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Did WikiLeaks Confirm “Peak Oil”? Saudi Said To Have Overstated Crude Oil Reserves By 300 Billion Barrels (40%)

fearmongering awareness raising tpog global warming forgive skeptical crisis begs government intervention carbon taxes rationing disagree proposed solutions agw denial serious syndrome global warming keynesian economics accept peak oil evidence leaks evidence sooner expected evidence former latter relegated echo chambers endless debate economics pin increased radiation frequencies reflected co lie decrease output frequencies measured space lie melting ice lie higher highs lowsleast squares fit monotically rising temp worse growing content ocean physically verifiable facts opinions wwwskepticalsciencecom calculus youll derivative local maximum functionnot necessarily inflection derivative positive granted rate rate math spewing oil rocks bacteria chewing oil exponential growth demandpeople fuckingand everfor related rates disaster possibly future drill refine defeat mathematics pde borrow dig hole facts observatiosn disprove religion adherentslet falsifiable religion capiche global warming variables affect contested theories measurement consensus facts convince peak oil complicated numbers reserves rates production consumption peak oil possibly prefer lid data global warming focusing winters proof global warming pointing data support theory bothering data forcing co delta industrial revolution noise vapor atmosphere capacity co average atmospheric mix meaning assuming constant atmospheric volume increased co concentration decrease temperature accepted co causes warming analysis types errors creep fudges methods includes error cited papers cited original repeating experiment branch mistake discovered groups research reletively predicted materialize literature basis false data uncited assertion published screwing research fixing error destroy branch degree section grants observations facts disprove gw supply definition faith religion grok jfcnow qualitatively define peak peak maximum everest summits highest viewed plateau mountains summits fucking dunce cap alright admit topic peak oil oil drum books recommend beginner matt simmons twilight desert james howard kunstler emergency limits growth update dh meadows jorgen randers dennis l meadows websites imho theoildrumcom energy quality generally noise topical ldquomy rode camel son flies jet son ride camelrdquo saudi jesus fucking christ beaten dozen pretend grade geology legitimately claim decline throw stats snarky subject scientists dozens hundreds publications troll dunno youive ieas admission campc peak rearview mirror dunce cap renders impervious grade geology peak plateau statistically decline admit peak oil die thursday insufficient evidence support claim increased liquid energy net exports peaked plateau worst starting tip government fix aware ass covered reporting facts exist alongside interpretation advised graphs provide links graphs links posted saudi net exports vs avg price below proper analysis suggest dig favorite thread concerned wikileaks item concerned datandash saudi net oil exports versus annual oil saudirsquos ongoing decline net oil exports response generally rising oil annual oil showed increases marked contrast rapid increase net oil exports response rising oil decline saudi production net oil exports relative versus rising oil peak regions texas prevailing message msm summarized follows ldquoparty dudes peak oil written sigh interested learning reality visit worse po threads referenced oil outlook peak yoy decline curves reserves classes fields offshore deepwater fields higher fruit peak shorter wellfield decline rate steeper kicker hailmary oil finds deeper deeper fields empirically peaked sooner declined steeper fields projections templates addition warning technocornucopians production curves fields online resembled trapezoids bells technology save permitting oil extracted served shorten increasing rate oil extracted jevons paradox writ saudi fields ghawar producing whereas giant supergiant fields cantarell n slope forties effectively dead savior 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limit unwind elbows blood checked thread wound muscle peanut balls shrunk steroids picked avatar neck scrolled crap proper debate boys girls obliged technology extend merely extraction faster nutshell possibilities worked lee raymond ceo exxon mbpd anytime regardless reserves arab cultures exaggeration admirable raymond carter ignore oil embargoes ramp texas replace opec failed texas peak saudis insane announce global beating fists desks demand sharing hell accept arbiters decision sharing undercuts saudi citizens die prevent mouth shut customers retiring business saudi arabia fight youll politician carter speech cardigan cutting reelected politicians elected elected elected rumour clinton spoke oil concentrate worlds wealth schwinn huffy giant manufacturing taiwan worlds largest bicycle manufacturer largest concentration bicycle related wealthgrowth installed billion chinese cantbe pedal ass bicycle trails urban areas