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The “Risk On” Lemming Stampede – LCMGroupe February Market Commentary

burning bloodletting poisoning patient patient lethargic leaches arsenic harm naaah central bank planners sinking titanic boats space gold silver keynesianism chance trillion amerika cost creating capital steals value taxpayer zero return ultimate source capital created thin rates gradually climbing particular cost trillions dollars magically appearing balance sheets printing money hedge accordingly stealing dollars equivalent taxpayers taxpayer mortgage working increase wealth taxpayer million dollar fixed rate mortgage taxpayer rents savings fleeced response generate wealth fiat currency disaster generate fiat currency law bingoeven frns printed value books remove titanic ii severe dose hyperinflation saidhedge accordingly ot applies hedging asked moved urban areas smaller sates oddly listed selling owners helleven inflation kill dollar consumer response thenew policyhas tospend discressionary income coin shops buying gold silver coins cash retirement funds spend coin shops spend savings coin shopsthis ismy dutyto stimulate economy consumers helping thisim dumb ipods games buysimple coins frns hopespendingallmy frns ishelping ben bernake gods actions arehelping todefeat soviets osama bin ladin andhitler spend frn silver defeat nazi germany uh hate break doc nazi germany moved dc damn freaky moustache backwards bankster dcfraud oligarchs spawned nazis edwin blacks nazi nexus joo pulls punches rockefucker bushit sincerely believes feds agenda restart economy hisher delusional parallel universe tbtfs europe welfare childrens education suffer scotland poor depend snap meantime banksters fatter bonuses snap crack pop cereal banking fo chiddrens wellthey managed hep chidddrens gravity shifted spending borrowing middle afford rising cost structure middle realities declining incomes compounded declines housing retirement benefits unfavorable demographics decline confidence future earning potential structural unemployment fighting method expansionary monetary stimulus cure gone tipping diminishing returns shadowland negative feedback loop virtuous cycle turned vicious yayyy vicious bitchez empire turns blood tears apples rockefucker bushit oily interests joos ca colombia natives establishment fighting economy insolvency finance illiquidity resource constraints economy output aggregate demand mentions energy implement worst solutions problems moral hazard zirp gives finance lend hell consequences accelerating growth pushes demand fuel drives embodies worlds stomachs odds worlds gas tanks farms auto factories led discipline redemptions money crash unlikely steadily increasing fuel wild card price levels bankrupting businesses businesses endure awhile decline customer spending increase business failures returning recession effective qe pressure qe fear instant reappearance deflation economy aground deflationary rocks input costs policy forces higher steve investors speculatorsnow killers economy tech exports overall exporting entertainment somehow competition stronger retail broker deal factories china europe price increaseswith varying degres success friday largest customers quotes reflected price increase accepted competition increase business lose constantly configuring compositions cheapening products retail price points prior meeting plastics vendors buyer chain minutes meeting devoted resin costs depending inflation cycles feed theory growing consumer sales reflecting retail shelves stocked merchandise fking mrlong points stamina chart ridiculous zh truth trend alone sell technical response stock oil markets shock impulse chart djia dip recession q oil price moves upwards technical response stock oil markets shock impulse chart djia dip recession q oil price moves upwards earns money secular risk chart stagflation opposed bear thoughts fit manipulated equity stagflation carter era energy principal intact devaluation currencies reserve currency commodities stronger dollar boosts boosts pricing structure buying dollars acb selling euro valued crack boom austrian excess monetary funding stock hedge funds fixing shorts mths feb ill bet volumes plummet onward china wanted restore consumer confidence stock fraudsters prison apologist regretfully pouring liquidity bond equity markets sustaining economic jump laudable goal beginning cracks beginning rising commodity necessarily se increases unemployment stagnant incomes americans beginning grips trends scream lower policy continute pressure squeeze middle poor slippage isa naturalby avery gross policy capital misallocation capital directed towards purpose creates lastng wealth chance formation capital sustaining capital ultimatelyproviding funneled unproductive endeavors inherent losses financial system thetreasurys booksbe noble swath population output economy capital diverted en mass risky assets value captured return assets intrinsic value investors paying cash flows bernanke growing qe essentially throwing hail marys strategy jump sustaining occur capital deployed wasted value tragedy episode feeling taxpayers entering bear wave obey investments powder gordon lolol


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