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Guest Post: The U.S. Economy Is About To Grow Explosively, Or Whatever

yea convincing bankrupt unemployed forever worked asshole boyfriend mentality complicity boobus americanus desperation stockpile bumfrak wash nonsense darlin dump hook zero hedge boyz deniability dinner active passive user receptacle poured active critically functioning participant communication semantic environment semantic environment communication uncontrolled flood flowing assert control directed rate crap detectors becoming crap detector habits meaning message message meaning context message occurs whom conditions circumstances intent aware examine semantic environment occurs context semantic environments evaluate placed outside context semantic environment message occurs observer message context participant easily context message evaluate message context message gtgti worked masking employed economy unlimited expansion credit creation central proxies withdraw gap managed perception economy propaganda facade economy vanishes reality trumps perception hell zirp rate implosion wellas reality ignored perception reality moot goebbels laughing breadth surge nyseand virtually european stock index positioned break highs divergences anywhere volume nyse nasdaqthat gap summation indexes breakout aapl obama lowering corporate tax rate combined push higher kicker oil ride robo harry hmmm playin harry danger barch million dollar baby robo impersonating wearing yoga tights robot advantage ponzi wanger celebrates robo despite dying extremely painful pours drop belief dream corporation tax sony fuck taxes volume smirking spy heading towards sub mil trading dayand gap strategy kool aid crowd loves roundish colored encrusted orifice sits mouth cares sidelines holding metals nowhere meh invested missing rally century bottom trough fortune unlike rosie rosie independently wealthy foreseen bottom loaded stock divergences blew thew fucking em fajita turd classic blow imo till liquidity forced feed markets losing patience ignore ta esp charts breakout doubt mandate extreme taste target premature ass wedge winding qualify stb mandate train lifting markets crooked dealer throw bone win row bears suleman dictator tv rally oil shieks selling gold blood streets holy lands calls extravagent drip drip drip institutional wealth moving higher higher caviar emptor seller stock heartbeat min cotton copper againaapl itand ma activity againcrazy stron economy con countries worse cougar babe playing beggar thy neighbor chips usa knock usa usa usa correction nations euusuks bluff guns bluff nuking economies china globalization hangs hang guns argument troublesomein respects shoe dropping torn abundant oil nuclear weapons bought dogs slumber sucky gdp pulls aheadof core stadium unicorns rainbows skittles robos ass core neck neck gdp race exciting farming survive soap opera teleprompter speaking monsanto federal reserve farming farming monsanto pimp alternative joel salatin polyface farms avoid liquidity trap directly solid gas ice shoots phase physics ftw practical solid ghost economy unlimited expansion credit creation central proxies withdraw gap managed perception economy propaganda facade economy vanishes reality qe infinity capacity human resist intrusion infinite larry g megular crazy listening amongthe suppliers refuse accept dollars inputs credit creation fails flow resources purchased currencies values desirability experience scarcity shelves emptier restock items disappear monetary sustitutes spread resources foreign countries collapse supply chain domestically accordingly players ride eventuality slated atop pyramid cutting minimize losses lesser evils chairs music stopping odds survival direction accordingly wtf accept pms mainly becoming currencies circulation meantime dollars trump fiats moment stamp payments lack funds global economy moment china feed pupulation subsidized ill spot minus sec accreditation flash crash traders accrediting ponzi traders madoff floor fortnight steps journey hell system reaction shock created technical charted prediction q charles hugh smith zh posted rehashing corner wearing sackcloth carrying sign illusion path understanding reality bankrupt banana republic puppet government collapse guns creditors ala china bay spends money combined deserves unforuntately biggest parasite history citizens complicit monumental crime amerikan amen pity hit citizens complicit monumental crime complicit equation unborn kids complicit measuring stick tough titty sold chinese kid equation election cycle mattered nixon administration unable focus argue guns bibles sexual orientation average citizens misdirected magician atwo party system pits ideals politicians bothsides power consolidate money influence elections cycles rooting pervasive system changed reform knowledge power itrsquos americans scandalously itrsquos democratic ignorancepeople forming expressing passionate basis ignorance produces speak encourages doublespeak ignorance usually produces variance reality knowledge donrsquot unsaid altered denying capacity sorely lacking populous jersey shore housewives raw evidence commentary suggest americans