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Gasoline Inventories Jump To 20 Year High As Gas Price Surges

explains job growth explains oil dollar gold sir unemployed driving forth shopping trinkets baubles zh government unemployment static unemployment voter ballot gasoline inventory somewhat suppressed plowing winter unemployed overwhelmed crewof gas guzzlers supply demand price surgingbernankonomics zh postway whenlast nightwe oil demand decade lows inventories highs reference buying oil needing swimming pool energy versus speculation cost push inflation price energy regardless demand dollar hedge chumbawamba yup nights oils thread supply demand speculation legs junking shirt sd gt joint venture tshirt wb damnit picked arson suppose matches yaz leg diesel damn gasoline demand drives price oil tractor trailers filled crap china ports walmarts duh trains teamsters recall policy regretably reference oil companies send excess diesel fuel europe privately owned vehicles diesel powered exchange receives excess gasoline europe rhetorical minutes spin building strategic reserve government cds refinery insurance cos broken fake supplydemand economybitchez priced stupidbitchez corn ethanol limit distillates deliveries refineries hit gasoline consumption rd related ethanol subsidies ethanol producers burn diesel ethanol gasoline effectively creating gasoline subsidy drop breakdown components losing cutting commutes working trend awhile oil price spike scared bought priuss traffic congestion commute transportation unemployment quit global warming personally global warming sick normally average quit yer bitchin windchill ha sucks winter account fraction gasoline imported european refiners excess gasoline graph gasoline production refiners gasoline comsumption petroleum supplied decline fiddle cracking ratios graph rising trend prodcuts supplied following implosion suspect dec increased speculative buying increased consumption xmas season below mbd depression purpose anticipation supply constraints decade tinfoil hat data conclusion mom basis crack boom culminated tptb ignore gold oil andngon dips oil ng cash flow royalty trusts natty conundrum opinions ng beast chk selling haynesville properties hell economics shale gastake tidbit underlevered conventional plays cash flow promise ng shipped overseas understanding pipeline recovery continent bitch lng logic follows gas floor shale capable providing supply extended trust paying heart tax treatment bottom cash flow bet diversify dips hell ung margin bitchez wealth management speculation boots hope data conclusion mom basis ung margin peak oil peak gas stunning drop peak gasoline inventories suppliers building spring driving season building inventories insert sarcastic spring comingand bankrupt unemployed americans driving seasonawesome built inventory transition spring summer formulations volatiles included mix storing gas winter formulation lasts pri g refinery discussion winter summer assays switchover summer brew usually april gas price increases increase switch winter brew purdue retake economics economics cocaine consumption escort usage ole virtual job virtual gas virtual storage tanks gasoline stored stockpile gasoline reasons dependable space stockpile gold silver coins supply increasing demand diminishing expectation gasoline rise tanks insiders business average chance hedge funds famous liar moment midterms spring goldman rejiggered index dropped gasoline sent fund managers emulate exit fell shell played spr refills enterprise lendouts katrina oil transferred books tanks counted traders pushing spread socalled crude inventory builds hedge funds buying oil government steps professional hoarding history indicator obama rise purpose deflating proper gasoline jan election boost administration rising gas price bonus sitting president negative bonus brings sheeple spans raise higher compensate lost profit hi supply demand stratospheric sststag absolute demand oil plunges price thru roof oil barrel gasoline gallon average cost average income average rent cost gallon gas average 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inthis job screwing gun laws ans third smoke assholes assholes laughs archive ofprojections oil energy administrations web projections basic mechanism price discovery supply demand terminally infected virus speculation theprimary driving commodity worldwide speculators armed cheap money provided central bankers super computers causing havoc population pushing towards poverty afford basic necessities regulators glove banksters react ages identify measures solve problems ban speculation reinforcement glass steagall strictly required relief proposed solutions relief spinning forthcoming relief manipulation brent wti swing arb touches wti cheaper brent hope european regulators oilsters moving crude euroland imho pure manipulation aimed dump future oil shocks consumers inventories peak rumble inventories deplete wti extending spread brent inventories oil dnot usd soak thin printed fiat destroy worlwide assets cheap gives fuck euro consumers malls consume bicycles ng busses res fucking degrees rochester ny itching speed bicycle muscled shoveling pedaling legs proper golf tennis business dealers broker poor schmucks collections sell sell fucks money rent hugely fat stamps wal mart job disability checks cars dogs cats fucking stomachs stomp money bank account fat pig slaves government oil barrel gas fuck fat assed executives xom crevron bp sheeple miles job accelerate decline government business ponzi fascism rapid fashion jack lower demand banking reform chris dodd ing barney faggrank offer mail premier bank credit card pre approved reform brothers kid credit limit mere annual fee mnthly servicing fee rate purchases cash advances prayers answered reformed hell ouf credit card companies fat population cycles nah fat snap cards carts whipping gubment credit card bread rack govt subsidies cure obesity disabilty fucker clinic office complained coffee offered wanted rip fuckers hole cuz drink damn coffee money trips fewer trips grandma vacation trips gas gal rally convergence trade cocoa natural gas pair bored psdv pop fucking grass

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