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Did Merkel Just Usher In The Deutsche Mark?

Did Merkel Just Usher In The Deutsche Mark? deutsche bitchez toilet fiat casino barnum baileyringling brothersbernankalchemy equity markets rotten egg bitchez merkel usher deutsche merkel usher drachma merkel break glass derivatives exposure swimming naked backs peoples alarm merkel moves makers mandate donkey kong godzilla mate coast fukushima union god kong porn break glass kristallnacht ptbs maximum reality hopium dreams burnt ashes phoenix blow torch china history suggest stronger members currency union history bretton woods france de gaulle refused sell countrys gold support dollar peg johnsons society external debts euros decline precipitously stronger members conversely italy greece shafted euro euro denominated rise value vs domestc currency dictacting vs default federal reserve bank european central bank bank japan peoples bank china creation incredibly research development fiatenstein print quadrillion sdrs threat deutsche merkel pulling gpap eurois unglued germans screwed tide doubt god damned union nude adolf linkln bitchez serious leaving euro leaving euro leaving eu customers feed addiction buying goods paul krugman tweeted solution print twice eurs currently exist latter creditors existing waittheres money chicks eurusd prints rinse repeat inflation fake scare compliance germany save jump leaving euro countries founder junk dragged smart germany opportunity inflate experience consequenses bet theyd germany save countries dropping bombs german cities mess solutions sinking definition panic crash rebuild harder entities german banks german export customers europe german save save choose merkel german putin choose save succeed bankers commission party crafting framework presented party meeting proposed allowing euro member comply currency rules euro region losing membership eu newspaper price leaving voluntarily severe euro germanys exports cheap dm appreciate strongly exports germans reaaaally baaad exporting eur gimme break porsche yup appreciates print eur buyers currency perceived value germans eur cracks germans accept toilet goods services ill trade roll count charmin porsche deal pissed customers leaving party shtf spades wailing gnashing teeth blink wins exports dead arguement weighed germany paying elses scale tipping holding germany euo sold euros euro currency falls euro twice currency gdp doubled currency debtgdp worse countrys sectors risky lend somalia society theirs aks pirates tweet snippet bitchez remaining assets attendant ordered printing friday sales wanted incredible predictable bag greeks vote democracy votes henry kissinger authorizing overthrow salvador allende bushs fault democrats boys girls shoe dropping blow germany leaves ez banking cooked liked rmbs patents ruled invalid rmbs chinese currency confused acronyms invalidgerman chancellor angela merkel losing membership eu whose laws preside national law curious larry fink devouring euro criminal syndicate bankers smartest planet ummm sarcas selling opportunity blk criminal syndicate bankers exposure ahem angela death g abandon bitchez greeks played eurocratsdrag canwipe bulk exit euro rinse repeat played g pap eus juncker eur crisis eus juncker markets consideration ahh remeber quoting juncker tough lie ps talks finland amazingly opposition ruling coalition mechanism exit eurozone nigh headmerkel logically euro habit invade furthermore hope meaning misconstrued repeat risk ofhiking price ofcrude euro euro catchy title makings pop hit smells greek spirit hit keynesians soulful addition bridge nowhere waters practical solution france germany necessary structure easily push periphery countries interpretation euro bullish euro intact push schlepps cheap usd goalseek credible threat reuters headline euro zone plans rescue italy officials dick g pap drop bunga bunga toilet immediately french germans italian bail italians buying german cars numbers flash crash goodness deny rumor rally euro soooo risk needrumourrightnow vix fiat currency bitchez thinks loudly exit arithmetic determine yield italian bonds trading ecb buying italian shoot mrs merkel mrs married coot cane christianity smooth compared healthy survive flourish survival fitest mode sarkozy holding bag healthy survive flourish survival fitest mode dead bank christmasah circle weee gold dip euro collapse yen woops recall correctly reports stated germany printing deutchemarks magnetic ink lovely frns currencie euro former currencie avatar hendrix leaving euro involuntarily liabilities euro revenues toilet tries beg austerity truebut theyd deal creditors longing gotten haircut latam crises thin ksome settled sovereign likes exporter delivery ona bankers acceptance drachmas terribly exit currency stillbe eur greece italy foreign reserves defend peg finland saycould conceivably position strength currency paying healthy yields midst ez dangers iceland switzerland shitstorm latam countries repeatedly repudiated debts developed democracies italy wish guatemala mediterranean dust plates lire tyler zero hedges solution staring abyss con willful ignorance eyes harditll worryingly nwo eurocrat germany exits euro currency survives france leech germany wins


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