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Guest Post: Evil And The State

evil natural law perspective soif evil arbitrary universally undefined todays educational zh readers doug casey thomas woods discuss limited government oxymoron introduction stateless society intro hasnas obviousness anarchy pdf fuckin dude blown blown zh evil legitimate hippos inherently derivativecan escape inevitableconclusion heinous intuit tragic bolus pill gorillaonyourback groups minded coalesce refined belief smaller junked lololol suppose simplicity statement simplicity copernicus relatively calculation predicting heavenly bodies movement calculations incredibly difficulty premise reasons corrupt goverment evil winning premise simpler goin worldaround equation rights withdraw consent playing corporate states bullshit relativism send hell youll justified forcibly control anothers liberty property immoral relative mouser confusing relativism moral relativism sir absolute morality defined arbitrariness fucked positive laws stopped parents evil touch stove malignant patriarchy applying totalitarian innocent child realm bunny wabbits candyfloss ruling authority civilisation fan notjust woods hermit ruling authority visions libertariansanarchists fruition ruled consortium ofmega corporations prefer democratically elected experts setting laws slave global plantation business realise advocating ruled consortium ofmega corporations system moment chart wealth disparity welfare positive correlation government historically produced greatest disparity poor corporations legalillusion invented thereis acorporation government immoral enact violence aggressed youand perverted ideological construct reduce uncle sam touch stove volunteer enslave humanity hurting entirely backwards slave global plantation livestock refuse recognize himself forever sick definite human conscience immediately planning sociopathknows evil murderstealrapeetc natural law mans law original built operated anarchy types anarchy rights rights nose human government god promote law laws gods laws function anarchywrong evilon innocents society break law government job mete justice vigilantism system system evil changed bothers talks absolute terms bullshit justify killing stealing rape rape tough history instances deal absolute cancer r ascribe morality costs justify ride thisfor society arguing r fanatism christrians muslims jews absolute stupidity talkin absolutes demonstrated fatal contradiction believes absolutes noone absolutes fatal flaw believing absolutly absolutes leaves listening anothers junked citingimaginary beings sources authority natural law proper source authority cite human government authority beings governed stated founders governed authority alter dissolve goverment ignores abuses governed vigilantism religious types government authorityfrom god amendment arms authority god government hope pray dictatorship theyhave rights rights bogus concept arising fairness bogus concept limited authority proper concept assassins creed permitted aleister crowley lines thou wilt shall law recipe chaos anarchist bashers concerned conclude ours finish spake zarathustra leads g dead ethicsmorality bound survive fredricks supra moral replacing g ought bundle junks milestones kill weaker beg semantic arguments enlightenment debated endlessly humans mediating institutions outcomes mediating institutions suffer imperfections institution government evil governments evil broadening definition evil lack perfection inevitable accidental miscarriages justice overly assumptions proven semantic arguments circular classic don scotus dunce schools train rhetoric logic primitive arguing definitions basic assumptions circularity irrelevant legs legs rules conceptual contruct circle ideal concepts pure sophist drivel trolls sock puppet comprehend logic derived simplest axioms existance fool changing names axioms subject dispute assumption axioms begging disagree axioms presented nihilist death worship legitimate seek death ill bullet howzat sneak logical fallacy begging simultaneously denying foundations logic logic impediment reasoning skills helps pulling fight club blacking writing pseudonym philosophy cloned vice versa derived philosophy principles posting td reality types ideas foreign average government entity protect humming government superbeing myth tyranny restricted liberty likes history liberty granted lose government history civilization voluntarily granted rights liberties rome rds slave rd welfare recipients forgot wealth hogging oligarchs parasitic necessary arbiter suggest regulating mechanism eg highest congressional lottery weekly winner executed televised satisfy philosophers mob guns arbitration suggest tmosley tend von mises misesorg human hardly rational osterfeld thesis beginning thier minds careful sword die sword debate violence necessary sword die alo peace unbearable tyranny die chance revolutions depression trouble reconciling agreement thisstatement initial evil tyranny evil met violence penultimate option personally agreement greatdepressions statement evil images trusting sheeple wwii german trains knowing nobler die sword junk vote hamptons ip address tmosley ignoring reality victim divine victim victim stateless society insects humans icelandic historical anthropological evidence societies southeast asia avoided states thousands slaveless societies argument fallacy abolition slavery anonymousanarchist examples highly educational sides debate