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Failed Danish Bank Makes History With First Senior Bondholder/Depositor Impairments To The Tune Of 41% Of Total

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danish visiting danes danish history pastries germany kobenhageners mad futures trading stock exchanges pomo yr auctionhell sunmay evencome mad tool kleptocratsto extract tax payer money bankers excess risk takinglossesshocked shocked dramatic insolvent banks ireland spain suit shoudl doneof socialist denmark passes tarp proposed promoted w continued obama socialist sweden dealt banking crisis socialist corrupt tarp smart conservatives bribe rahm crisisjackpot math bil scandinavian countries described socialist fox usually derogatory fashion deal banks capitalist oligarchy controlled bankers federal reserves aim average consumer bailout wealthy biding naive goalpost moving moron sputtering feds mandate print indefinitely repercussions preoccupied peak oil thread definitions socialism purpose arguments swedish finance minister failbank bust asked answered equity bank handing application shareholders wipe taxpayers possibleproceeds future ipo banks apply bankruptcy value bank lefthelp 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