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Art Cashin Exposes The Fracture Within The #OWS Movement

Art Cashin Exposes The Fracture Within The #OWS Movement cares pussies parents basements christmas families kids ancestral opportunity explore parents basement xmas parents basement kids families yup van eating government cheese canned beans matt foley reference catman occupy boston israeli consulate awareness growing israel types nervous squash ows movement groups congregating discussing realities united states israel sarkozy obama netanyahu sarkozy obama netanyahu liar deal obama replied o sick scum vote obama sarkozy leader deal tyrant hole dessert obummer resents orders nutyhayoo horror israel growing arabs cliff obviously resident advice worksbtw israel sufficient oil gas design intel chips biotech demographics destiny arabspersians sinking stone starvation stalking egypt netanyayhoo fuckin liarand corrupt convict fellow citizens aka dual passport holders usa majorities media finance legislative chairs career commit suicide contemplate questioning protection israel uss central strategic interests hell nuclear dunno parents sick pussy screwed corrupt government jobsare mf global jefferies justin bieibers baby daddy lawsuit kid famous interviewed conan teenager wowso actuallystopped bieber interview sitting conan funnier posters youtube music movies pop culture teenage girls music awardsis serious hell jews movement drum pissed tamborine disagrees management worthy zh mentioned fox goldman owned drums bailed ows moral hazard art cashin successful sheep thoughts welcome motto youll shitty shut fuck admit management dumb clue deal regulators drumsthey drumsand cheap tamborinethat fairthat percent drumsand tamborinesdrum wanna beesman fuckedgot joint manmy hurts earnestly compensate lack skills doubling efforts finding humor subject mater relating banks government politics media blanket andor supporting subject relates correlates toglobal financials humor remaining bevery giant lie monitoring eventual meltdown hills imagine tanks monitoring eventual meltdown hills announcement aeroplanes pulling sign meltdown exodus route bunker geese protein o bellwether moment slowly tv exist stress relief valve element society smart bs propaganda somebody fixing voting voting soaks popular discontent channels useless waste energy playing humor facing grim intentions fix violent macro bunga update bob marleywho cap fit roubini mf global collapse goldman sachs topless vatican femen strip catholic witch hunt v greece g opens greek pm pushes referendum eu bailout irresistible nature truth asks liberty appearing thomas paine iraqis slaughtered occupation iraq personnel sacrificed officially acknowledged americas iraq wwwicasualtiesorgoif international occupation troops slaughtered afghanistan cost iraq afghanistan cost wars kr keiser treasury holy troika posted november stacyherbert designed fail ongoing lightbulb conspiracy length english subtitles comments stories asshole ows blatant propaganda discredit movement fucked decided address sheeple crabs bottom barrel ows movement theyd complain teacher health vacations teachers acceptable health vacation programmed won blatant propaganda discredit movement below missing ows missing propaganda currently beand rent cheap movement discredited numb nuts health planned accordingly gethealth coverage magic job provides itsjust gun someones steal money health style definitions tablemsonormaltable mso style nametable mso tstyle rowband mso tstyle colband mso style noshowyes mso style parent mso padding altcm pt cm pt mso para margincm mso para margin bottompt mso paginationwidow orphan font sizept font familytimes roman mso ansi mso fareast mso bidi style definitions tablemsonormaltable mso style nametable mso tstyle rowband mso tstyle colband mso style noshowyes mso style parent mso padding altcm pt cm pt mso para margincm mso para margin bottompt mso paginationwidow orphan font sizept font familytimes roman mso ansi mso fareast mso bidi despicable attitude towards poor disadvantaged health industry reduced mobile phone industries industries driving mercedes porsches poor afford fords iphone poor oldest camera phones healthcare industry heartless poor afford fords poor oldest camera phones paid shill unfettered entitlement mentality statements oldest camera phones disadvantaged cars phones cameras church sends gt christmas packages kids support kids afford ford afford oldest camera phones poor youd heartless government mobile phone industries granted mobile phone wealth disparity affording phones poor affording phones forward liberals warning lack government control credit carrying communist manifesto holy bible liberals warning lack government control credit founded basis limiting government control demise directly related intervention liberals promote defined concept fairness sand mdb fairness rips labored sadly arrowing arrow mdb rate inflationfor health points higher economy row healthcare healthcare insurance provider napkin involved growing portion economic energy allocated health providing medical services ineffective bureaucratic nightmare cases needlessly reasonable purchase healthcare insurance prudent price reasonable loathe obamacare solution prefer govt involved healthcare telsa automobiles position employed unemployed afford frivolous malpractice suits tort reform lack competition inability insurance linesother factors pharma exploitation medicare aware government agency irs rules albeit imposed congress restrict deduction employed cost employer sponsored allows deduction