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Egypt Downsizes T-Bill Offering On Weak Investor Interest, 3 Month Bill Rate Jumps To 11%

bennie bennie probly confirmed issuance provided sold primary dealer deal pd dollar emerging markets megabubble protesters throwing rocks struck differencesmostly attributable nd amendment ndash circuit judge exists egypt reconsider possibility charging bucks tour pyramids lol serious uprising government egypt hook debts currently owe marines stabiltity restoredwe hoist flag cario obama absolutly allready pyramids fiatsco bills egypt addition republic resist sometime pomo consernes global economical dip contrary majority thinks egypt uprising fizzled crude higher falling pseudo revolt beats demand pelting stones dollar stomach damper revolting spirit beaten mubarak irans economy drain giftshop iranian government wanted rug pakistan vs india equities y yield conceal evidence purchase ben transparent oversight israel million surprise guests promise fail egypt fcked rate drop

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