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Iran To Israel: “We’ll Show You Hell”

iran-israel-well-show-you-hellbomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran yea nuclear sites iran reallythis thumbs bomb barry associates zionist warmongers justify islamic republic iran staging false flag attack continental united states controlled nuclear explosion bomb targeting urban concentration kill dozens thousands civilians operation carried cia partnership mossad mi subsequently blamed alqaeda working conjunction elements irans irgc pakistans isi besides americans animals manipulate subdue psychological impact elicit brute populace demand retaliation perpetrators explicitly iran obama administration unconditional support mules agenda essential prerequisite false flag operation president soetoro persuade congress issue formal declaration wankelord declaration kinetic israel attacking iran pandoras met pandora nicer congress issued formal declaration obummers constitutional scholars kinetic constructive june puhleeze attack irans fault wiser scams oligarchs pushed fraud scams woke sleeping masses trusts government venture soldiers hat unending wars foes proof foe amerikan iran drop hat wars citizens dancing stars stoped americans iran nukes dontt al queada financed iran israel aparthied committing crimes geneva convention al queada financed iran israel aparthied committing crimes geneva convention wish americans ron paul gop nomination asleep coma amen hope merikens awoken tennessee texas tennessee fool shame shame fool fooled respectfully disagree relatively enlightened pockets usa television addict countries growing increasingly frustrated steer itd mexican border thoughts itd mexican border estate diego starting stabilize bullseye border spot telegraph iran mexican drug gangs assassinate saudi ambassador border tx az nm caca lose o votes odds favorite worry diego mexico invades rename tiajuana heights boost lol diego renamed tijuana enticing diego itd recognizable el paso tx noglaes tucson az diego theyd sd presence radiological scanners border entry points fence jump feds cali hate az tx thatd bet route nail heartland sioux iowa instigated administration alabama missisippi florida panhandle fallout sc ga lower nc protected beaches ports entry coastal states logical viable attack iran concentrations arabs mexican illegals states additional killing republican electoral college hopes chances inciting mania remaining conservatives detroit kill blacks muslims iran ill bet thems registered democrats acorn division reduce numbers chicago vote die motown fuck notion attacking iran insanity reeks desperation warmongers eyed aggression lambs slaughter expendable pawns warmongers written todaycharlie chaplin dictator irish gaza prisoners claim abused israeli commandos fighting dr strangelove lol rifle ymmv stuxnet destroyed centrifuges repair replace reported exact coordinates invaded iran remotely connected nuclear program import moving parts tear ball bearing flyswatter manufacturing capability equipment shipped generators transformers circuit boards mills lathes smelters foundries assembly lines indiginous doubt capable casting machining assembling internal combustion engines bullshit centrifuges reset data systems closed nuke fuel copies curtis lemay cities bombs sitting idle power grids fuel supples israel jericho strike uav turbo popeyes faster iran factories credible missile defense system ding osairak ii csisorgfilesmediacsispubsisraelistrikeiranpdf israel nuclear horrifying glass fooking iran israel glassed stability parents kids sisters brothers wiped americans fricking boob tube zionist lies murdered overseas os daughters fighting traitors congress members brainwashed orthat statement tribe mentality shut tfu youpeople skank ardashian kim million marriage worreid iran soooooo lohan jail comon program fellas sites nuclear sites iran bomb placed emp job nicely bomb lights ass glass sgt bonobo wwiii hell wwwyoutubecomwatchvsamkwoetk jews hell bin laden virgins fuck whinnie bitches occupy hell bitchezz rumor bin laden working hell sent virgins ows bugging zionistas biting chewtoo zionist purest jew believes messiah return jerusalem jews belief truthfully christains jews wikipedia talks movement starting bunk peoples lord god jacob concerning paths law forth zion lord jerusalem isaiah zion cavern sweaty humans huddle rave matrix matrix homo brothers realistic fruit theories float junk peacnik socialist limp wrist metrosexuals fucking sweater vest wearing agreeable lesbians penises zionist purset jew believes messiah return jerusalem jews belief truthfully christains jews wikipedia talks movement starting bunk peoples lord god jacob concerning paths law forth zion lord jerusalem isaiah zionist purset jew believes gives flying fuck fuck frankly spoiling fight doubt iran saddam threatened retaliate aggression israel importantly fuck vote ron paul yea airthe iranian clerics sawed hitler wanna president agenda goals fake threats saddam timeline iran pursue nuclear program israelis fight enemies established fighting israel wish hunting iran pushover riiiight buttstocks aks tough poking fun rd marksmanship suck israel toothless limp blathered striking iran ill zionist israel warmongering coward punks rattling sabre israel toothless nukes disposal politician pocket toothless dumb americans die destroying iran americans leaders oil sheepdog usually israel historically stepped protect regardless modern history unilaterally kicked ass punched likes iran syria egypt nose fook idiot israelis capable striking iran wanted rid kim jong il fidel castro moron cantyou win dumbest award easily fails economically leveraged max fo mostly mess worldwide default wwiii americans sand glass microsecond anti semitism forum amazing iran evil israel finance savvy anti semitism anti jooooo mainly evil finance jewish descendance generalize drawers jewish evil rothschild huhyea blatant conclusion anti semitism judaism zionism zionists fucking insane pointing truth antisemitic truthiness goin onhas anti semitic jews hollywood looked highly societythat anti semetic truth somehow whenever jew unflattering adjective screams anti semetic jewish tv fun idealogical reasons status quo besides pissed chinese mexicans surprised pissed jews literally stealing taxpayers money consistent basis china insert evil iran anti semitism posting mentioned semites postings politics anti israel anti zionist anti jew anti semites posting anywhere anti zionism anti semitism anti semitism anti zionism former overused misnomer sheep unaware brainwashed status slowroast noticed savy economics trading issues rabid anti semites governments evil religions


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