populous playing role village idiot basis highly financially savvy smart articulate forces impacts americans ignoring lulled deceived human history socio economic interconnections associations dependencies serious mental effort learning extent system flaws currently engaged activity zh readers choices worry ourselves leaving suffer thru aftermath horrific blame names blame educate save zh discuss financial topics represents manifesto zh founded educate wider populace shake slumberto break programming trained accept seemingly inevitable enlightened souls capable rebuilding perception reality truth cease truth chosen believed spent enormous capital monetary moral globe exploits resulted alleviation countless pain suffering misery death unmeasurable hopelessness ny harbor represented beacon hope guns initial purpose protect worlds trading routes fortunes risen success percieved exploitive honest goodness unadulterated truth ugly hang shame proclaimed globe closed lick wounds kick global financiers shore secure building ferris movie sellers insane spy uup tlt moment system irreparably broken percentage credit extended exceeds wealth money credit exponentially credit financial institutions solvent traditional methods accounting monetary account modified tptb control richer richer poorer poorer billions wage slaves developing countries evolve middle existing middle classes developed diminish existent monetary solvency apply accounting standards regulations account currency detached historical accounting methodsscience armegeddon armeggedon dallas colliseum lions slain gladiators honored themasses return slave pits fiat markets celebrate growth recovery ignorance bliss rage revokingamending reserve feds mandate stable handcuff bernanke wihtout equivocation hesitation moving bernank handcuff bernanke gods lol puppet handcuffs puppeteer handcuffs lost bernank print value zero hopefully sooner charade ill option sir wtf kill kill price laughing listening obama speaking invest recall google march obama stocks youll headlines amazement president sounded analystand followed wondering signal economy unlimited expansion credit creation central proxies specious economy runs wealth von mises expansion credit creates appearance prosperity triggers mal investment socialists scold topic sustainability advocate unlimited expansion credit unsustainable unlimited expansion credit government unlimited expansion government power parasitic leviathan seeks enslave host victims citizens slavery government starvation diet snaps lock chains shut revoking governments power unlimited money revoking governments power unlimited money exercise proper financial authority adequate solution treasury required return original constitutionally structured purpose applied feds sector script currently held shore nations mints issue intrinsically precious metal coinage treasury issued notes redeem demand bis puppets script theater exorcised governments financial institutions declaration independence tyrannical sovereign citizens upheld elected official imho states banks distributed billion profits hefty return billion invested lobbying washington dc politicos players math billion spread decision makers government starvation diet feeding explosively virtuous cycle printing fiat notes digitally funneling lobbying reelection campaigns enable money distribution stealing extortion systemic usury servitude destroying occupants economy media campaign contribution limits increase election cycleby dave levinthal february pm rascals spanky wild bothering bollinger bands djia history bollinger bands bernankinger bands bernank calls goal tries kick average growth recession motto recess nowgoandrecess gift courtesy representative democracy representative recess kid adults funemployment nowhere internet growing highly population advised scams ponzis enslaving rotten core system sands controllers lap fiat currency luxury smart nowadays control virtual space environment control delude buddies lose shirt changed money intelligence kidding watched tonite segments engaged meaningull conversations co workers concerning politics money ecomony todays cluelesness breathtaking coutnry recover recover charles smith powers ptb benefit deflation ensuring deflation win discredited deflationists considered ptb lose deflation inflation luck timeernext gg cost oil peaked economy increased currency crises emerging markets oil costs boomed china slowing economy usually ends crash financial correction cheap energy relatively cheap energy currencies debased function relative oil relatively cheap banks recapitalized lend prospects paid improve wave money breaking dollar flowing increase velocity money inflation crash crash china ifs expects crash suspect timing gh classic consequences shifting predators wordsmiths classic shyster blatant misrepresentation objects dangle namely fake cpi fake unemployment measures fake stock levels mislead consumes ultimately destroy economy predators core assumption producer destroy consume victim destroying minds populace education farces render population confused endless smoke mirrors destruction suckers permitted


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