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Will March Be This Year’s Cruelest Month?

tomorrowtomorrow bitchez tyler fan yours opinion hypothical default holding mbs bag increasing share treasaries claim ownership estate bottom mbs bag bullshit claim infrastructure bag treasaries holding encourage bloat freddie fannie mae bailing buying properties kicking paid commission fees ultimately dollar collaspes default holiding assets forign banks represent bernake default raise ceiling plannedendgame default raise rates currencysystemchip lords lords tyler played tv bernank co mob torches pitchforks law circumscribes behavior bernake flys chopper media spins fiscal budget issues tax code chiense dumped treasarys wiki leaks plenty scape goating raise ceiling americans enemy captureed futher bernake testimony german french swiss banks tarp money forign banks paid local addresses bankers soverignship exist borrower corporation spinblame bak nationstate policies giant pile burning domeciles germans program btfd bitchez dude germans biggest sheeple europe jew zionists wing globalists economy israel bet buying dip bothe asses handed middle germany woaw honest jew hahahahahahahaha honest jew hahahahahahahahaha stereotyping bravo champ speaking terms german french nationalsoverign boundaries exist eyes taller blond northern southern europe portugal bigger ear lobes spain brazil foetus slightly genetics genetics interacted bred account talked brussels dude border ministers lobbyists stepped zombie movie fuckin retard iowa iowa sadly individuals agent provocateur fuckin retard iowa nope professional web designer switzerland patek wrist delivery honda racing motorcycle iowa retard nazi gold aroundyou finance average zerohedger switzerland tax haven delaware belgium politicians caved hillary clinton issue traces switzerland disappeared snooty chosen eh grandfathers pocket watches overpriced wrist turd wears pocket nowadays inspired hamilton miltary model doubt break hate scratch swiss retardi bet patek acting fluffer davos germans biggest sheeple europe working uncle impressed germans dumbed mericans politically occupied usually imo sentiment europe largely normalized lately truth fixed fixed hereweeeeeeeeee euro resumes crisis drag equities april dip turns announcement qe seconds cnbc seconds exact repetition key programing ending crucial casual expert priceless nprsoros madame sosostris working drudge nyse merge german stock exchange merges bundsbank spite ha noticed retermed pigs giips lipstick eygpt algeriatunisia saudia arabia pigs eats piggy roast beef pig pee thrigs huff ill puff sell media empire million dollars price huff puff prostitute buncha crap piigies appropriate eats oinks rolls pigg pigg malta tits upthen couldcall giimps euro slam dunk mice cheese corners usd slam drunk hit suv escalade driven yr baby boomer cliff sooner ill bmw usd slam dunk bye bye dollar hello creditchip sdr collect usd usd worthless trade abroad hope timing charted crap march smile minded fool refuse fixed advance sentiment europe largely normalized lately truth fixed catch fixed sentiment normalized french shirley meant ko februrary chris lee march anna bernanke putin esque blackberry photos printing peace luv types gop occurred gawker john edwards child search google unconstitutional return obamacare emailed bondi file judge vinson bull hockey rick tea party rules impeach nixon err obama judges bought president ron paul kill announce polite default defrauded foriegn banksfed meantime comedy relieve spoof obama renamed obama relection campaign nigga march silver delivery commedian ex comex blythescarnage roost likes blythe shorts shorts evil shorters trichet trichet countries restore credibility markets added investors bets euro zone rewarded modern markets investors investors investors sector investors losing money practice haircut mentioned investors money reflecting issue hahahahahahai taxpayer save longs losing ass modern markets joke causes northern italy hates southern italy deadbeats northern belgium kick southern belgium deadbeats northern europe deadbeats upstate york sever connections northern california thinks southern california wasteland reversed equator f pomo qex bull equities zh indicated margin plays hedge funds gone rally hedging sells panic sell dunno virus outbreak shorting fest following armstrong economic cycle june march shall economic confidence model garnered martin noted discussion cycle association global economy dates directional movements construed prediction united states stock armstrongs dates uncannily marked virtually exact turning points substance global markets history books fortunes lost europe dancing increasing piles shyte philosophical suppose matters ldquowillinglyrdquo overlooked detail shimmies reveals lucid moment terror therersquos palatable feeling ignore epiphany matters space meantime potential crises unknowns sole catalystsrsquo hairy snap elude uncertaintiesother sinn fein taacute thaacuteinig aacuter laacute sadly germans pissed eject merkel polling extremely suspect voting germans secretly patting backstopping europe demented pride accustom stupidity merkel thatrsquos wild statementhellipbut proof polling ha donrsquot mental speaking money flows nowhere euro didnrsquot dollar eurusd cartwheels regardlesshellipits cb related tend buyingsupporting euro spec retail retards opened manner positions ta cblsquos sandbags relatively foreign central banks squeeze spec positions doesnrsquot pressure wonrsquot modelsand humans bullish push wersquoll testing grandest grand downtrend channels honest becoming complaining ps reads gruff cathartic yoursquore hairy hole blog tyler switched pain portugal risk march withdrawal weber marks beginning euros decline stock rally fucking dip morons spanish banks default estate fraud spain spain till estate drops thoughts germany rags riches unhappy greek bailout somebody mentions eu receive yelling shakingeven pensionists retirees strongholds angela merkels cdu voting cabin questioning government policies cost upmerkel changed attitude debates touches voters alternative leaves votes merkel witty germans experiencing crack boom rushes estate stocks frontrun inflation biggest consumer banks advertising letters etfs etcs precious metals oil gas agricultural commodities industrial metalsgold dealers customers tv commercial saving retirement gold vault fund average german wages lower youth unemployment mcjobs contract workers europe screwed elsewhere italy decadence advantages compared parts climate besides chem trails haarp interference breakfast sipping cappuccino savouring tasty freshly baked pasticceria admiring finest buildings art locally products value olive oil wine foods spreading plague ladies slender legs butts dress nicely vacation seaside mountainsin prestigious locations cortina likes spend holiday knitted families culturally chose museums theatres plays operas concerts art mentioning beauties italy despites unemployment deteriorating overall economical scene decently nation finance minister giulio tremonti remarked gdp marely measured numbers quality count deplorable levels nations kids future itll culture displaced worshippers hate progress trust usd slam dunk bye bye dollar hello creditchip sdr collect usd usd worthless trade abroad hope eurozone shits counter trend rally usdbetter bo confident slaughtered ron paul president pto o bla bla preparing chatter ambassadors washington meeting sheeple gorge bread beer circa super bowl maxims


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