employer paid premiums buying individual planand health coverage ill explanation lucky pre existing conditions lunch entitlement society patently unsustainable society caters working providing additional benefits citizenry ill society bath rocket surgery ows fail inherently idealogically flawed premise concentration money concentration usurpation power proposed solutions palatable ows manufacturing facility wage earner viable savings rate forgoing consumption addressing energy constraints spending entitlements chance ows lesson lunch wealthy donations gig movement unsuccessful generally aware desirousvocal material contribution movement unsuccessful media dismiss critics propagandists confident falsehoods lines lunch goldman hire er drum owners unite ods sadest partlong happenedwas charged education failed instill doubt inability hurts ohio wi unions recall elections somehow balanced billion dollar deficit wife highschool teacher reduction quality education vote unseat governor morons smart dumb recall election az senator wrote sb kicked transplants medicaid official gun recall clone lose dems circulate petition millions fees recall candidate repub v repub reminds expression democrats republicans destroy ows discredit ows discredit rope ows streets destroy ows discredit credibility destroy ows ignore devices unified message decent concentration anarchists recipe division disintegration ows occasion confident worst enemy ows ers obamaites zh wondering lost soros negative marks quarter click lol quarter quarter meanwhile ows complains remains unaddressed prison repeatedly violated law issues zuccotti compared larger issues protested screwed financial system banks politicians oblivious howard beale mad hell devise platform addresses ills viable spring moving forward sorely mistaken destruction necessarily creative easily unleash system ill hint smarter organized devised systems projection vehicle mechanism sustained growth viable reasonable platform centralized media interaction granted alone company suppressing margins burn incense art alley trash inspection geezethe ows effective symbolic gestures tea party showing symbolic events throw tea bags wearing costumes flag lapel pins changed buesinessmans breakfast meeting join tpers bitching obama taxes regulations liberals etcand blame ows clue symbolism matters corner aclu fail kick jew documents chemistry chemistry auto repair fixing cars dedicated occupy movement austin tx topic speak conversely participating occupy protest shut judgements sleeping reaching shoved cops arrested hunker dedicate emancipating fellow clutches psychotic dying paradigm element speaking topic participate working towards youll bigger corporate greed tearing walls built classes races cultures rely dominant paradigms curiosity marginally ows movement financial gravity exponential growth sustained sooner natural events materialize access community resources crash destabilize financial industry convincing individuals businesses local governments divest banks empower individuals educating autonomy dangers statism honest accounting difficulties lie ponzi economy explodes biological foundations experience exponential collapse industrial activity empower individuals alone dissatisfaction quietly suffer outrage exploitative hierarchy forcibly subject strength numbers steinbeck bomb tdos witty commentary experts keyboards safer attempted witty continuing bitch power slave slave scarier remaining slave hell defend slave masters enslavement usurped et al ows plans protesting confined areas accomplish meaningful vastly overestimate accomplished party nominations congress lobbying groups laws changed investigations barriers entry removed startups simpler exploitable tax system control money supply realistically tea party seat congress vote platform ignore party capable changed conclusory glory venting apparent vehicle mechanism developed growing doubts viability faction chance cash goodwill odds favor soul searching dissimilar faction tea party dude tdos beforetotally ineffective system constitution trampled treasury benefit bankrupt banks ceos arms concept invoilved local politician feckin tea party focussed protest taxes spending ows waste serves divide job ah classic job asshat email circulates members spew nonsense somehow valid criticism job hate afford acres farmland cash quitting assuming changes dramatically fuck politicians politics voting sham figuring organize egalitarian horizontal fashion fucking changed national debate woodwork cities finding organize baton accomplish goals curious drove occupy seattle blocking bridges blocking government corporate buildings blockfull wholebunch tents thesetent dwellersshould occupying seattle collected money sent oakland movement focused anti fascist pro constitution message favorite exchange streeter protestor streeter engaged debate testy virtues capitalism job creation wealth redistribution wealth basket focused liberal complaints flow minutes streeter smiled reached hugethen enjoyed son mom youll thanksgiving nonetheless amazing opposed citizens gather protest system majority heading occupy reactions negative accomplish bums agenda smoke dope return relax frightened expressing disgust system relax opposition dismissal conservative hypocrisy conservative talks freedom freedom damned stopping freedom dislike accept conservative claim system bitch posting messages zerohedge message boards posters job types stale comments ignoring unemployment stats cognitive dissonance runs ows wtf sign lobbyist strategy exploit


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