doubt statelessness achieved globalized highly specialized system virtual superstate states positive feedback loop negativ feedback loop decay suggestion anarchists doubt statelessness achieved pessimistic anarchist abolitionist argument seconds alport label anarchist abolitionist anarchist baggage abolishing abolishing slavery kinds naysayers imagine humans property humans imagine arbitary ruling authorities globe virulent skin cancer anarchists doubt statelessness achieved anonymousanarchist appreciate anarchists individual liberty subscribe ideal statelesssociety imo anarchists naive idealists ideological spectrum centrally controlled totalitarian folksthecitizens leadersare disappointed idealists anarchist types zh personally glad contributing discussion anarchy whom aimed forward following iceland posted earlier generally stateless society falls issue infrastructure iceland posted earlier moved society communal infrastructure roads bulk transport sewers systems communal infrastructure churches swiftly followed establishment monopolies controlling infrastructure followed rise inequality ultimately collapse system whilst competing networks hugely pipes sewers forth essentially natural monopolies unsustainable maintain multiple competing networks arises control benefit natural monopolies owner competitiona parasitically extract value risk himself argue owned community supports pieces infrastructure devote administration maintenance beginings overseen population costs benefits infrastructure hopefully equitably distributed stable monopolists interests tend gain control communal resources exploit required aside concur stateless societies accept afghanistan parts india africa whilst de jure states de facto power presence countries ideological spectrum centrally controlled totalitarian naive idealists government naturally expand power necessary grand ol citizenry trusted curtail expansion suggest natural society governmentat bay naive idealists anarchists accompany government government exists extremely naive opinion falls founderskeeper topic carnivore crucial dna ofherbavores fit naturally anti government inividuals necessary government dna healthy minimal government fills role ofservant iseasily controlled global government era anti government carnivore somali customary law tmosley plunderer community pirates somali viking asian advertisement anarchy convinced decrease somalian pirates claimed control waters legitimate solution anarchists establish control seas imagine koreans ships moving waters permission lightly resources shipping lanes sadly nation states refuse recognize individual somalia seas ships fee waters unmolested somalis invade lands vikings patrol waters claimed asia misunderstand revolutionaries sword injustices tolerated governments officials sword threat fat aggression pacifism summary op defined evil pointless imo tm arthur jensen primal forces nature corporation meddles primal forces arthur jensens office torn asshole natural yelled ned beatty err meant arthur jensen argument broader controlled evil selfish depending define basic postulate government evil reject postulate topcallingosterich coercion statism institutionalized coercion purpose vintage milton friedman discussing morality voluntary participatory system capitalism versus compelled central planning socialism models coercion civil society devolves youtube milton friedman socialism friedman mixed bag liberty notion tax withholding source sensible inspiration albert j nock enemy memoirs superfluous instance wrote jefferson wrote prose nock essential op ill raise alien leader jimmy human individual exist individuals experience individuals decisions government meanwhile false construct pretends represent central committee represent average exists statistic govt tries policy central committees suits false construct represent diverse represents states delusion exists herding pack animals individuals points collective purpose ours joining company joining fellow greenbay packers fans herd periods suits individuals govt tries exist pretence represents pack leader leader managing join groups suits groups suits govt false construct borders deciept represents societies parasites herd hosts wealth creation serves lust authority ego parasite fuck false nonsense governing freer peaceful wealthier zero govt rules protection property neighbors reasonable peopleexcept troublemakers neighborhood protection association rules elect leader leader assign roles bemuch fun considerwhat trouble makers outsiders neighborhood pilfer wee nighteverything accidentlly feud hire convenience police soldiers protect neighborhood cost money combine neighborhoods professionals protection quarrels errupt neighbors rules smooth operation hardly education backgrounds aggree ensure peace freedom dictates heart conscience governments robbed complain recommended virginia militia seventeenth century william shea development colonial militia described isolated environment virginia colony discusses development train bands select corps paying militia committment quiet dispersal crown provided armory weapons individuals instant readiness initiating author troubling custom colonys ongoing efforts deal constant threat external violence forces developed aligned nascent government threat government tghe government bacons rebellion covered xeer customary law worked centuries overbearing oppressive governments reference tmosley thread confusing governance government anarchists arguing