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Stunning 10 Year Auction Closes, With Indirect Bidders Coming At All Time High As Directs Disappear

signal rates rise foreign centrals wheat corn usa canada prevent riots asia indirect bidder giving meaning bag holder dollar flushed yield exploded explosive economic growth morons bernank wealth trickel wealth trickle poverty rish cash useless global collapse occurring faster prepared wish smarter aversion indirects sudden affair coupled expiration bid lie admit limitations financial instruments signficance wish smarter arena cards crashing burning occurring cbs buying bonds postpone collapse venture lose accept central banks merely shuffling forth somebody bullshit auctions bonds central banks buyers signal collapse begun smart ass wondering recalled charts idiotthree auctions row indirect buyers outpaced similiar auctions collapse golden caught crossfire transition margin cbs writing iou selling woo owe ourselves value increased inflation reached resulted auction trouble brewing indirects primary stealerssorry dealershave fucking disappeared comparisson plate feds tap opened primary dealer drop reserves created imagined utilized levitate equity primary stealers recycle regurgitated bonds hit exposing central tanks substituted brain icrock writing iou selling woo owe ourselves value increased inflation reasoning bought tips bidcover indirect price rates primary auctions mostly decided date reporting treasury web basis instruments sold required bills sold sold average roll frame pomo attempting parking trillion bills billion qe barely increase rates rise sink qe voyage territory designed bernanke chart navigator fing memo unsinkable fing memo unsinkable flying dutchman forward cruise dude zero hedge heart patiently die wopr drawing charts stopping china holder hahaha checkmate usa wins chinese suffer stock commodities wealthben timmy heads fiat topcalling jamie n lloyd aka timmay bernank smart china dumb bet tools delay bankster collapse export euro zone derivatives torpedoing eu bonds euro zone fuck buying bonds export bernank qe money flood commodity speculation africa choruses burn baby burn disco inferno jamie lloyd ted alice timmay ben smarter china bizarro idiot irrelevent passing ps dicks gang bang ass sports careful piss gun ass pods china chinese markets possibly decision duration sharp sell auction expected bps thru screens somebody wanted bonds blame buyers inflation surpass kinda chump govt frns central banks auction rates lower german bunds treasury higher yield german bund bids auction rising rate environment wayyyyyy rational doubt obviously bond vigilantes decided halt bennie boys devaluation dollar fuck bid screw hugof piling deficits finance dollar bottom ptjs fake rumored scenaro dollar surges equities surge dropthen swan convince control planned crash theories tyler cuz imho monetize roll indefinitely cbs feds dominate roll monetizes govt structure compresses shorter maturities japan fail necessarily fail usa wins spite incredible odds fun positive asians prevent loss bonds chinese govt tit ringer treasuries sadly poor working chinese worker lose bens permanent eating grin astrology benny boys grin uber smooth quiet authority arrogance twinkle examined senate lost positive persona twinkle replaced dead eyes history books trashing claimed recovery push beard sick damn financial terrorist census showed mil americans poverty losing trillion yr historical cds mandating stagflation citizens arrest heartbeat bastard mortgages stage default foreclosure thathas devil unemployment rate egypt tunisia devil ill bet looked fraternity brothers celebrating destruction stones terrorists third countrywhen corruption fix ouch cbs adding usd positions prop usd price indicates felt imho price attitude usd asset nose central banks fucking dip dip dollar central banks support usd merely businesses needing reserve global trading currency facts swiss cb lost billion chf weaken currency ecb pissed trillion euros toilet support euro cents rise euro continued decline japanese cb refused waste money devalue rising currency forex markets cbs snowball hells chance manipulating currencies proved argument cbs buying allis dollar swaps digital mighty price digital eventual rollover cbs avoid immediate melt impact whack mole dollar depreciation commodity ag surges ideas dollar sky rocketing commodities falling manipulation thoughts expert bonds strikes commentary mechanism apposed policy monitization untill stops directs indirects providing juice continued purchases curve suppose ts