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Got PrimeX Short?: Half The Country’s Mortgages Are Underwater primex gimme sec entity shillers include prime tylers trade primex thingamajig bac data directly contradict kyle bass trade mtg mtg kyle bass bye bye housing housing considering hyperinflation remove credit printing rendered worthless ineffective backing mortgages americans poorer hyperinflation economically devastating save housing maintenance utility costs altogether expose overbulding housing cheap money government backing mortgages created purchasing power silver rise purchasing power gold rise lest silver gold ratio shrink silver purchasing power purchase equity equity save silver gold option save usd nickels melt value currently gold silver silver rise gold ratio silver soar gold silver industrial metal monetary crisis industrial shortage silver imply gold critical silver central banks buying gold silver gold doubled historic silver doubled historic sign role silver changed kodak silver platinum currencies revalued gold future silver askin banking sector fixed spy principal forgiveness democrazy giving joeshmoe thinks entitled contingent mortgage payments qualify ranges ltv ridiculous student loan balances offset persons loan balance ofper portion national stimulus mo payments treasury wiped treasury sue homebuilder loan originator fraud newscan peg dow consumer till drilling trillions usa inc owes guessing rallys money imminently extinguish criminal wtf traders bj break berlusconi update squirt pornx etf ahsht awsht blsht primex yelp ipos mm ni housing naw forgetting houses owned obummer pressure problems catch salaries zirpeva thread truckers appropiate sinkhole housing stalled holding leg rate rats lifetime cash shack selling trapped shitty pyschologist loan feif lower bought peak g bitchin drivin mercedes subura ferrari damn sucks relative depreciating asset brain hed buying cars lol banks stalling foreclosures downs meanwhile millions destroyed mold aclimate weather neglect trilllions dollars wealth destroyed negligence poof gone taxpayers forced paying ransom occupywallstreet occupy comfortable winter plenty buildings waste regular basis streets acceleration declineto feels amina foreign depressing driving streets bustling towns passing storefronts customers agency accounts cuba cuba wishes communist lemonade garage sale swat team demanding proof government permission exist hell adding growth drying satellites fucked consolidating duke luckily adding decent manufacturing service bullshit swarms booms bust ride wave located northeast arkansas cheap cost cheap governments bend backwards manufacturing biz decently intelligent workforce diverse economic ag service manufacturing hospitals housing shambles avg income destined sold mercilessly bid unending creditunkie samuel clintons retire arkansas retirees medical providers cheap places dollars retailers internet economy money system hosted banks occupy abandoned homes yards corn rows tomato patches garages factories squat paying banks court foreclose courts foreclose occupyemptyhomes whos cops layed beat damn stalling havingummmtrouble ramming courts mers gmac orlans moran hows combo problems exist assignment mortgage auction conducted document foreclosure deed recorded challenged cha title insurance gig pulled lawyers title companies knocking em dead estate rush holding assignment breaks chain title fraudulent mers allegedly assigns mortgage gmac date signature varindar kaur match date notarization date altered initialed initialed yup title companies fees buyer foreclosure sale falls gutlock foreclosure plaintiffbanketc culpable party bank foreclosure buyer divested purchased property cakewalk crying banks atty fees generally speaking banks assignees purchaser trial lose gloves challenge foreclosure deed recorded lose credibility court despite legally entitled court sat equitable remedies challenged ri superior court judge barely ruling plaintiff challenge assignments foreclosure deed definately challenged pursuant statutes florida palm beach county moved venice fl paid cash foreclosure sale holderat paid owed paid property tax paid mortgage letters chase suggesting florida recourse attach pension gm social security turns wife collecting residence laughing wayto mortgage banks homes balance sheets chase paid servicing mortgage hmmm lol florida bitches secede union liked succeed riverroadsometimes typos freudian slips lacanian slips grammers bitch ending soo bag holder paying property taxes pension safe pooof gone hair taxes death taxes eh auctions assessed value constitutionstatute taxes owed value taxes owed buyer recorded lienholders sale unrecorded liens extinguished deal banks states til property auctioned forfuckingever drugs feds auction faster trilllions dollars wealth destroyed negligence wealththe construction wealth bought damage homes sustaining damage homes opportunity flippers flipping god euro bank selling impact primex levels lord selling uber bullish cnbc receive promotional fee pumping phm homebuilders everyday ironically housing industry facade economic engine sponsors dojust mf global showed payable mfs booksthis infomercial promotional expense considered deductible irs average conforming loan balances repeat buyer roughly percent addition percent realtor fee sell ill concede keys mailbox assume seller roll purchase afford suppose lender prevented entering principal forgiveness deal foreclosure woe bank whos pf stats government pushes thisgod uncle sam andlets markets federal government workforce decidedly principal forgivenessproductive save money mortgage screwed guaranteed bet etf whinning creative destruction capitalism decision screw banks program bullish mgiclol buying stock kyle bass delinquent borrowers missed payments insist chunk cure somebody nailed thread bass mgic deny claims andor throw fail ill bail bailout sticking fannie freddie claims pmi kyle bass fannie freddie oblige woo hoo bonuses gills breathe underwater bitchez houses investments bitchez value inflation intrinsic values existence luckily disrepair dozed remove suburban blight government solve broken window fallacy conflagration dozed remove developed property tax liability costs taxpayer money bulldoze dump municipalities cash taxpayers broke vacant homes counting arm resets bleak sector union employee demands disaster illinois property stuck bs dc wallstreet housing prolong duration intensityto downsideperiod etf joe blow etrade account rear mirror dow track yippiieee hell kyle bass buying stocks joins buffett buying mortgage insurers stocks youll trust patterns charts volume reeks manipulation inflation print labor damned hedge accordingly style definitions tablemsonormaltable mso style nametable mso tstyle rowband mso tstyle colband mso style noshowyes mso style parent mso padding altin pt pt mso para marginin mso para margin bottompt mso paginationwidow orphan font sizept font familytimes roman mso ansi mso fareast mso bidi style definitions tablemsonormaltable mso style nametable mso tstyle rowband mso tstyle colband mso style noshowyes mso style parent mso padding altin pt pt mso para marginin mso para margin bottompt mso paginationwidow orphan font sizept font familytimes roman mso ansi mso fareast mso bidi gold follows gold argue gold detached sweat ramp againtrying shove peg hole physically doneyou push hardin wordshousing trashing

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