society arguing stateless society society society monopoly dispute resolution law enforcement defense hayek argument liberty argument organization tools human employ argument privileged monopolistic organization coercion prevent rules law government necessary establish rules society agrees protection liberty property rules exist government tend undermine society hasnas pointed describing english law judge law akin describing created economists topic interests suggest hasnas obviousness anarchy pdf interested covered youll objections addressed repeatedly governance government surely governance government whoever sets laws government monopoly dispute resolution law enforcement defense nation states arguing smaller scale governments realising governments evil intolerable logic tortured define evil define evil nature polar opposites referred diversity attach value judgements subjective necessity diversity government power structure abuses majority benefit minority trade offs tortured value compare achieved privately benefits accruing solely invest monetary wealth function majority provide minority transfer value wealth law inevitable manipulation law minority benefit worse police power penultimate abuse power control monetary substitutes restricted evil eyes eyes definitions reality protection lies inability power structures benefit weather religious economic liberty responsibility provides framework social structure subjective values worse reasoning tortured increases decreases evil fairly incredibly profound understanding derived ascribe meaning meanings aggression universal morality evil subjective assessments tortured logic subjective assessments value systems communities define evil system fails system allows beings devoid law structure statement perfectlybut meanings value judgement subjective discussion agreement definitions definition hi bill milestones explanation irony uhhh defined increases beings humans kill human steal sustain himself reduced evil rocket rules apply kill defense evil euthanasia partner spare pain suffering doctor pulls plug theft steal apple child alive increase humans feeds human animals humans increases regardless detriment planet loss humanity saves hitler increasing death penalty evil crime subjective value define differently attach differing values response likewise evil rocket resolve debate afternoon insult withstanding juvenile philosophical argument killing defense neutral aggression death euthanasia consent evil consent neutral wanted death thier theirs divergence philosophy described presupposition owns property property extention stealing theft child survives dies introduced evil provide himself leads mentioned increase humans recognize claims property reduced noble savage leads merely tribal warfare existance settled whites property rights previously recognized mississippian culture created sprawling culture traded advanced goods mississippi collapsed emergence recognize natural rights floundered sank savagry natural resources detriment environment governments resources problems arise easter tribal chiefs aggrandizement erection statues depleting trees culture fought evils government lost resources harm hitler government subjective prove prove rocket caveman philosophy juvenile implies implies basis assertions philosophy juvenile neutral dead terms philosophy author convenient child dies steal apple leads evil situational subjective protect property entitled opportunity property denied steal apple property evil destroy property paying corporations pollutionas hitler government issue evil subjective provided argument argument examples fail concept support superior attach morality versus evil subjective evaluation system value system defined benefit vote commitment system evil value systems trap threat liberty dead aggressor aggressed punishment violation natural law include death accept reality aggressor evil attempted violate anothers rights paid ultimate price child dies steal apple stealing apple saves child stealing apple kills plenty dig worms steal youll distributed starving fit property theft evil disagree steal hint destroys property specific pollution spreading aggression evil met response destruction arbitration liar argument changed argument doubt asserting subjectivity evil terribly convinient liars theives murderers aggressors increases failure violate rights concepts changed argument argue author evil cultures challenge prove culture murder steal apple merchent trespass someones property gain property fraud actions evil law laws governments shaky stir resentment populations worth dying lose evil reletive murder rape women trespass property burn homes defraud thier property sociopath devotion argument unwillingness lost fun honest comments changing definitions terms discussion evil relative subjective assume values examples ideas assume international helps judgements values international cultures accepted majority cultures original debate additionally values property protection method development capital wealth benefit concepts evil antiquated recessive manipulation someones goals evil abused propaganda tool subjective labeling iraq evil answers domain evil federal reserve evil prefer forgo subjective labels descriptions situations xeer system evil define label concept arbitrarily lost lose definitions changing noted assert changed provide evidence asserting subjective relativistic arguments fail stealing killing kill millions values valued cultures