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Bernanke Central Planning UnLP Rejoices As It Sends ES Surging In Last Print Of Day, Dow Closes Green

dxy phew mandate illusion confidence subjective mindset objective reality hope orgazmatron fest ill giving migraine yup bought cheered manipulation craz shaddup fukn dip wowand sight denominated dollars gold pimps circle jerk normalcy bias sex multiple partners itching toshort silver resistance zone au contraire bought tza watched nurtured sell ripe profit losing episodes tza lucky sold crashing bottomlineprobably tomess w russell zh accept policitical tool confidence subsidies owners companies shareholders accept lesser nationsjust lesser nation criminal fedtreasgov trio buying money money fiatfake assets buying crashes dollar zero companies employees theirs revolt breaks morally repugnant headed criminal rules feds activities criminal national crisis deemed feds mandate stablelaw justice determine criminal madoff nonsanctioned ponziswhos actions criminal somebodys losing history guide howevera population complacent unaware americas tofigure villains vs served scapegoats justice lap confidence markets comrade harry hamy buying dip session es contracts tick imagine greatest idiot alive understanding underlying econometrics killing idiots investment banks mutual funds hedge funds ben bernankeacutes followers bonuses awards received easily brainers halleluja risk complicated bernanke organize money directly york damn ferrari member printing treason plot printing treason forgot bernanke companions scheme contrive blow dollar stocks alive stick save bitchez moves annoying damned hill camel nose maria bartiroma cheer waving pom poms forrest gump financial reporting dare insult ahhmaria puking background criminally manipualted precision sack hfts definutely learning equity markets reacting effects bubblenomics blind bubbles pop shorts eliminated whos buying pds exposing themselfes crush bid forever everyday overpriced imposible unbalanced definition imo pd buys sells pd pd sells pd pd sells pd pd sells pd pd sells retail investor pds bidless pds wiping retail retail 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farmville credit priapism cure limp marketbut priapism castration rhetorically speaking response rhetorical tyler destruction markets credibility parcel regime death todays announcement sale nyse fix problems looming mergeagain tepper rally credibility dying confidence dying confidence dc dying msm credibilitydead parties involved looting treasury wellwell capitulating bears selling vaccum phase bubble insiders selling mad behold cisco cdad finding generation survived gd trusted financial system saluzzi hit blow horn exchanges companies criticalinfrastructure systemnow sell db kidding specific issue systemic corruption financial system security leak nadaq thatthe government quiet sell nysesure dc hoses turned recover looting capitalwill institutions corrupt oursthe nyse included bernanke bucks bucks thenit surprised surge continued es save capable rising decent volume gains hoursdays vapour participation shorts dow sampp tonight wish lucki bets pomo schedule announced musical chairs bet date maria barfilomo worry keepingthings feeling buyers somewhat whoever isi worse robot trader nailed seemed awfully coincidental oil beginning inflationary settled inspite unrest middle bb flying alot kites hope strings tangled formally unlp limited partner resources unlimited retail unload burned todayme rd hedge positions correction degree certainty stock relating fundamentals reaility appears pricing devaluation dollar hyperinflation balance incomedebtrevenue imbalances devaluation dollar yearsor inflation input costs materials goods slightly smaller scale stock levatated hft passing bag sht worth needing worth crap stock platue charade prevent treasuries foriegn govtsand winning unfair cuounter intuitive markets irational solvent smart nyse lebersuppe uber alles hearing manipulation bought sold contracts minutes joined participate ks gold funds offered companies looked dec statement figured equities cash robot alan abelson robot alan abelson

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