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“Better Than Expectations” – Asteroid To Miss Earth

better-expectations-asteroid-miss-earthdamn strike meant stimulus krugman pray alien invasion update asteroid asteroid collide knock fuck hit ourselves god punitive mayhem sleeve monetary servants impact minus fifteen minutes atomic gold impact involve gold ions entering atmosphere afternoon dip supply priced appropriate leverage hugh hendry met needing meteor hit deflationary push gold higher count extinction portfolio camera locations lol evil particularly environment convince girlfriend webhistory enabled junior checks dads surfing habits misses fn hilariousi sent link shrink fuck eating dinner flattering congressmen servicing bankster pelosi therapy porn pictures ugh suggest disclaimer removing link fwiw dude warning label lemond rick astley lol god goatsed cupped asteroid hit decided money decided god moonstrikesearth cds efffiiiiinnnnn yeeeeaaaaaaa mf global counterparty sidereal money asteroid rally confidence restored imagine rebuild epic keynesianism asteroid strike launch jamie dimon blankfein moynihan collar crooks trip asteroid nuke nuke faces observe planet shrinking distance ill gotten god wasted gains hemorrhoid eskimo polaroid asteroid saved encounters dinosaurs astroids slammed theory dino extinction astroid strike believed scientists hit dinos worse ben camera uh gold belong uh asteroid heyhoooooo cia mossad intel yu fagbook binbashgt kill l mossadciascum operate hints spaze monkeys bullish willis bearish asteroid hit crash orbit destabilize drift bullish worth points sampp crash gold zh evreybody assets belong asset belong zh assets female donkeys yu earths gravity trip orbit encounter kaboom lucifers hammer fudge sundae falls tuesday asteroid wikipedia approach venus writing venus winters yu au km mi venus approach venus determine asteroid uncertainties trajectory asteroid au km mi au radar astrometry november clarify encounter november update nominal solution yu passing au km mi november bbq whitehouse lawn asked earths gravity gravity mass mass asteroid universal gravitational constant divided distance thinks flirting whoever thru rockiesthey alot pitchers thin sooner space craft hell movies launched bankers asteroid assholes netherworld cost kilo lbs orbit squander cash bankers rope cheap wealth plunder investment worth price dowe squander cash bankers rope cheap larry summers fat arse hole asteroid hitting confucius bullish stocks spared finger licking stimulus asteroid teleprompter speech writer asteroid repulsed rapaciousness jews transport politician oldigark hft robots assteroid wave goodbye sigh crazy planet hopping roid riding baby wherever headed worse dump planet passed damn snuggie spiked kool aid christmas gifts slimey politician podium credit g pap ahhheeerrruuummmguy hit totus blamed bush berloscunis facebook status midar le dimissionidopolasteroidecolpiscela terra tbtf banks levered roid hit poor martians picked taxi booted amazing race covering roid shorts hedged euro cds shooting iran shirley meant greece pa pa pa papa paparan asteroid tylerdont asteroids favorite atari games version bullish hit middle landing smack dab middle tel aviv break cult kool aid party drivers seat asteroid fiat bail flies payments expectations chinese rope orbit drilling itloral space stock rally throwing joy fun super commitee announced trillion budgetary savings cutting plans mining asteroid remaining trillion planned spending project nuclear winters mass extinction events bullish correlation gold price ecosystem collapse bullish dammit btfd nuclear winters mass extinction events ice wonders estate floriduh dot


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