sentient beings possessions c territory missing debate convince monstrous argument nihilist contradict stance property rights rights steal property ticket savagery collapse monsters concepts evil insert belittling adjective evil abused definitions becaue refuse derive principles misused evil evil evil evil murder scale initiation aggression third theft scale initiation aggression determining system wish commit evil apologize hate xeer preserves natural rights peacefully prevents contraction retaliatory murder creation moral ambiguity snakes wriggle law provide examples anger subjective relativistic consequence label evil contradicted stance disclosed position aware yours share value value property rights subjective native mans stupidity regard moral ambiguity nurture ability values impose ridgid principles flows enables position battered woman kills husband kill allows confusion mentally drug addled allows distinguish third degree murder manslaughter sides framework justify atrocities cradled acceptance winners conflict experience evil experience comfortable labels liberty anarchy theft steal apple justification stealing chances corner blew sombody dolars paid apple apple blow asked genuine grace blow assumes sell apple frameworks stealing morally justifiable aside directed dogbreath easier conceive killing morally justifiable stealing apple steal apple price applein parties sombody apple blowjob practicing trade kinda enjoy classes logic setting pro con arbitrator milestones sean enjoy comments leads seanktmosely debate heavyweight title fight roads leads deny foundations existance ambiguity consequence law ignored legislation brutally enforced whenever pleases arbitrary authority fuck define thread denied foundation existence merely refuse attach arbitrary values evil ambiguity allows refused evil played argument intellectual poverty moral reletivism justify horror inflicted denied foundations existance refusing acknowledge property kill hitler steal ambiguity created played committed crimes monster reasonable argument juncture morals culture identical subjective morals relative manipulate population designed fit goals elites employ denied property statement ambiguity ambiguity exists failed foundations beliefs morals appears crux argument crimes monster values define existence hope define elses subjective values infringe natural rights neither evil morality relative cultures morals fail account cultures defective morals evil moral relativism nihilism natural laws gravity exist indisputably discover careful discernment unfortunate numbers fail individuals families societies nations cultures thread shot stealing apples feed kids moral dilemma eh investment risk return wanted signs local c bottle redemption stealing bottlescans bins imagine proves subjectivity charts cognitive dissonance random pretend logic destroyer thoughts opinions morals culture identical subjective objective observations viewpoints conclusions implies universal morality claim morals relative hammer relative nonsense obfuscating morality moral immoral evil steal murder implies property exists minds break lies fix morals cogent laid values revealed slither mud steal murder pulses justify evil existence lowering dumb beast bastard morals international implies subjective evaluations actions considered crime observation countries death penalty relative cultures share cultural inhibitions agreement deterred homosexuality steal murder conjecture sake argument intelligent conversation explores edges middle concept inability detach emotionally argument clouds judgement suggested views evil terms pointing subjectivity laid values subjective path impress tyrant collective actions totalitarianism stoop insults charcter aspersions tools tyrant dare disagree rant dumb beasts developed successful strategies environment destroying dumb beasts identify greatest enemies outside species unlike dumb fail communicate terms values reserved share typical fascist confused morality evil governments death penalty governments definition evil exist theft exert government evil evil homosexuality agreement law peaceful consensual arrangements evil conjecture implied believed steal murder arbitrary conditions defined showed stealing murdering evil circumstances lethal response aggression judgement arguments anger shown monster monsters legislation law legislation created law exists inherent legislation moral legislation religious authorities violates law law consequence evaluate choice choices obey natural law initiate aggression aggression evil aggression returning aggression aggression neutral fool backed legitimate threat constitute tyranny misunderstand beast beast recognize rights cow grass permission dingo child monkey steal clothes beasts failed recognize rights nature claim rights save argument tyrants tyrant history rights described nature dare cast source rights higher power whom speak refuse principles derive value system mess steal kill random admittedly existent definition evil mess conversation axioms derive value system axiomatic humans constantly refused resorted moral ambiguity justified evil committed intellectual laziness rights inherent tyrant fascist crazy law inherent law created evil inherent law observable nature predators aggressive evil whittled humans ownership property inherent law evil deny owning divided proportionate population evil arguing ideals attaching value declaring truth god misunderstand beasts assume mantle god beast capable evil