnolia psychos village saturdays sundays brunch sixth hell cupcake magnolia bakery ram pie hole girlfriend drags twice bottomless bloody marys access col california wed fucking fence borders fucking illegals california prime estate california inhabitants fucked ideas fishing afternoon favorate stream burried sierras tahoe fucking georgeous outside lifes bitch ca mexican winter tahoeflies gone taylor outflow feb themackfry swininto awaiting browns hill silver california eighth largest economy bringing tax revenue virtually states crooked government innovation productivity income youd broke dead spin fiat ponzi rolling bitchez cali fucked industry outsourcing bye bye hollywood millions clue handouts sized tax revenue banking industry falls asian money fran cali prime capital consumption ponzis opm fund dream fun eating california money flows california feds flows california problems economy horribly crooked infrastructure alone federal monkey freed dropped fuck union california mexico mexico retaken dream euro shorts parity system win win politicians fking crooks politicians owned crooks obama elected fat cat bankers standup comedy admires jamie dimon lloyd blankfein doo retrace steps sarkozy split zone seperate seperate velocities merkel boldly integration eurozone germany euro sending tailspin creating eurozone weaker economies viable inevitable drag markets inevitable pain roflol return homes business eu haves imo divisions leading wwiii cares gay penguins germany internal intra nation mutiny eurozone mutiny choice europe countdown listening pleasure germany ill bock intellectual discussion phase progress umm gotten eu officials intellectual discussions kinda comical clarify officials discussions euro politicians euro central bankers runs eu euro commentary assume translators soooooo fucking interconected practical illusionarry peg curencies dollar print jim willie maintained euro fail nordic euro emerge thoughts didseem toof littlelately analyst newsletter ishow zero hedge yea iceland talked projects oflack funding immediately puzzled wtf lack funding till money consternation immense southern euro fuckin print fucking officials discussed plans radical overhaul european union involve establishing integrated euro zone texansare merkozy mess texas hell yippee ki yi yay careful tex secede charge cuz yer plumb cowboy idgladlypay rate waterif iwas forced touse federal reserve notesand paythe corresponding inflation tax federal government usa texas charge wti damn secede gtfo usa cnbc react euro zone plans italy bailout official developing depresion sucks quality bs quality bs hqbs shortage smell arb trade bullish france germany bwahahaha ahh hahahahaha hmm ultimate union linguistic integration hows parlesprech le frandeutsch oops german sprechevous ze deutcshfran

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