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Swing And A Miss: Complete Hedge Fund October Score Card

Brevan Howard,Greenlight,Japan,Pershing Square,Reuters,Third Point,
hedge funds betting china eases berlusconi resigns bullish missing hopium boys winter killed momo trading tandem hedge thin markets tighter volatility trading upside usd destroyed bull hedge fund fun facts hedge funds assets management grown trillion increase damn trillion credit crisis hit likewise hedge funds grew money hedge funds chasing increasingly smaller arbitrage opportunities competition traders fund managers push leverage juice smaller smaller margins trade leverage continued fundamental success ultimately failure cases funds source international securities derivatives markets max fischer civis mundi picking pennies bulldozer growth recession july capital speculative plays drains capital economy itll potential growth charts expansion pre crisis output blame speculative economy system gone business entrepreneurs hire laid workers banks bet commodities ez implode god types derivatives banks gamble presidentcongress dem rep risk losing election economy implodes fucking moral hazard economy maxim politicians repeat banks mur der politicians blind movement ppl rights rage dying occupywallstreet hugh hendrys fundand ray dalio bridgewater ytdlast looked hedgies chanos bitchez sampp takers headlines trade sometime predicated corporate strength earnings seasonal fck tudor smacked dying gold bid higher tylerthink outliers luck lucked inbut managers heebee jeebees sharpe ratio microscope monkeys throwing darts wife zoo monkey threw cocki kissel hedge fund possibly return usd denominated asset planet correlation levered beta religion trust priest hell voodoo goat spreads blown sharpe ratio hedge funds gold risk


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