benefits chosen argument basic premis advanced subtracted evil terms value judgements subjective alluded inherent law definition subjective applied excluding subjective tiger charges exclaim illume definition natural law logic philosophy depend method foundation theory theory foundation subjective logic philosophy useless worse cases destructive inherent universal fear happiness loathing nurtureflight danger confusion universal exhibited creatures property ownership aberration natural humans count subjective determine evil minds historically culturally politically economically examples hitler responding aggression jewish bankers sought punish germany actions wwi seizing germanys manufacturing zones ruhr forced starvation citizens repayment schedules jewish bankers police power governments influence enforce collections killing jews hitler defending saving value neutral palestinians kill jew palestine attempts reclaiming property seized britain jewish resettlement value neutral native americans seize stolen government speculator corporate deceit violation contracts merely aggression aggression lost proclaiming evil playing god god subjective argument arguing basic postulates definitions evil acknowledge government exists somthing cantagree problems government alone origin problems company excluded solutions divide conquer tyranny minority persists commit crimes solution abolish eradicate parasites eradicate system parasites govt monopoly power structure ripe parasites infest ripe fuk society govt solution aa hft government exist antiquated relegated childrens fairytales egypt chaos spontaneous spite government govt abandoned send thugs streets plainclothes terrorize neighborhoods banded defended neighborhoods rid mubarak replaced stefan molyneuxs subject evel evel majority evil unintended consequences nihlist burning books sigh effort demiddotmocmiddotramiddotcy enspenspdmk r si dih mok ruh ndashnoun plural cies government government power vested exercised directly elected agents freeelectoral system twondashparty system system parties dominate voting elections government elected offices members parties party system parties typically holds majority legislature usually referred majority party minority party party system somewhat imprecise countries considerable agreement system considered party nature election elected officials belong parties united states cases chances third party candidates winning election office remote groups larger parties opposition exert influence parties democracy government deserve registering vote elections weekend february independent electoral commission iec holding voter registration weekend yearrsquos local government elections cape municipalities proved delivers government registering vote extend delivery africansin municipal election vote registered weekend opportunity registered ensure registered establish voting station registration dedicated hotline assist voters hotline pen mightier sword bullshit fucking cowards shot treason cheap itrsquos stamps jerry springer idiot amerika glued tv planted fat asses wanna brow commentary fucking yay donrsquot register party control systemhellip ldquoyourdquo aspects discussion namely limited quantitative grasp human minds capable visualizing dollars natural diminishing moral returns abstraction governance literally actions affecting hundreds millions separation geographically racially ideologically comfortable selfishness dealing neighbors stuck tribal easier communication globe expanding tribes previously empathy fellow feeling achieved egyptian demonstrators achieve government evil abstraction invariably scale governance government local evil goal poor logic necessary accept minds duh steel vs pack bags libertarians sb teams named unions evil exist huh suck barrel shotgun hypothesis defines evil succinctly clicking below evil path choice famine weird evil exist anti christ walks hesheit starve death commodities foodstuffs roof forethought planning europe planned kissinger bloomberg deliberate whos anti christ wreaking havoc harming innocents thoughts junking obama choice succeed quest dominion united states destroyed rendered powerless events rahm vote antichrist religious offer proposal concept anti christ philosophy death anti limited vote anti christ cnbc producers ps forgot uncle unprompted feels anti christ walking feels felt evil purpose government secure rights inherent government freely granted unjust rights bestowed creator conveniences god objective determine rights created power government changes rights meaning rights pre exist government universal permanent rights gifts god decision save million annihilate moral power moral authors misunderstanding phrase necessary evil government necessary evil meaning government exists protect rights god granted rights delegated power power risk danger necessary evil christian theistic solution reasoning founding fathers mental gymnastics ultimately nihilism despair authors logical journey prove existence god demonstrate fundamental implication atheistic disagree rights assert ghost stories required rational rights recognized secure experiment insert existential threat mice cage respond liberty property exist laws contrary liberty property existed beforehand laws freacutedeacuteric bastiat law support tautological argument easier junk engage ghosts spaghetti monsters equation evolutionary history acquire rights reward existing evolved simians rights offended zoos lemurs protozoa rights