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Did Interactive Brokers’ CEO Commit Insider Trading By Buying 8 Million Shares Of MF Global Ahead Of Its Bankruptcy?

Did Interactive Brokers' CEO Commit Insider Trading By Buying 8 Million Shares Of MF Global Ahead Of Its Bankruptcy? flowers sold shares peterffy sumone thedumbass roomflowers tht stupidif value mf swooped deal johnny corzine steal company cheapo priceflowers cooked books fkd trades corzine werepeterffy suffered ailment gross greedhe milk brokerage bus neutralize sovergn losses mayb yrswith brokerage cash missing handed bag hang ontobetcha buying interactive brokers diligenceposted interactive brokers custy yrsmayb peterffy sum facinating algos stock options preferred reverse engineering bitchez flowers gesture scared lib corzined ltrant ongt yrs happily married kids teens generally winner economyas fuck complain fuck madand yeti guts tornout thievery lies misdirection manipulation collapse faith trust honesty justice optimism working fraudulent system absolute minimumsome recognize clearer collective dead dognot lesson kids fucking nerd studies history economics finance politicsin 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