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Simon Black Digs Through The Black Box That Is China’s Economy, Doesn’t Like The Results

chinese miracle govt fn chinese govt stone insolvent debilitated economy imperial crones sector flourished lesson suffocated govt europe luck bean industrial ladder progress wealth creation trickle theory unlike govt socialism destroys progress detroit chicago lifts healthcare property banking china spent socialist controlled owned operated overseen advertisement business modify retarded freedom chinese system truth focused welfare peanuts propaganda government china mercantilism owned enterprises planned economy control key sectors products taxes truth chinese government control economy control china mixed economy japan europe china gentlemen china mis alocation resources towns built roads nowhere unsustainable train networks systemic corruption thatll chinese govt european govts theme wealth destruction systemic incompetence spot confuse centrally planned economies western markets grant increased interferance western governments citizen westnern economy chinese style government constitution protection law controlled court system theri invetment dollars system submit peace peacefull lifestyle protection chinese problems cases return original constitutional liberties protection chinese hegemony verify economic figures organization tend lie aka fudge data suit agendas ponzi capitalist china faster socialistussa economy ussa government owns eg mortgages laws tape ussa tax code expenditures hell dump government involved customers chinese takeout blame owners mystified toilets communist china worked capitalist throwing filth restaurant ass china americans working chinese wages luck lawsofphysics largest fastest growing unemployment cues china americaeurope reverse declining stagnant economies govt bigger economy declines chinese govt fn sector flourished learning queues cues prefer benefits county growing dr acula marxist govt ussa micro managing salt shakers cafes offer munchies bar europe communist controllers dream stalin mao micro mangling jack boot western democratic govts junked partisan hackery tea party metaphors ill elsewhere commenting shtting enlightened soul counterparts sudan government logo super viewpoint childish smart eccentric howard balloch founder beijing boutique investment banking firm balloch acquired canaccord genuity bust china bust markets governments basic necessities buildings ol inflation everthing deflation china feed despite fao warning wheat height holiday season rise hotel burns causes sheraton evacuated reported evacuations staff sheraton concept caretaker cities fascinating worthy fiction link inferno steve mcqueen identified china role sand pebbles bet ft tower jewish lightening chinese stretch cash destabilize inflation eager investments china safe soviet union depression middle sent gulags property nationalized western technology overtaken plans expansion western europe chinese cp reactivated soviets succeeded counts crisis bloodletting soviet union ccp soviet block superpower starting key grasp moment weakness crisis biggest opportunity china sole superpower history sacrifice millions citizens achieve china pegged currency dollar china government declares inflation roaring handled united states government declares inflation existent peg chinese currency doublethink power holding contradictory beliefs simultaneously accepting themto deliberate lies genuinely believing inconvenient necessary oblivion deny existence objective reality account reality denies indispensably necessary doublethink necessary exercise doublethink admits tampering reality doublethink erases knowledge indefinitely lie leap truth george orwell nineteen eighty judging accuracy predictions pearl endorsement doug casey recommendation buying estate egypt continuing boom china investment tipsjust recommends

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