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ECB’s Weidmann Spoils The Party: Says Leveraging EFSF Violation Of EU Treaty, Warns Of Hyperinflation

ecbs-weidmann-spoils-party-says-leveraging-efsf-violation-eu-treaty-warns-hyperinflationleverage excuse bulltards pile eu treaty built specifically prevent eu presently bail profligacy printed money nation fuckin union outright cheated deficits signing swaps gs confettiers deficits expense explosion deficits materialize nowhere engineered availed italy eu dead budget tricks cashflow swaps nations signed gain entry growth hailmary solvent amazingly nations signed future cashflows signed future expenditures swaps continued behave deficits lies eu entry yea treaties display exact members signed specifically germany key lesson experience hyperinflation damnit waited hyperinflation survivors die central banker send bathub preferably chinese ill trading dms gold wonderingwho references weimar republic germans americans eu followed rules listened citizens vote eu central kernel globalist experiment wish recognize eu model consolidation power modern western deception control ruled worst pernicious politicians fail meager prosperity europeans democracy destroyed eu permanently leading politician backbone snails slugs squashed jackboots trav designed maastricht rules specific limits government budget deficits euro member countries exceed limits countries greece fines beginning greece goldman sachs hide deficits financial products currency swaps push liabilities future dress balance sheets goldman sachs greece cheat circumvent rules fuck date governments currency swaps necessarily uncommon particularly amazing greecegoldman fictitious exchange rates crafted bullshit swaps fictitious hopeful exchange rates turned swaps credit swaps maastricht rules moved balance sheets hidden regulators european union brink unraveling goldman sachs bringing knees gods handiwork thieves devils minions fascinating goldman sachs middle highly leveraged exotic trades created building collapses implosions simultaneously super spike oil gsci strike match housing aig euro goldman sachs middle ignore deliberate max fischer civis mundi fabrice tourre treaties bailouts swaps firewalls systems postponement system designed fail fail fail fail immediately examples fail system design greece euro membership thinks immediately bankrupt luxury yachts sink government payments cease sigma markets risk writedown principal immediately currency intrinsic value immediately worthless vaporizes issuer violent ball circulating cans roadside weigh tonnes kicking causes immediate pain wearing tinfoil hat causes immediate suffocation knowledge principles guide markets join euro kick cans wear tinfoil hats neither treaties stinking treaties eu treaty bahjust native treaties indians tax casinos hahahahahahah tax casinos lmao wiped tax coupon cigarettes tax cigs trade er cough cough smuggling concession canada tonto desolate reservations midwest southwest youd compassion primitives clothes primitives injuns agothis brutal primitive introspective peace noble souls depicted movies native populations 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diplomatic alliances killed battle whenhis britih allies abandoned himthe british request temsehs indian nation dropped thepeace treatybetween britain usa brits routed orleans tecumseh memorialized academy miiiltary genius digital money hyperinflation kicks wipe ass collapsed laughing wipe ass onlytryto truth poop absence dollars recommend burn bernanke cares treaty weber resign commerz playing themoney system weidmann speaking berlin hyperinflation monetizing shout chairsatans ear bernank swear congress tht monetize furthermore fingers crossed alright uhhhh misspoke cough beat fingers crossed spank bernanke transitory established bernanke liar thief monetize se issue frns frns privately held buys treasuries treasuries exist monetization printing united states notes buying treasuries central banker argue frn derivative treaty violations bullish century violating contracts germans hyperinflation inviting hyperinflation grounds germany withdraw eurozone citizens vote candidate office constitution honored bullish btfd f ing dips pm sale youd hurry italian yields jump undoing ecbs irish accounts bets shorts skidmark sitting ambulatory surgery daughter tonsillectomy busting laughing comments nurses probly sipped juice germans sheeple stealing break rules achtung ride wanna planet dow points resume kabooki theater ramp pm manipulation wiping longs stopsloldang bull huh bullish germany currency europe france inflation revaluation cycles playing surprise german quadrillion ein wheelbarrow israel sarkozy israeli pm netanyahu liar cusp wwiii merkozy rules losers ignores dismissive wave weidmann lynched restraint stage central bankers odious sovereign paid austerity pain outright default held bankers printing sovereign currency central banker peeps sovereign nations borrow spider bernanke german serious princeton economics inflation english dictionary greens shoots replaced yea germans geithner fuck himself noise exploding misspelled wildmannnot jesn female germany fulminate bitch crap france golden sacks obviously crap faster furiouser germany fulminate circus italy greece coughing lung spectacle germany fucking fear reared ugly headwithin minutes denied rewritten clarifiedand purged weidman disavowed forced resign congratulatins herr weidmann humanity shared central banking brethern sceptical weidmann job monetize defended gold reserves adviced merkel wish listened professor wilhelm hankel joined eur project dm currency export currency union wouldve acceptable european partners accept sovereign government granted license print money banks pays borrow currency borrows bail alrighty euro crackpot currency crackpot politics backed crackpot economic theories practice crackpotery nearing beginning blame fear germany finland countries behaved responsibly blamed mess created germany eurozone default deadbeats dragged hole deadbeat wiedmann


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