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Did Kyle Bass Turn Bullish On Housing, And Does It Mean Substantial Upside For Mortgage Insurers?

Bank of America,Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,Hayman Capital,Housing Market,John Paulson,Kyle Bass,recovery,Short Interest, drop loses housing industry largely absorbed ridiculous ampgiven todays headlines devo till bottom betting mortgage insurers bullish housing premise flawed understanding bass mortgage defaults peak bass thinks housing thru qe inflation pure demand upturn housing oldtimers houses rental income areas amazing cash deals accustomed haggling stopped mortgage payments houses banks foreclosed inventory mortgage defaults peaked bass speaks attentively arms unemployment environment rates inevitably rise topcallingtroll personally invest commercial property housing recover deals rental properties bass housing bubble bursting bass shrewd benefits flow insurers litigation valuably government subsidized refinancings insured loans dc involve principal reductions occur mgic significantly kyle basss actions possibly grossly misinterpreted betting housing hit bottom expecting wave refinancings housing losses mainly absorbed whom government banks taxpayers gses specific technical statement broader estimated million vacant residential dwellings homes occupied paying mortgages delinquent paying mortgages million vacant homes usa estimated million homes foreclosed fy increase foreclosures assumed million vacant homes referenced pending foreclosures future foreclosures habitable leaves million vacant residential dwellings hell assume fudge factor million vacant estimate reduction million vacant habitable homes fy foreclosures surge job unemployementunderemployment rates improving wages rising falling average cost property values falling wages purchasing power kyle bass whomever sticks catch falling knife housing unemployment rateunderemployment rate net job creation wages benefits rise pace pace inflation bls bs measurement rational thesis housing corner bets buying scratch lottery ticket truth analysis resi estate bear mgic effectively stopped wrapping rmbs deals securitizations insured contained mortgages loss seasoning curve bulk impairments experience mgic business insuring muni business hit fan earnest respect bass puzzed considers investment mgic capital bet outlier mortage insurer bet housing thinks consumer spending housing historically return levels job creation increase household income mortgage writedown cloud cuckoo nuclear option remove ceiling fiscal policy helped tbtf liquidity goblins blow asset bubbles umpteenth zh prepare kyle bass chap bought pallet rolled nickels kyle concerned particular facing potential false bottom sub basement awaits impetuses housing usa employmentemployent rising wages arenonexistentand unemployment fail expanding availableeasycreditexpanding credit fi loan fail secondary mortgage marketsecondary government virtually towntheres bankrupt fannie freddie fha fail dent souring housing rebound housingsimply facts property values falling rent dam meant dam property tax association fees tax pmi worth owning 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working spring places wealth besides precious metals wealth opportunity income pracitical cash bias housing gold terms stocks terms gold dow housing investment lower outright rent investment environment worry stagflation depreciating rents points devo value estate homes homes bulldoze scrape worthless homes value homes luxury items broke former members middle club loooooong tent houses bitches drop underwater mortgages generate losses swamp remaining mortgage insurers mortgage insurers bailed banks losses investors losses union pension funds counterparties biggest exposure mortgage insurers fannie freddie failure pmi regulators decision cents claim dollar contributor freddies loss loss funded taxpayer bailout mortgage insurers taxpayers claims equity investors kyle bass necessarily disagree charting housing gold estate multi decade easing priced nominal dollar terms placing bet devoyoure decline values falling eroi energy returned invested export model exports oil decline drastically decade suburban retail leech spend economy viable furthermore deal estate disfuctional energy scare rendering suburban economynull void future pessimisticbut facts cities cow excrement hits turbine furthermore deal estate disfuctional energy scare rendering suburban economynull void future premise peak oiler oil cheaper petrol gb eu merikans choice frisco itll rubber bullets ows opinion decline spent energy existing houses built energy inputs cost existing homes offer sanctuary degree suburbs void cities suggest population speak surely imagine alternative rural farming agrarian bend jeffersons utopia assumed realized speaking currently suburbs andor cities liveclose townand owncattle chickens greenhouse acres essentially backin pms searching homesteadwhich building bought bk developer mainly aboutthat advicefor populace atlarge thoughtthe majority heading suburbs cities tits rural rural millionfolks fromyour closestpopulation centersstart blowing regardless rural areas sustain arapid 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covered appreciation appreciation pipe dream appreciation incentive underwater valid fear cost buying selling rent payments slowly surely dawning culture shifting houses falling price decades attitudes housing fbi chicago wanted