roads bicycle trails egypt imagine oil transportation becoming affordable imagine lynch mob beheading saudi possibly eating remains imagine countries considering alternatives oil imagine saudi arabias economy declining abundant commodity sand paradigm oil priced higher tightrope saudis opec oil rose rapidly oil embargo oil price destroys economic growth destroys demand research development alternative energy technologies factors undesirable maximum revenue sunk cost existing refineries oil drilling pumping technologies inertia exploring alternative energies price availability reasonable oil producers dance inflating price demand collapses failling price oscillation societal collapse insufficient petroleum supplies feed clothe provide medication defense stick afford pricing model flexible pricing oil oligarchies tool beating captive consumer artificial limb oil stratospheric backwards serfdom economic serfdom beans rice garden project teaches feeds assange claimed credit climategate leaks zero capacity cables released wikileaks documented efforts bribe bully nations adopting global carbon management leaks bofa ptb brad manning disappeared radar imho brad manning disappeared radar imho torture conducted tv intimated tortured abused bothered investigation julian seemed dead manning custody source shut conspiracy larger proportions mate apparent industry insiders aramco production levels claimed infinite swan human terms infinite solar energy runs tom ditto cd brazil trip petrobras fascinating organization al husseini decision iraq incredibly foolish reserves damper saudi supply crunch solution serious energy conservation rear echelon motherfuckers teabaggers reichpubliscums democrass unlimited ambition ideological blindness itll iraqs oil ministry populated insane fucks presently pump million bpd million bpd fucking hell million bpd recall gotten mbpd prediction mbpd roll peak solution serious energy conservation rear echelon motherfuckers teabaggers reichpubliscums democrass unlimited ambition ideological blindness itll hate poor increased production ensure wail death alberta tar sands presently mm bpd maxes yrs provided throw trillion infrastructure orinoco belt venezuela poor eroei savior venezuela tossing aside pretense respect democracy national sovereignty venezuela technology oil chavez bragging reserves venezuela revolution uncle sam shot failed failed managed trigger revolutions continent weakened position chavez chose nationalize oil industry venezuela asserted nations sovereign recognized danger dictatorial regime multinational oil conglomerates corporate whores washington dc steps secure venezuelas future ownthrough methods trade agreements russia oil arms andsolidarity pacts iran attacked attacked hugo chavez popular controls approximately percent usas crude oil chavez repeatedly warnedhe impose export embargo venezuela attacked militarily chavez trash usa moral defense chavez regarded actions interested amoral actor chavez entirely discussion amoral immoral power resources defined interested amoral actor usa support naked aggression resource nation committed hostile politics morality aside enjoy usa oil ak chavez swapped russians handy trouble reasoning proposing supporting commenting likelihood comparison florida hit hurricane invent hurricane creating steer hurricane commenting rational probabilities knowledge arms outweighs understanding limits power fighting foreign soil suggest review vietnam debacle fight tooth nail invaded occupy loot assets occupying forces compose international bankers natives incapacitated obesity cable television pardon ignorance ak ak ammo vietnam barely developed mostly wanted freedom french colonialists ho chi minh initially french mistake compounded propping brutally corrupt dictators middle speak ideology desire venezuela developed diverse chavez barely support election welcomed collaborators chavez bought rifles xmm modern soviet sphere influence chinese mm cartridge ak akm xmm ak introduced xmm ak series cartridges xmm nato cartridge whered credible forecast mbpd believer contrast reserves tarsands oft cited saudi rate production factor staggering ng burnt steam mobilize bitumen studies suggest assume turning northern alberta saskatchewan mordor doubt occur incredibly descriptive visual tar sands mining studies shown tops assumes pollution freshwater resource rockieslong coswf crown royalty trend longterm hummers saudi crude sulphur referred easily refined gasoline fuels whereas tar sands essentially crap alot processing comparing reserves saudi oil ephemeral tar sands comparing steak hamburger helper energy extract tar sands gives return eroi whereas saudi crude meaningful tar sands electric generating burn tar sands electricity youll crap load pollutants environmental damage waste robbing peter paul trillion include damage environmentfully developed estimates clearcut northern alberta approximating florida athabasca watershed runs artic ocean math relatively price oil subsidized expense environment logic readily reserves accessable costlytar sands costly tar sands reacts favorable sovereign power