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Presenting Obama’s Plan To Bail Out The (Otherwise Perfectly Solvent) States

kick haircut austerity peace sell austerity patriotism fails die floor ploy topic hilarious max keiser quotes blythe masters blythe masters modern marie antoinette plastic rice derivatives representations virtual farmville shes sick mate credit derivative birth swap bailing states preclude necessary changes taste vomit mouth tea partiers credit shot patriot baby steps scanners againbaby steps rome neither built burned bureaucrats baby stepsoptimism nonsense bozos debating nownot damn cure nation spin wheels hill democrat republican committees senators tearfullynothing changing crop crop seconds powers dc politicians bidding fooled corruption greed dishonesty hill quiting balls finger nations god knowsmaybe joke government lid rome intended legacy planned thatare flash shut bureaucrat afford lose amazed somehow disappointed government fix naivete astounding govt beaurocrats aiding abetting ponzi noble courageous govt pension kicking majority democrats voted republicans voted queen tea party michelle bachmann voted extend patriot tea party leaderand refuses accept oneand dong scares hell sides wantisnt puhleeze drinking tea party koolaid democrats shot patriot credit credit props tea party likewise kucinich liberals provided bulk votes stunned themorally inclined bill grosscertainlynot money greed culture frontran government bailout stunned kittens sunny turned newt gtd federal bailout states qe consist muni bonds mortgage junk purchases bill gross jacking newport beach mansion federal bailout states pleseus federal bailouts states intended pays piper calls tune states flatly rejecting federal money winner joking mighty carolina tennessee texas plate loud penny grab raccoon grabbing money federal government obama welfare states maryland virginia pigs federal trough nail coffin bizzes higher unemployment taxes higher future future business climate feds bailing taxpayers bailing taxpayers money belongs bama glad meredith fuck fat middle finger ass congress pony woman slobbering mic cnbullshit chance business truth muni bond bank ca illinois implode defaults munis defaults muni bkdefault bidless auction rate securities ca il nj sold peak bond defaults rates invest munis price asking sells internet bench pressing lbs gasparino suppose ugly ass slobbering mic fuck piss ugly ass boohoohoo asswipe tzu ish jersey shore ish loan deferment borrowed ue benifits blows benefits stamps governments charge sales tax taxes steady increases added directly cola stamp cards benny install warp cores printer matrix power warp cores solar cells mortgage payment holiday states leaders rules folk held higher wtf skip money proposal money proposal include abolition frb irs reboot clusterfuck money proposal include abolition frb irs reboot clusterfuck cursive cursive clusterfucky reboot instance holidays bank holidays foreclosure holidays unemployment holidays stock holidays election holidays throw funerals vips persuasion party accepts federal largess closer suicide control affairs government government government central planning bind hehe accepts federal largess closer suicide governor fla proposed largest budget states history governor crist accepted shovel stimulus barrywhich delayed inevitable adjustments gnashing teeth rending clothes begins earnest proposal increase staff office austerity thee bigger crook weiniehes cutting startmaybehis security realized nowtechnically soonbut yetmaybe federal govt usury business bleeding states federal govt banksters loans banks created capturing federal employees playgrounds havoc ultimately wrecksed turns hamilton federal govt clearing states survive buzz loans federal books hook federal govt survive hook banksters survive federal govt enabling spirit crush banks picturing spaceballs giant vacuum federal govt throws states wolves pointjust glass steagall mhhh budget expecting beefybigger uncut crony capitalist crook hope introduction excuse whip increase concern zimbabwe ben bailout boys slagged dollar plunged nightmare economic hellstorm dancing jig dancing jig wages fuel ill camper expecting beefy pig beef hedonic adjustment substitution zimbabwe ben bailout boys garage band crack necked beat guitar usable strings warped drumskins tune cats fightin trillion gig oddly paid pms theretalking futa additional tax suta tax futa tax percent payroll bucks dollars payroll additional costs employers levys unemployment taxthat ranges payroll max payroll bucks higher rate increase employers usually rate business settles range seasonal roofers