evolve mutants rights logic rights function existence evolutionary chain rights evolved rights essence argument vegan atarian accept argument leaves logical outcome junk junk advertise services threads engage arguments rights protozoan rights humans rights trouble logic andor derivatives invocation higher god argue logic lack god worshippers ruled emotion logic restricted logically derived factual stipulate art knowledge evolves truth evolves religion anti evolutionary stipulating facts irrelevant junk withdrawn easier refuse debate assertion engage humans rights presumably animals determination inherent argument tautological logical irrelevant stated logical onus resolve tautological statement valid god god ghost flying spaghetti monster exists rights apes logical conclusion rights stated logical overcome emotionally addled assertion rights inherent fail emperor josef mozart passionate persuade missing entirely rights assert pointed elsewhere equate negating mans rights negates mans existence meaninglessness claiming mans rights external source degenerates claiming mans rights granted religious claiming ghost collapses bidding steal rights religious socialist rights reject premise external mystical influence meaning assert yours flying spaghetti monster purpose religion stifle debate minds achieves rational guide degenerate nihilism gods required spent internet elsewhere debates recognize bottomless pit enjoy claim win claim church won internet argument choose humanity designed challenged unverifiable government middle accelerated degeneration fascist surveillance corrupt oligarchy waste arguing origin rights convince worries rights argue rights assert governmental actions trouble corruption rights violated corruption foundation preparation fascists argument justify owe neither support assertion emotional unthinking support assertion purpose religion stifle debate minds baseless assertions wish intellectual imagine logical arguments consist stating opinions negating mans rights negates mans existence meaninglessness logical arguments consist stating opinions philosophical arguments premise opinion tied philosophical debates endless circular pursued extreme nihilistic premise human meaning tie meaning higher power himself incapable individually understanding himself reject premise yours illogical proven disproven constitutes irrational belief system summed bumper sticker jesus settles subject discussion debate illogical fascists argument decades centuries religionists argue pointed rights subject external unwarranted arbitration granting suspension rights demonstrate incapable handling demonstrating inability conscientiously avoid harming consent god mirror images demand subservience promise rewards fear guilt achieve compliance capital l liberalism substitute religion fear prime motivator release fear incapable stops belong larger belong align inner required religions governments willingness gain compliance religions merely cast damn soul eternity government kill government religion kill failure comply goals methods slightly rights assert assert rights conflict yours arbitrated rights assert stated rights assert practice propose rights claim exist rights conceive intending assert future purpose theoretical discussion theoretical events identical rights claim possess existence conceive exercising exercise swr defends itd haveown value targets convenience inconvenient dude theists operating emotion ranks humans rights presumably animals determination inherent inherent herd dutch belted cows protesting hall bovine suffrage cows rights humans art music architecture sciencephilosophy zero hedge symptoms disease g existsis prove prove prove scientology religion falsifying claims experimentally verify adopt worldview rights brings beginning rights assert rights assert definition tautology rights extent recognize rights animals protozoa hopefully animals rights animals extent defend boar terretory charge defend boar recognize rights recognize superior weapons win natives sadly recognized property rights degenerated tribalism wiped settlers aztecs recognized property rights failed recognize persons ownership kidnapped warriors nearby nationsvillages murder deal resentment whcih conquistadores conquer rights posessed parent child claims rights thier allows child claim rights parent articulate rights persuasive stamping ill provoking describing points voluntary cooperation reward cooperation animals voluntary cooperation tenuous universal independent cooperation penalty problematic recognizing lose recognize property lose property lose speak property speech lose property lose speech rob shut lose rights ideas closer pragmatic situational rights universal abuse rights rights himself individual gang government prevent violations necessitate perpetrator violating rights merely semantic rights forfeited rights nonetheless pre exist cooperation claim source rights describing rights rights cooperation expanded items cooperation socialistic ideas agreement contract argue rights independent forfeited practically speaking recognize rights rights met somewhat rambling aloud stated worth points anonymouse society organized individual himself inviolable gives lever labor government coercive agency axiomatic slavery rights forfeited rights nonetheless pre exist cooperation claim source rights lose yours humans humans generally recognize humans recognize rights catatonic meat lose rights commit aggression principle judicial penalties