deference economic strength initially save easier pickens price drops margins maintained improved sub price expand touch loss peaking supply bottleneck mini boom costs synthetic higher china india ford fairlane bullshit forecasting economists spouting decades eroei blowing consumption pollution destruction landscape producing theoildrumcom saudi aramco content consistent rocket ghawar pumping biggest discovered oil planet pumping thin crust yrs forever unlucky alive straw scrape bottom slurpee cup die upcoming wars win wars win wars joshua shall missed crash copied applicable winning wars pointing winners nuclear cheesy movie games fwiw finiteresources nukes outdated technology fucking invented wwiii slaughtering infrastructure intact idiot brings omg mad wwiii discussions neutron bomb zone faw hu jintao threw ass jail reasoning nuke invented outdated tech ha needlessly sensitive film suggested avoid cost oil trust share magically invent solution solution pop bubble bitchez grain salt patriot failed key provisions passed ron td title suggests oil thread connected junked reject apathy zh republicans mubarak austrian ghouls mass genocide vote egyptian revolution junked ominous graph appears preview p infinite growth finite compounding growth curves laws thermodynamics systems economics voodoo bought nobel prize rip simmons newsflash assange tragically smashed pieces errr shreds err drowned boating accident miles navigable wiki bs leaks pile govt propaganda regards peak oil enter realm leftie fantasy possibly egged corp righties hundreds coal oil reserves systematically banned exploitation govt energy insecurity congress prevented production strangling supply imports govt suffocated local industry acts govt usually corruption corporate monopolists companies exploiting resources competition ecological participants anti competitive corporate stitch job energy saudi oil govt throttled onshore oil offshore drilling temporarily obama vestiges oil industry politics oil peak oil wing concept wing concept peak oil threat drill drill drill hell drill scarce sneer peak oil winger drill peak oil conservation win wars inevitable fewer enemies oil consumption whoever corrupt govt exploiting resources drill onshore offshore offshore energy independence bent fuk banana republic govt bigger government peak oil excuse justify bigger government global warming tmosley leftright ponzi scheme argued semantics tend sentiment colonel hopefully arrive conclusion govt criminal parasitical crap eloquently doubt mass genocide eh ill opt peak oil fucking biosphere operates fundamentally kill suppose humanity capable devising worthwhile belief evidence hate agreeing crashisoptimisic concept oil represents energy subsitute human labor faced decision ox cart kill stranger oil choose moral equivalency starving death considered morally acceptable steal neighbor possesses comfortable considered morally acceptable kill neighbor steal possessions dig immanuel kant favorite quote cruel animals becomeshard dealings menwe judge heart treatment animals immanuel kant ox female humans labor humans machines improve processes minimal human interventions oil motive source alternatives tech graphene solar panels medium tech primative windmill tech oxen tdood derivative mistake nd derivative humans machines oil women vote oil required consumed century aristocracies population progress technologically socially oil changed steam oil arrived freeing modest manpower steam revolutionize agriculture agriculture transport mattered steam engines oomph refrigerate train cars miles refill tank diesel tank steam mattered transport plow thousands acres humans machines survival machines spend higher maslows hierarchy oil lifts headed planet concisely polution circulate supply vanishes oxidation tends occur energy photons collide pollutants billion production delivery systems extent oil feed billion inflation feds monetary policies surging input costs filling pollution sinks gone acceptance peak oil mustknow largest bubble popped pin peak oil painful prepare mentally future forward monetary crisis human symptom reaction peak oil reaction laterreactions worse prepare prepare peak oil implies launching nuclear weapons china india junk deny facts wars oil gulf ii wars owes china shitload money chinas bitch driving suvs elect harry truman nuke china india driving cars chinas bitch fork earnings taxes repay grandchildren bones fix problems acquire california western states purchase mexico fucking invade killed shitload mexicans heads china india oil nicely launching nuclear weapons stopping oil george orwell elect harry truman nuke china truman refused nuke china mcarthur wanted harry truman nuke china incarnation specificly refused enarmoured harry truman harry enjoyment obviously posting alternate universe borrow skittle farting unicorn hulk mad max fictional heros venture reality possibly resource planet coal oil banned govt exploitation corruption govts mangling facet patent markets heads fictional rectums someday welcome reality bent banana republic middleman banker gangsters tar babies determine uncle sam raped