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As Geithner Says Supercommittee “Holds Key To Rebuiling Confidence” Supercommittee Says “Trillions Of Dollars Apart”

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whiff trouble credit stock markets tlt tip highs es selloff send tip tlt highs robo style trading pcln tlt robo trade stuck practice account comics baseball cards robo broken key rebuilding confidence rid geithner bernanke populace middle distrct citizens suport president patriot election search parks cities youll statues committees supercommittee announce sacrifice social saftey net ss medicare trillions taxpayer money banksters peasants storm bastille heads poles hope republicans passing laws adjusting ss payout inflation rate wealth disparity wealth adults shared sacrifice hairs muchi arrive dam thingi college yearsspent navy internship worked ass yearsi payed taxes hope helli starting outdont bullshit argument dam anyoneyour argument worthlessspare wealth distribution crap topcall higher standards tcts asshole lashing retirement collect social security medicare yall buds treasury lose c exemptions gee revenue enhancement yours dailykos mediamatters moveon tax daughters gymnastics club fucking kids george orwell smiling aldous huxley medicare negotiate drug squeeze elderlys benefits raise retirement easier squeeze cola benefits seniors fixed incomes ourpoliticians greeks reasonable medicare negotiate tripling generics elsewhere crooks negotiate recollection third party payer medicares role provide government subsidy medical industries obamacare specifically targets insurance industry medicare pharma earliest medicare offerings maintain hospitals oded medicine heh upside arguing paperwork grannys titanium knee


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