usually highest rate mandatory workers comp roofers secretary wages paid michigan loans paid employers penalty futa tax feds regular tax paying rate practical purposes rate runs percent zero employee turnover snyder governor begging washington request access discount window tarp talf snap pd status wpomo supplier defective armor grenades dod bab issuer status bank coin federal monstrosity gdp hit states tax credits supplier status energy code upgrades administrator health welfare nutrition programs pension fund management variety bullshit denied bernanke geithner governors banana republic pie godamnit million michigan ninja loan million eminem superbowl commercial history events government corporation boa legacy division jefferson county alabama attempting asimilarstructure avoid bankruptcy billion dollar sewer system sewer system john court appointed receiver overseeing jefferson countys sewer system county legislative delegation county lawyers preparing proposed bill independent corporation operate finance sewer systembirmingham writer barnett wright reports teapot dome sounded cooler jefferson county sewer appropriate struck oil turd sludge million eminem superbowl commercial history events christina aguilera mess national anthem stick pin football zh readers closer capitalism politicians pretending drunk partly virgin twat frat party partly virgin pregnant curious gives butt preserve purity smile governors legislatures accept repaymenttermswhich politically fiscallyexpedient route otoh amongst states attorneys regard constitutional challenges amendment states rights amendment protects individual states allowing opt federal law deemed unconstitutional respective constitutions unfunded mandates washington dc popular targets amendment challenges coursesuch answerscan likelybe deducedthrough acknowledgement thatthe politicallevel corruption thefear legislativeinaction majority states capitulation states federal highway funds wager bakruptcy restructuring firing officials downsize services bailout twilight zone script starting company transport remaining sane persons mars dude train stops printer zeros lmfao tyler hearing wether participates patrick mchenry nc r obviously relation patrick henry roland freisler ol roland caught pounder dropped ft teeth history repeats hope brings orwell universal deceit truth revolutionary republican lawmakers pressure republican governors whose states owe federal government billions dollars washington painting financial corner marked bankrupt meridith insolvent mathematical retards politicians ldquoif doesnrsquot forward venue statementrdquo shell reveal truth vein hope bent stuffed windbags suffocate truth washington bs snake oil reaction budget reps leastyou secretary verbal punching bag heaven hell walking corrupt senator tragically hit died soul arrives heaven met peter entrance welcome heaven peter settle official parts senator orders higher ups spend hell heaven choose spend eternity heaven senator rules peter escorts elevator hell doors finds himself middle golf distance clubhouse politicians worked evening dress greet shake reminisce expense played golf dine lobster caviar finest champagne devil dancing jokes senator realizes gives hearty farewell waves elevator rises elevator reopens heaven peter visit heaven passed senator joining contented souls moving cloud cloud playing harp singing realizes gone peter returns spent hell heaven choose eternity senator reflects answers heaven hell peter escorts elevator hell doors elevator middle barren covered waste garbage sees dressed rags picking trash bags trash falls devil puts arm shoulders stammers senator golf clubhouse ate lobster caviar drank champagne danced wasteland garbage miserable devil smiles campaigningtoday voted vote wisely elections printer zeroes obamas election obama scumbag bush politics rape palatial estate armed security protecting noise cans kick strategy congress labeled tbtf whose fight upcoming wars backyard r chris whalen bitchezzzzzzzz fbn gasparino muni crunch overblown anchor disagreed gasparino munis default billion anchor munis fumes stimulus bailout forestalled whos munis default states seek alternative remedies creating wave misunderstanding paid tax holiday expires incentive fiscally waste federal money depreciated currency governments incentive spend money screw citizens reeks madness missing obama reasons bearish business operator stinkin taxes hire employees apple municipality pro cpu easily handle quad precision numbers compounding easily eyeview infinity monitor setups display quad precision numbers fonts

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