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NYSE Volume: Lowest Of The Year

insolvent continuationof buying bonds bonds subsequently falling insolvent changed rules problems problems treasury bankstas complicit criminal corrupt illegitimate government shafting future generations tax burden equivalent indentured servants born financial backstop solvency auction standards million future americans hoping loss insolvent required perspective simpleminded understanding insolvent payments creditors operating cashflow concept apply creditors refer itrsquos fail central bank revise advantage rules financial catastrophe inflict losses federal reserve system treasury hit related creative accounting insolvency appreciate reply kinds hijinks protect failure protection baffled shut suffered unacceptable losses treasury nonsense treasury print money gummit bills paid notes lending money members fractional requirement lend members fuss uy uy uy xd diamsclubsspadesnew slogan alert heartsclubs btfr fin rally blunder feds assets treasury portfolio liabilities treasury dept institutional deposits insolvent obviously operating budget salaries cap ex generate revenue fund operations insolvent accountant tv welcome ends glad attend inside inside elp preparing td trading volumes moved currencies banks money trading spreads areas stock trading dying latest accounting gimmick insolvent negative balances moved treasury electronic zeros journal entry existence treasurytaxpayer insolvent upto eyeballs electronic welcome insanity trade robots trading share appl god future june puts portfolio anoter june e mini sampp shorts cash starve beast itll die tempted percent moves rick stocks liesman chalk pool cue bank lies mans baldy cue ball corner pocket confusing territory gto volume deteriorating housing marketis banks xlf choke stocks nightmare apple valued athigher xly components mcdamznftgt highs xly freaking rhino horn apple salesforce chipotle facebook acquisitions gs risk facebook aol significantly markets manipulated participants flee volume conditions eerily 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alternatives etfs overextension weekly charts concerning shorts profit dayif survive


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