hooray capitalism clue toss added irony users farms mistaken hulk degrees presence resource scattered thin spots millions tons pile pure coal sitting power burn resource reserve apart fairly reserves oil worlds greatest reserves coal consume rates improvements efficiency elimination energy tends population growing clue trillion barrels oil estimated oil shale billion barrels oil coal liquids conversion coal reserve billion barrels oil estimated billion barrels immobile oil estimatedusing co injection billion barrels oil estimated outer continental shelf billion barrels oil estimated tar sands billion barrels oil estimated innpra central slope alaska billion potential barrels oil est bakken shale ndakota montana billion barrels oil estindevonian mississippian bakken formation billion barrels oil estimated eastern basin province billion barrels oil estimated permian basin province billion barrels oil estimated powder basin province million barrels oil estimated portion michigan basin million barrels oil estimated insan joaquin basin province california million barrels oil estimated illinois basin million barrels oil estimated yukon flats central alaska million barrels oil estimated southwestern wyoming province million barrels oil estimated montana thrust belt province million barrels oil estimated denver basin province million barrels oil estimated bend arch fort worth basin grasp reserves production production matters reserves grasp eroi terms existing setdo dictatorship anysilly environmental laws interpolation degraded considering posibility sudden radical upheaval mubarik wtf shots physics depend whims trav concrete grasp production techniques ramped older technologies supply utilizing modern electrical production nukes lies tough canyoui acknowledge resources energy engineering thrown problems eroi changes technologies thorium reactorsdo possess crystal ball crystal ballits math amazingly inventions predict future nut cases peak oil movement resources thrown thrown effective avoid catastrophe planet timely arrival peak oil resources spent wars extend pretend replace millenia concentrated sunlight subjected millenia intense geologic processes tpog shale oil kerogen processing energy eroei baiting troll moron harry wanger shale oil fucking oil kerogen precusor oil energy density baked potato million tonnes tater tots buried digging bakken oil trapped shales shales fucking flowrates motherfucker flowrates tpog mathematics hundreds production fuck quoting zillions oil fucking kill billion ppl alive hell stretch oil forever hundreds damn consumption rates rates rise population infinite planet oil causes wars oil forced japan bomb pearl harbor fdr august hawaii unfettered access indonesias oil fields oil societys alpha asset trav crash holes production reserves speculative accusation clue hope scientist farmer score wild speculative accusation suggests scientist crash accuse hundreds damn consumption rates void ears oil consumption billion barrels ofoil annumthere comparison trillion barrels easily extractable oil soak clay orinoco basin venezuela athabasca tar sands alberta canada trillion barrels oil equals global oil consumption mans entireuse maths false accusation fuk ups trolls eroei solution worlds dirtiest oil athabasca tar sands polluting god groundwater militarily venezuela youd chavez rescue united states strip orinoco basin brilliant starve pipsqeak tops lie moron divide reserves consumption lifespan tbbl equate bbbl production virtue stfu guardian latest leak saudi oil ministry acknowledges saudi reserves recoverable vz oil recoverable mad max optimistic estimate reserves bblthat includes undiscovered reserves lol supply consumption rates max pump proven reserves bbl supply consumption rates pump reserves overstated energy independence fictionthis math hulk maths fictional refer figures update data banks eroei oil shale mostly fiction throw coal divide reserves desired consumption consumes mbpd reserve rate effing shale oil bakken urr numbers rate mbpd moron responded thinks canada venezuela mbpd yrs countries tb afterall imagine oil buiness canada venezuela combine mbpd production divide itso canada mbdp ven mbpd remotely feasible frustrated reserves discussed matters rate production reserves idiots oil production divide desired consumption claim hulk reserves stopping exploitation govt stranglehold opec oil cheapest dig production cost advantage trav yup trav wish discount reserves govt banning exploitation reserves peak oil bs finish worldwide oil gas coal reserves increased countries discovered hydrocarbons increase israel gas offshore awash swimming drowning energy contrary lefties cries energy supply neither reserves production govt corporate 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fracking evil groundwater supplies biogas mixing ca supply methane decomp algae fastest growing organism surprised hype zh growth industry bicycles duh peak algea bitchez peak oil bitchez oz silver barrel gold estimate oil muni bonds president demand warships suez canal ldquoirsquom constantly distracted false conspiracies provide evidence