prison fines execution justified generally defined alien beings met human careful violate rights victim pest control recognize humans sentient incorporate rights structure meaning humans aliens considered inherent rights eyes participants race beings access rights imagine multi dimensional beings space apart perceive bodies rights recognize territory imagine race nomads description socialistic ideas inevitably involve wish cooperate volunteer organizations socialistic agendas ensuring access education respect rights job summarization termed cooperative rights defensive rights discussion breakthrough terms nature source rights discussion resolve alien mars attacks flawed logic premise nonetheless truth history taught local forum government indoctrination idiomclichemetaphor analyze literally government bureaucracy amoral evil policies evil government arms coercsion precious government lose rights source evil flows intentions devolves ugly monster violence flower bunny inevitably turns beast consumes designed systems inevitably participants evil stanford prison experiment details spot unnecessary evil governments coercsion moral gutter rate analysis barbara tuchman government arrangement whereby accept authority evil accepting authority pace egypt places transfer authority functionality provided economic provides context realization cardinal richelieu stateman louis xiii invented modern aspects anywhere aggressive initiation aggression evil logic humans aggressive animals nature evil nature evil tolerated moralthing dois exterminate humanity animals aggressive exterminate lights ourselves fucking arguements idiotic twisted logic fucking arguments logic twisted false assumption humans aggressive animals planet argument assumptions logical outcome marx smart assumption wound causing tens millions deaths posited types proletariat bourgeoisie poor traded places poor vice versa types savers borrowers revealed deal history derived austrian economics suggest fofoas subject nature apes fight bananas women define apes define fighting cite evidence wild baseless assertions reminded principles democratic societies laws collective conscience laws andoris applied society break collective conscience laws majority participate enslavement violent evil ugly enjoy thoroughly guilty perform violence directly idiotic laws enslave laws anarchy worked hundreds somalia seperation church followed system law xeer seperated church law prevented co opting law gains ability central authority established attempts outside doomed failure pimping link founding fathers george washington rightly nation god bible mankind unfit government sacred duties government impartial justice citizens thomas jefferson destutt de tracy economy fifth constitution designed moral ldquoour constitutionrdquo john adams vice president president united states ldquowas moral religious inadequate government otherrdquo constitutional convention james madison proposed divide central government branches discovered model government governor isaiah ldquofor lord judge lord lawgiver lord save usrdquo defining branches government stifle debate gain alignment rational brains emotions golf ball universe quotes founders junked bias pro god inherent nature rights quotes diverge agreement glenn beck points contributions understanding todays mess threats god books quotes written justify natural co respect law precepts human fallible passionate generally aligned enemycause bogus arguments bias embraced eg todays sex partners surrender liberal nightmare judgment founding rightness belief indicate rightness argument fwiw junkers junking ffs cheap appeal emotion discussion federalist papers proof todays arguments hat scheme aristotlesocrates convinced logical respect rights alternative strife respecting enlightened rights easily asserted respect rights spend combat tolerencerespect implied christianity topic setting laws society ample proof foundations constitution rights individuals gives states freedoms bounds third federal government obviously reversed intent constitution highest power individual government steps gives rights individuals rights agreement assert government religion practiced necessarily written statement organized religion government voluntary choice participate bible inspired guide co existence koran wisdom merely priest guides controls conversationpolicies scares outta power rules rules inherently flawed agenda pure founders shared fearas experience theocracy permitted states declare individual relgion federal government differences church organization disagree commandments wholesome characteristics taught bible walking link tm definition evil stupidity evil evil multicellular organisms arguing multi cellular societies suck quit whining primordial biological binary code attraction repulsion detrimental fox chicken chicken ends fox begins bootstrapping creation consumption majority whiners ninety percent humans planet mexico implodes bitch government stopping bringing guns sold border robbing americans dammit morality code groups individuals co exist social contract government construct history biology heads asses morality code government construct prove theory history supports conclusively civilization peaceful resolve disputes medieval iceland gangs showed pickings protectors written history chronicle gang wars theft murder fraud civilization recognize gangs organizations mutual associations defend gangs


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