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Step Aside Big Mac Index….Meet The Shoe Thrower Index

thatthe pigs piigs knock yourselves zhers finding acronym anagram paid pump blasphemer source manure turd drinks coffee drink chinese cadmium antifreeze blend acorn signing hookers taxpayer identification numbers pimp daddy bernanke vice gold pimp nothin lower dollars sell money gold silver quicker rising drag supply allowing shorts increasing investment production recycling gradually rising lessen severity industrial panic silver climb unity rapidly exchange gold assets train appreciation ponzi higher price break options barring visit alf solid gold mothership silver interior ssdd awww wittle necessay hahaha stone thrower index middle zeropower pictured feces thrower monkeys dancing leash organ grinder tune huffily throwing feces yellow confused misguided norway iran falls cuz persian arab ha ha ha blog comedian titles couldnacutet toss shoes bernank stopping severe phobia prison sex speaking muntadhar al zaidi instant support millions defiance pig fuckers prevented disappeared reflexes bush chinese property developer therelobbing artillery shoes ranging shots shoetillary shoe contemporary iteration pitchfork built hangmans noose thrown literally darkest deepest wrist slicing ist requiem dream depths depression imagine unspeakable terrors bush household evenimgaine sick twisted george older dream discipline spawn pregnant streets newark george barbara horror dbl doc tor uncle remus minds frathouse phi zappa crappa turd member fave shoe bomber smallest false flags history outa freaking cartoons amelikanization freaking shitter hed smoke sensors risk shoe horned vaseline frank zappa handle vaseline broken glass bulb bet unforget banned beach boys youtube frank zappa dinah moe humm yellow shoe throwers index tongue thoroughly cheek member arab league muslim cake corruption pakistan cabinet resigned pakistan worst egypt yemen revolt afghanistan fundamentals revolt theory pakistan pakistan chess pieces israel india china pak army zardari imf pakistan court role pieces chess simplicity forces withdraw pakistan resignation cabinet value ignore kalashnikov ak index leading indicator unrest upheaval changes rifle pissed society sadly limited middle countries broaden scope globally fear embarrassing moments gb usa europe benear ltwhistling grave yard enjoying newly plantedbodies flowersgt gb europe tip scale algo significantly weights population industrial developed nations rapidly populations scuba index price drop leaves owners underwater loans zillow consequence ill conceived monetary policy experiences risk purchasing power destruction overall prospects demand declining centrally planned inflation targeting ending imf central banking closer solving worlds problems kinda racist brainiacs sti related etf directional leveraged etf itll conversation starter trade thrown shoes mostly equivalent asia plastic rice throwing index alert gold commodity money pursued global monetary system fractures crumbles wish sourceoh doodoo mythology official nonsense propaganda constitution riskeee enjoy ps prove prob tosses aside prob whoever pulls stringsry entirely ot appy polly logies canadians lord melbury deffo spot shall canada rogering recolonization foolish canada sovereign nation thin wedge jammed maple syrup gulping neck painted tsx london merger net benefit canukistanians controlling held england capital boost share value listings exchange zero regardless underlying fundamentals sentiment technicals layer opacity canadian regulators added transferring majority ownership exchange banker extradited britain likelihood deal exchanges consolidating conducive healthy capitalist axiom competition opinion canukistanian express concern machination designed contact events combined backdoor eu authourity jurisdictiondeals harper govt trouble middle crucially annihilating sovereignty canada joking actions profound effects defend themselvesyetare ef crowd lou reed bonne chance gerald celente adults revolt generation mostly kids soccermoms hmm kid college seemed tranquil rage college younsters revolt asked ss medicare teen suburbanite rural youth somehow urban youth passive cell phones blame government solved hilary clinton ambassador washington meeting starting sunday virtually fashioned wesson oil party dude palm oil applicable kikice linron youtube neil pearl jam neils gettin soom becum grandaddy grunge hope caddy sitting wash fuel burn roads shoe slaves nation divided polls lies facts opinions hmmm shoefly shoedrop opinions bc reassuring eh intersts diametrically opposed goobermint fuk desires recall correctly goobermint fairness justice peace races kids hell outa jeeez postmodernism hafta giant pyramid lies hoohah collapse allok flexible judi barry sick seattle toronto dc hasidic jew bangers showed haired middle finger zionism netanyahu obama july fbi moles cindy sheehan awaiting trial throwing shoe nine hasidic outa subway screaming stinkin waste citizens canada freaking hosers neil housekeeping rake zeroheads shoetime pants suit shes packing vietnamese thighs pot bellied pig belly hillary ugly fat bitch coinflation forbes likelihood hyperinflationary signs beginning stages thinks forgot factor price disposable income accept misery nine meals barbarism index ofnotable figures leading anarchy middle gdpcapita shift internet access egypt twice countries factor subset population college unemployed critical demographic oman countries region attributed population capita gdp egypt merely starting jeethner talks bernanke lends kingdoms collapse reports demise egyptian revolution premature debka inre kearsarge flotilla rapid strike stealth submarine uss scranton designed support forces operations humanitarianevacuation effort rapid strike stealth submarine disposal index asia bn whythe local tribes complainabout jordans queen rania smokin uss scranton scranton pa lately effective entity hope namesake managed egyptian revolution worry rapid strike stealth shoe throwing terrorism throw shoe hate flip flop assume ol hooker index bloomberg latvian sex industry economicindicator

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