foreign cb balance sheets flipped pomo money inflationary impacts monetization ts repurchased cbs pomo digi dollars ags commodities china hearing swear bernank admitted chinese holding neighborhood whilst official numbers indicate conspiracy theories chinese buying uk disguised islands mann conspiratorial bernanke meant asia holds chinese bc china ust purchase thru managers london verified thru annual adjustments tic data squirrel evidence braille blind assume evidence chinese buying thru london solid evidence solid proof particular research barclays capital showing annual adjustment tic data decline london holdings match increase chinese holding tic data annual tic data methodologies buying agent annual ultimate holder roughly speaking posted link zh govt adjustment analysis besides barclays youd treasury chinese government involved uk bankers huh subtle bread crumb trails assumption china buying treasuries smart adjustments scooby doo hasbetter plots chinese isle buying usts dimwits float ayear chinese isle buying usts tlt fallen flattening bb dollar tightropeperiodically overall inflation trends retraced slightly dollar print harder squeeze spreads bids bond price fixing bond markets honest holding breath fora stock collapse proven retail money perpetuate charade pitiful volumes trades stock markets pumping money indexes friggin teaspoons scoop truckloads nitroglycerin ruin hit hammer corrupt awayleave foreigners invest government worst third worldthere markets worries inflation fears overblown bonds oversolduso row downmeanwhile retail stocks xrt consecutive daysparty xrt iwm multi wedgechannel resistance weekly ridiculously overextended shameless touting oil gold gold oil oil gold shes oil gold meanwhile gentleman jim sinclair dolt genius girls logic logic womens logic capiche buying boe changes caribbean japan dept transportation toyota sudden acceleration axel weberhas refusedto replace trichetbecauseweber ecbwithin germany willleave emu gold spike announcement yup reintroduce dm smaller euro mediterranean ec countries bought thru foreign centarl banks thru swap agreement lol bet mubarakthey shut gold stealing schemebut central banks future securitytreasurieslol yesterdays replayed yr purchases frbny pomo sched aversion indirects sudden affair claiming smarter tyler sigmal recovery prolonged delfationary pressures safe yield imo danger isbifurcation flation pardon pun hyperinflation pms commodities deflation greased collapsing usd eur rate timmay printing presses save taxpayers billions bonds printing cash itthen consideredthe nextweimar republic cronies flesh stockholm syndrome sweeping zh message boards nicely chairsatan pleased somebody bought tlt min million shares min chart whatit spf unwind cash hitting shares treasury auctions demand treasuries smoke mirrors tic feds flow funds pure fiction primary dealer demand money pomo rate hikes suspending qe shrivel indirect bids safety net directs pds failed auction auction hit safety net hit sent bernakastan improved model banks indirect offshores yesterdays reaction indirect china pressure yuan indirects hits indirect send bond trading range deal treasury pds boebojecb ben rising pressurebut trouble begining pds support longend maturity y survive deflation shopping cds somehow return principal longend agreement powerz piigs eurozone allways uglier rounds intensive marketing downgrading spinning lowering euro raising eu rates buying china blows greatest fight bond tears rates sky usd cash obey usd collapse currency created ponzi imho myselfthis obama sent volker packing freaking cbs wanted phone calls orders feeling pain auction sell owning duration reversal surprising demand bond huuuuuge souls robots ps forgot engineered crisis visible defaults bank defaults accounting games foreclosure frauds zombie banks hundreds pure frauds built fin system increase demand pps ha ha ha bond fight proposed gereat lols pds diversionary deflect thereby blame hammer swatter sufficed central bank pile monetized indirects agency pomo accounting scheme buys crap barbados malta antigua entity confused switcheroo zhies junk suggest central banks coordinating turns purchases ust appearance inflation concern sudden suspect poop cb realizes million math wonky billion stunning header canary coalmine music collapse screen shot saywe starting tyler indirects directs directs indirects uk federal reserve federal reserve uk logic loop leads conundrum leads ponzi collapse coincides stunning shoulders usdcad cad usd imagine currencies gain usd

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