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China Is Orchestrating A 30% Crash In The Property Market

nfw bank bonuses economic fundamentals reality die gots luv ol malthus china hows mutually assured destruction working scum bags useuuk playing worst offender eu damage followed bernank lol china ace sleeves bills holding chinas bet halt exports entirely claiming misused leadership position reserve currency export countries china imports oil producing countries agriculturalcommodity countries economic disaster china exports inflation china cocky attitude useuuk felt model authority communism twist succeeding losing borrowing money incredibly blame entirely eu covering eus transgressions china eu inflation allowingaiding hadnt eu plays role regards eu afloat provided europe trillions trillions liquidity provisions europe dresses liquidity bigger coke heads cash flow china somehow believed generation capitalism ugly explanation jack eu personally china liked power bullshit conclusion mutually assured destruction occur provide eu untold trillions dollars ranges trillion assure china developing nations wrath eus exported inflation eu blame aiding worse begging china currency float reluctant invested mercantilist export model refused heading debasement usd inflation china increase buying power allowing currency appreciate capacity sell risking social unrest foodand oil priced dollars percentageof middle income missing interests inflation international customers poster below worked masters sschu imagine markets react blowtorch silver investment zh biggest scam history amazing federal bailoutis cost korean vietnam marshall deal invasion iraq landing combined mentioned scratches biggest scam history civilization wanna deeper rabbit hole research hell handbasket bernank confirmed barefoot locate link fedusg created trillion avert financial collapse canary coal authorityand disclosed swing trees madam dufarge hank paulson bought luxury submarines bug literally minutes sschu china price sq ft overvalued damn estate crash china affect ying yang doe wealth concentrated trade stocks china influence estate chinese stock crash ying yang doe hit streets vengeance yellow power average annual income nah nothings million vacant properties chinaare crash irony building suppose buildings bodies dead rioters suppose buildings bodies dead rioters offshored employment preparing boom western immigrants building filled decor harry wangers business surely ironic harry imports toxic furnishings china larger china harry business importing plastic rice demand imported hopium trebled cultivate regional closer source china dodgy local politicians selling portfolios soes bought leaving banks toxic loans government guarantee enforced ugly gently deflate bubble ah gently deflating bubble elusive soft landing rarer unicorns orchestrating crash bond drop sampp stock tao guggenheim china estate cric china estate corporation chinese literally millions bubble sceptical introduction property taxim ill huh property taxes jan shanghai chongqing trial citiesit remains law enforceablein china law law enforceable defy tax tank lone protester tiananmen hong kong reits chinese government attack inflation devalue bidding usd denominated international reserve assets increased substantially concurrent yield bond spreads leveling usd gold price chinese reserves coincidence wanted block purchases manditory closings doubt money anywhere mostlydebt held resold confidence pboc control pricesin minutes banana ben china china announced strategic reserve metals control mines hoarding tonnes storage reduction export quotas china creates strategic reserves february mad max neodymium magnets power junkyard windmills manipulate rmb export inflation peasenty afford chinese goods chinese gms style relatives china policy estate diffcult buysell incredible transaction cost prevous discount buyers gone subborn despite policy fear chinses control estate bubble besides inflation unblievebly price foods dinner restaurant cost income innocent paying cost speculation housing investors condition devastating lifestyle banks china lent trillions rmb crisis explains buying stocks rate china jump percent china rate shoot price relatives hometown nanning china hope helps alex chineseto sell afford alexmai understanding government measures reduce sales volume price decline headline grain salt qe qe cash indirectly fueling chinese bubble chinese recognize principle export productbeing inflation wadda chink offense typical naive government trusting childlike whiteamerican extent gangsterism corruption prc money frothing higher ups tale unfold save bytes money froth succeed drop money money pms fuelled asset bubble collapses money vanishes fuelled asset bubble collapses money vanishes leveraged asset preserve value heloc cash refi purchase pms default heloc andor primary mortgage pms crisis blows convert pms albeit lower footage unencumbered cantwont purchasing property tax creating stable source income government tax local governments relying sales larger goal expanding domestic economy deflating estate bubble intention spring festival noticed literally dozens rises built cities beijing hebei provinces makeover pre crisis drought drove bone mm precipitation november beijing precipitation october researching china drought issue extremely alarming reports unsubstantiated appears drought worst series levels critical impacts production winter wheat googled erie chinaghost cities google estate bubbles ghost cities china hate kick pegging government china downok hate enjoy peg chinese lbs bulk rice andtoss garbage cheating chinese peggers comeuppance themthey concern ben return command control gov gives thinks democracy actiually ausatralia loves houseing investors gives crap feeling replace democracy replace dictatorship china kinds interventions unintended consequences harder investors invest estate investment bubble created experience price inflation inflation money supply raising rates attract money foreign investors losing dollar peg wake china stops increasing money supply discover parasite reasons bearish working translated

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