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Obama Special Envoy To Cairo Calling For Mubarak To Stay, Uncovered To Be On Mubarak Payroll

sufficiently advanced incompetence indistinguishable malice brilliant revelations pale rider egypt posted following harbinger harbinger goodbye phil submitted tyler durden warned warn ye weep howl miseries shall youyour riches corruptedyou lived pleasure wanton grievous poverty hath doorstep americathou art declared ichabodbehold pale horsemen bp monsanto gs bho bravo camera lens flare bonfire bike messenger yellow coloration empathy heart charka nickname ichabod cranedagger superimposed image horsemen sky future thread winner gate e mail signature citing source naturally attributes wikipedia clarks law adage readsldquo sufficiently advanced cluelessness indistinguishable malice rdquo variant greys lawldquo sufficiently advanced incompetence indistinguishable malice rdquo clarks law oldest extant cluelessness phrasing usenet nasa employee j porter clark structured third clarkes laws referred clarkes lawldquo sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable magic rdquo fiction writer arthur c clarke proposed third law revised edition profiles future heckuva job brownie placeholder presidential office particular apart placeholder puppetpunching bag anger directed towards powerless figurehead fucking retarded appears tough mental habit break belief presidential power evidence contrary decades proves pointing naked ness visible rulers hope wake incrementally corn popped pan slowly poof hundredth monkey speed placeholder gwb dick cheney bill hillary kerry bho pelosi paulson dimon placeholders queen england prime ministers placeholders anniversary nathan purchasing india tea co gold hord extorted india eitco british army goldmoney indespensible financing duke wellingtons penninsula campaign napoleon spain prerequisite nathans funding prussians english allies brits winning battle waterloo guaranteeing britannia rules waves british imperial supremacy french wwi oddyears names faces power thrones rolls added frank wisner jr founding members controlling tier financial 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remaking remaking destroying o pleasure missus liked commanding klingon warbird o books wish revolution controlled society places qt yuts boil upper crust peel flex vocals killed blame grasp obama cheneys cousin despise support leaders cheney obama endless determination kep mubaraks suleimans charge remeber installed sadam funded taliban suleiman created al quaeda worst enemy viva egyptian spine dignity respect lie provide proof suleiman created al qaida hate obama install sadam installed himself allied himself soviets sadam payroll waged moozies bleed em drop em delusional proof bitch sadam intel iran arab vs persian lose situationfor approve teens iranians fields spare tank treads arabs persians outside influence kill thesis thinkers noam chomsky principally blowback operation views mc views incorrect blowback thesis assumes relationship al qaeda government intelligence apparatus ceased wake thatrsquos acknowledge created al qaeda soviet afghan trained mujahideen helped fighting soviet union wake al qaeda gone thatrsquos whatrsquos blowback blowback intelligence asset sponsors viewpoints incorrect therersquos ample evidence links al qaeda administration clinton administration bush administration leading therersquos evidence active collaboration al qaeda paramilitary groups balkans senior advisers blowback thesiswhether emanates supporters bush adminstration leftis mistaken misleading provides legitimacy terrorism essentially terrorism legitimate objective foreign policyi support blowback mistaken unaware facts alternatively tacitly involved media disinformation chossudovsky business kosovo business politics politics economics gain hatred kosovars shits skittles thinks idiots macedonians pissed helped albania motion daveyjones backgrounds passengers airliners involved soooooo sooooo ameritards evidently eurika illusion potus andor secostate amerikan foreign affairs rocks skulls shall harmfull mistake bagmen enforcers decades elected obama stooge clown clowns bray paw amusement wisnerjr harmless bag slip moment euphoria afoot suckers fools elected clues obama clue obama cia puppet dare hell jfkd glove puppet animates puppet distracts agenda focus adding destroyed byfire pete townsend bosssame bosspete townsend townshend wrote maurice gibb obummer songtheres streets slogans replaced bye parting parting rightthe puppet obummer appeared overnightpete townsend fight administration support pro democracy protestors history obamavs kerry sunday tv wisner deliver message deliver kerry paid member society glove puppets skull bones society unites john kerry president bush focus hillary clinton subcontracted crisis management links misner jew israel interests protect israel misner israels trojan obama luck pussies million guns rob arabs somebody community obama organize pleeze rethinking cairo speech regime muzzle stone throwing reasons anywhere gunfire stage peaceful protest foreign dicatators firmly pretzel plz mubarak stone throwing commenced tanks rolled hug tank photo op instigated opponents obama oust presidency hilary snafu spot davidc frank wisner cairothe empires bagman vijay prashad link blindman prashad counterpunch friday cockburns indispensable unprecedented ambassadors nations washington summit conference confirmation afoot clinton convenes mass meeting ambassadors ap ndashjan washington ap mdash secretary hillary rodham clinton convening unprecedented mass meeting ambassadors envoys americas embassies consulates countries gathering department beginning monday officials global conference gather hillary concerning job description throw bone besides soliciting kickbacks peddling influence brainstorm outside fuck job job chinese mastersa row hell thatll cia enron aig looting exec wisneryou cia operative former enron aig looting executive frank wisner jr son cia founding henchman alan dulles bankster pal frank wisner sr cia ltgt steet newspeak evolves envoy includes agent secretary ms hillary poor judgement mideast related foreign trade heavens forbida immediately secretary states paymasters democratic med coast sinai poor hill schumer closer aipac lobby pelosi

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