homeland adn extended familyin mn senior wanted stuck position mn opened underwater houses renting wanted condos sale cheaper rent mortgage prop tax assoc fees counted buying cash buyers rent worry depreciation rent rent bigger facility amenitities opportunity convenient location apts convenient location affordable lwoer wage mn rental facilities geared towards families rent multi districts gated parks propety issue creditit harder qualify rent decent income qualifty wanted rates pinned housingdemand occurs rise ina rising interestrate foreverwith fat inventory payment paying mortgage bass nibbling awfully opiutmistic devo dr housing bubble web chart values disconnect inflation rate peaked cratered generations national estate values basis depression inflation slightly ticking anemic lower multiple reasons trend wages gone negative job million hole recession wages reflect pain dollar devalued imported goods increase price gone items bubble college fuel values stagnant buying bs bass welcome behooked hook sinker biz hope kyle bass join legion brilliant proves idiot paulson trading pmi halted cents regulator seized operating companies francisco marketwatch pmi inc shares jumped tuesday hedge fund firm paulson co disclosed stake mortgage insurer regulatory filing monday paulson held million shares pmi june firm held pmi stock march pmi shares climbed tuesday kyle bass uncontrollable urge betting mbs money printing quotation marks betting bullish bet housing mgic specifically states policy stock worth mgic trust basss assessment detail housing recover claiming worst defaults mgic solid pig passed python sees dead python digested pig inside assure bass guarantee mortgage insurance industry gses assertion mtg worth share runoff counting freddie mtg owe mtg disputes conversations mtg owe money lawsuit compell alone wipes mtgs capital received mgic mgic challenge future claims pool insurance policies pool insurance policies mgic provide obtain recoveries losses aggregate limit indicated mgics interpretation policies claims coverage approximately billion lower coverage forth increase exceed approximately billion sees inflation tide thatll lift boats hardest hit agreud altogether mtg pmi rdn mtg pmi somehow raise capital bet tptb floor housing ii relief waymore mbs absorption imagine banking contrarian theme height absurdity behemoth agencies required ltv loans backed cap insurer money losing rated fhfa charade taxpayers inability claims moodys investors service downgraded insurance financial strength rating mortgage guaranty insurance corporation mgic ba material deterioration insurers regulatory capital position projected claims payments modest business production housing recovering kyles bridge york interested recovering recovering heart transplant skinned knee typical obamelite media bs subprime student loans examples voted muslim houses loans cheap houseseither houses cars toys chinas sworn estate overvalued qe throttle todays spot qe driving price essentials gas clothing income housing walking wannabes walked jeniuses assuredly estate inflation mock estate weimar estate inflation brings higher rates regardless omnipotence higher rates lower inflation crush estate opinion bass larger monetary inflate price estate commodities personally hyperinflation estate dirt cheap precious metals procured hyperinflation kicked mortgage bond higher rates lower values argument securitized turns stock points mortgage shackle secondary mortgages dead buried demand resurrected express explicit express government backstops sold fha va express backstop guaranteeing loan thered homes sold sold anemic banks mortgagees undertake risk financing asset plunge xx employment possibly weaker accelerate decline values government guarantee mortgage default deal tickey laundry estate ape california inflation actors estate licenses arnold estate movie doubt anytime insane taxes third demographics bankrupt employee unions sucking nickel sales tax places cost replace utilities appraised bought wages sounded deal enron money ill robo horseshoe loves chipotle burritos falling knifes confucius catch knife plays bullish housing crap labor pool unemployment roof industry china housing return boom housing decline panhandlers pushing nonsense foreign buyers lol mortgage gasoline higher coast hugely overpriced maxed credit army houses payments worked pipeline timely manner government job cuts demographic problems falling wages fear losing job primary thoughts minds swath population housing rising squeezing shorts stock simpler somehow price overpriced housing areas closer bottom economic shock slide mud hill bass fishing kyle bass smartest hedge fund managers met mortal japan bets shorting yenjcbs disaster ultimately fund vaporized japan facing horizon jgbs yen grinding higher trick ponies paulson invested mortgage insurance sector favorite company zero smartest mtg trade bass ate bait affected brain eyeballs greek cds honored michael lewis boomerang appears boomer wronged super hedge fund manager housing bottom bottom decade hell million homes forclosure underwater mortgages credit million unemployed employed million baby boomers dump homes decades housing future maintenance vehicle gas transportation efficiency buying century youth hate suburbs chance meth burbs barringthe rent neighborhoods suburbs ghettos future hit nail baby boomers downsizing ks ks houshold formation housing glut demographics


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