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And Now: France

Bond,France, invite spain bund blowout party italien resignation smelled hit iceberg sink capt smith resigned markets breathe lagarde icebergs titanic lines ht tyler selling larger smartass congrats iceberg smell contagion smells victory counterparties paying dead weekend markets surprises herewednesday august france susceptble contagion banks suffer contention crash global machinations cadre central bankers intent somehow rewriting rules economics investment physics global finance buyers resort consequently buyers resort flooding liquidity guarantees central bankers countries allegedly strive nigh worthless assets sector threw prudence window peak phase circle economic engaged speculation click enlarge print quality bustedbloggoesboom contagion spreading surprised bust monetary manipulation enables economy markets dislocate allowing amplitude ordinary tepid business cycle distended price money indicator rate rendered useless cycle austrian economist mises refining explanation moreover cycles healthy overlay cycle model model anchored intervention intended fix correction motion inevitably initial interventions original boom reggie blow reggie reggie walrus central banks boom bust cycles malinvestments manipulated rates central banks economic cycles expansions andcontractions milder missing track freaky farce farce president demanding cables ambassador germany analyzed department iii iswell remaining uninformed issue implementing christmas tax god executive department christmas industry christmas czartsar named eachh xmas checked crazy hiding hate freedoms decided tax service throw card speaking opportunity wheres tax yarmulkes ramadan bath salts department christmas industry muslims wh holiday jews christmas tax regressive soundfair fraa nce forever franice franccc e fixed bund cake gteverything literally falling apart european markets percent levels september nd reality markets accept chance levels added spx risk reward levels tvix twiddling thumbs tvix shoots faster tza dpk faz turbulence reasons rates sick stomach rallies luckily reality markets accept status quo reality status quo position power power economy path forward economic reality apres moi le deluge literally falling apart european markets percent levels september nd reality markets accept markets discount future predicting ecb federalizes buys bonds directly primary buyer eurozone option break stability fulcrum dumping europe unravels rallying ecb pulls japan fulcrum dumping europe unravels rallying ecb pulls japan everbody buying rallies posit logical progression dumps europe unravels print rally ill fucking dip bitchez investments gold silver gold silver gold immune downs imagine germany allowing ecb print unlike germany keenly aware scourge hyperinflation jeopardy print ass offfor alek germany zimbabwe c biggest buyers sooooorrry c largest buyers ink sooooorrry turd quit buzzing holy collateralized froglegs batman ee cocky sarkozy prick paraphrase o bozo deal bringing downfall emu prick enlarged flacid fucking dwarf offence meant vertically challenged humans rumor dwarfism ears legs whos wifes babys daddy waitingfor spanish portugese bonds hit fan greekitalian vocal lately futures breach ben bets germany sausage hits israeli pm liar spade spade balls douche douche adds clarity hidden closet discuss reality sugar coated eisner disney holly speilberged spotlight douche loyal followers prosecute crimes humanity financial butsome blew expectations importantas headline cnbs americans escape reality blew expectations plunge protection team version challenge fighting worldwide contagion starting investment bank falls lehman drop french aaa sick crash greek salad pasts forward coq au vin paella sides dare finish serra de estrela waffles irish whiskey bet arrow romp points points collapse imminently guns ammo booze hookersdisguised maids yadda yadda yadda zh serious comedy wahts itll itll guesstimatig pump headlines msm stick informative revealing collapse fing sell overbought conditions wss beloved santa rally bonuses spinning suffering abit normalcy bias joe website paints prepare hypothesizing postulating fun joe bond spreads prepared wahts itll foolishness clue youd preparing mocking preparing asking websites define clinton job wrap lol predicted cds gone alternative sell serves ecb choose stopping contagion printing hyperinflation banks winner ecb chooses former taxpayers hook banks fail choose latter credit banks speculate supremacy speculative economy manifest taxpayers inflation stagnant growth job losses deterioration economy shut taxpayers winning banks fail rage dying occupywallstreet euro collapses dollar rally tries dollars gold drop price sitting cash gold dollar collapse playing deleted euro collapses defining concernswell monetary markers gold banks granted execution frb capital outright bailouts required anybodys barring sticksaves aproper collapse euro induce scramble reserves dollar rally banks detonate france bastion bund takeover france planted trees thanksgiving finalcountdown deus ex machina ending chop chop mfers markets pointed treasuries uk gilts fracas effectively tarred brush lasting safe havens bond safe haven oil coal metals gold safest anchorage treasuries gilts wag control curve inverted german bonds y yield lower y conventional measures earlier todays program confidence risk onoff bazookas unable hedge creative modern financial instruments crowd reverted fashioned version thereof selling glad seethe cds ponzi unravelling trillion fake protection avoid credit aig larger holding greece sovereign bonds voluntary writedown credit france sovereign aaa rating pip spread bund aaa ratings cds ponzi scheme collapsing amazing deceived bankers maintainthisfake fraudulent trillion ponzi scheme sovereign biggestfinancial bubble inhuman history bubbles pop musical chairs seat sark forced resign threes predicted drop es futures instantaneous mad panic treasury bonds speak crash yr yields below freaking percent tom keenes jaw dropping aghast outright collapse rates invariably incite spirits chase stocks higher uh huh treasury yeilds explode joke owned fucking trash resessiondepression robo predicted predictions count avatar ass liked sampp reverts sub crash range lower ill attractive rr shorting opportunities yikes wake france y cds uptick slovakia slovakia exports german cars hockey stars slivovitz


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