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Charting The “Success” Of QE2

qewe buying dip employment powder dip doozy es broadening target below worst chart spx dxy damn ugly slice copper money blow target lol cap nflx surpasses xom qe success pesky items employment inflation enter equationright qe job lol qe fur gold oil todayneither commodity overextended parabolicwhich additional qe kicking soonwhen afterburners lit commodities stock indexes parabolic imagine announce qe xxvof courseyou kevlar vest automatic atmbut heythats importance aapl matters atm youd wheelbarrow robbers favor lifting lol weimar thou comments template photos chart gold upstairs ol mom hug bankrupt apartment los angeles unemployed gold owning multimillionare gentleman jim sinclair gold fool situated mint money popcorning ideas qe transferring banksters taxpayers nicking holds dollars dollar equivalents bond falling aparthousing decline acceleratinginflation holdqe ineffective unrest middle appears writing storm dead robo nflx robo bull indicative risky assets regard money dispensing atm anywhere storm hits netflix fav defense weapon bond hardly falling apart housing decline flattened worst drop accelerating inflation benign qe immensely effective middle data economic numbers posting acceleration manufacturing ism gdp retail sales economy improved significantly hi asshole easily gallup employment survey pointed bls liar fraud egads liar fraud recover liar fraud andor mentally retarded poison harry wanger danger barch zh earlier mentioning likelihood downward bls numbers initial release heck bls harrys calculate dropping job growth meantime worlds largest garage sale economy aka usa economy apace bond hardly falling apart bernank qex lower rates rates risen economy improving qe boxed housing decline flattened worst drop accelerating reggie middleton posted flies backed solid analysis bated breath analysis inflation benign orly expand preferably backed objective data qe immensely effective data middle forming volatility breakout harry pills doses makets disappear toilet quicker wtf honor harry amazing cuckoo imagine logical reasoning reggie middleton analysis housing argumentsfor achronic decline regard qe immensely effective aside commoditystock inflation calmed somewhat middle riots pitched battles sides divide egypt sign character equity situaton deteriorated egyptlast weekstocks rallied regardless doubt data improved hardly stellar importantly observe headline value contributers zh pointed detail shortcomings econometric models currently agreeing improvement august sustainable backdrop spiralling fiscal deficits slumping housing marketand unemployment aftermath qe fell apart rapidly onceit withdrawn conclusion harry government incessant cheerleading jingoism delusion dead giveaway harry treasury emperors paid blogger hacks smoking pomo qes btfd btfh charts compared themat materialize doesthat fat candle chart monument failed corrupt government crony capitalism load crap history repeats qe success banks blows bernanke following purchase bonds middle curve intended reduce rates consequently increase economic growth reduce unemployment buoy stock sequential specified failed rates intended engine effects effects derived mechanism mattered rates failed territory crapshoot mess scam robo bullish bernank qe analysis imploding bernank cuz pigman flash crash deux qex accomplishing thinks stock noise working mom thinks obama job wondering adopted cept ourselves repeat blowup reality intrudes tarp bail outs tolerance egypt sheeple waking notion classes fleeced qe success readers tanks streetsalthough salt caked ford expedition spx channel successful compressing japanese economic policy bravo highly timmay gitner visit japan spending keynsian fabricate false govt zombied economy enemies fuck superbowl commercials economy stronger crammed boot boot crammed bernank cram markets qe dollar collapse teotwawki canary coal gdxj troll mentioned previously resistance resistance points clearsthose iam playa resistance clears puts vacation reallydo doubt break gold related perception management successful critical mass spending credit irrespective propaganda failures skeptical bens phone ring inflation stagflation blah blah blah yust smells fireeeee ben boys shooting hearts fool players hearts deck queen spades bailouts tarp talf pomo qe strategy losers citizens politicians win banks win corporations win citizens lose crash bailout citizens grist mill interview prechter directly manipulating thinks lunatics comforting robo feds lunatics mutually lol rosie sees qe likey qe success readers qe success areas success raising equity levels reflating banks hiding potential bance sheet loss helped housing employment future employment structural job loss vs job creation issue exagerated constant increase labor pool ofannual college graduates loss paying fortune increased legalillegal immigration job creation sub basis thas led nd housing downturn job pickup retail restaurant administrative lower health industries sufficiently adequate income steam avoid forclosue purchase inventory forclosed homes problems employment housing connot fixed untill financial classes resolve provide framework fixed consensus kick forward seens weird usually exercise flagellation becoming clearer bernank fucked hope inflate europe china acceptable primacy militarys faith dollar rome studied outcome ensuing collapse revaluation dollar gun bullish precious metalsi panacea equities plantiehard industrial assets prohibitive replacement cost chance holding provided immolate media entities essentially worthless cts flakdood refinement perspective ben bernanke academic professor economics ivy league subject thoroughly evil conspiratorial paid govt theories popular zh elites remaining engineered collapse elites pair oxen pulling plow starve rome malaria economists historians hate medical history robs phd dissertation material rome malaria bonapartes peptic ulcer waterloo battle bataan wwii philippines malaria forces incapacitated japans reinforced uninfected troops walked battle engineered collapse isa calculated sauve qui peut telegraphed rome beast disagree thatultimately money army hegemony prison fedacutes braniacs revolution elsewhere joe sixpack gives damn sht dishonest behavior

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