conspiracies mass financial fraudrdquo julian assange wiki psyops published control hundreds tousands documents released documents accept warren commission committee assessment assange quote certification credibility weakyleaks george soros cass sunsteinconnection wiki reek stronger print money thin accept print truth print photo john holmes cock math wins wiki leaks scam biggest intelligence operationmind fucks cia mossad george sorosrothchild release wiki leak lsquoinjusticersquo announce theyrsquore wolf endless bleary eyed sobbing microphone looked peasants heals bs wiki bull bank ofpeople broadcasting mistakenly concocted peak oil manure pom oil clowns pulled oil embargo theyrsquoll oil controlled gangsters syndicate itrsquos artificial scarcity lied lindsey williams wrote oil crises stated shown technical databy iirc ken fromm operations arco fromm williams gull alaska alone reserves saudi arabia wells drilled fromm ldquogovernmentrdquo immediately ordered capped shut mouths latest release titled peak bullshit adjusting tin foil hat tune frequency tpog thatrsquos yoursquore posting inside matrix specific objection irsquoll accommodate wikileaks israeli espionage operation assange mossad importantly hersquos entertainment diversion image banging foundation funded jr spooks busted wearing condom wonrsquot fingernail biting hero julian facing pincers hell wiki actionhellip wiki wiki julian peak oil passenger pigeon sympathize objection irsquove block bringing irsquom junked peak oil believers scam scam energy scam biggest history primary vehicle shaping controlling populations western nations lies cradle grave blackout blackout arenrsquot alternate sources andor experience donrsquot matrix lsquoarab oil embargorsquo aftermath parts scam played truth clampdown tighter lsquoembargorsquo announced gasoline shot affected supply coast francisco local reported refineries oil supply flew helicopters twenty miles outside sf bay faralon islands oil tankers literally lsquoparkedrsquo sitting ldquothe ships oilrdquo scam oil administrative apparatus brute united states nwo clone army ruling oligarchy controls manipulates oil supply suppliers bought shut refining bottlenecks purposefully created reduce supply paying bush administration tracts prospective oil fields northern alaska snapped stolen oil production artificial scarcity cheap energy competes cartel lsquoexperiencersquo lsquopeak oilrsquo contrivance deceit ldquoirsquom constantly distracted false conspiracies provide evidence conspiracies mass financial fraudrdquo julian assange assange lindsey graham working wikileaks false false false microsoftinternetexplorer dieofforg fka com shale birthplace truth online surprise cable authentic w lately democracy prove coaloilng reserves government linehellip matt simmons subject twilight desert oil markets hugely skeptical saudi production hitting peak plateau oscillations pricing dips simmons proved peak oil scamafter shrieked gas shortages rationing gasoline gal peaking july glob gom swallow alland natural gas trading lows adjusted inflationand plenty oil china auto sales gone roof resurgence consumer bubble spending autos fever pitch robo nat gas trades lows technique horizontal drilling fracking proably underrated invention century saudi arabia nat gas technique opened reserves access phucking lucky link gallon gas cartoon sums goddam deadly statistically proven spikes oil correlate recessions volatility peak plateau ultimately serious bumps articulate worth nanosecond links assumption oil subsequent crash cartoon suggests cycle permarecession occasional demand collapses leading oil price collapses illusions growth demand leading oil rising unsustainable territory leading cycle oil energy productivity cost productivity optimist suggest technological breakthroughs increase human productivity offset continuing decrease oil productivity hope inclined treadmill stumble ass cartoon precisely matches descriptions descent john michael greer kunstler noise data currently possibly third cycle descent project misunderstanding peak oil economies planet melting delayed inevitable core issue remains rapidly approaching hit peak production oilenergy extract yield economic strife notwithstanding essentially zero planning mitigating impending imbalance technical chart wwwwayyyy horizon worry trading support levels aapl natural gas reserves dumb housing paradigm shift exponential increase oil wells production bitch injected wells catastrophic rates peak oil gold silver consistent exponential increase worries borrowing massively future crashing packing punch thread hulk 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federal reserve thread matt simmons lol fucking globe swimming oil bulging inventories besides global economy collapses youll oil plummet barrel poor simmons destroyed credibility passed ridiculous bp bankrupt gulf mexico turning tar pitsurely lost marbles bp oil spill turning gulf tar pit thinks dropping poisonous chemicals volcano oil consequences fucking delusional complicit crime demands execution

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