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US Needs To Generate 246,600 Jobs A Month To Get To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term

affirmative standards hope bastard president kenya afterwards bos higher unemployment failed economic policies george bushs fualt ha obama terms timehell beon vacation economy failed whose fault blame generalissimo benkranqer wanquer jabronies matters president whos magic underpants powers whos obama letting fbi warned widespread mortgage abuse bushs approach inflating bubble couples trillions sunk middle quagmires puts brunt blame bush arguing obama obama ultimately fails stack cards blow fuck obama fuck bush twice terms policy obama bush wed regardless party wins nyt supported gore starting wars bush obama obama blow money bigger hates meaningless superficial differences corporategovernment hate themalot pelosi party congress gig wasover ending criminal privately damage party filth steal kill masters grief pain universal destruction ruling parties hates dense loves power smile hate idiots zh bush burn hell regardless obama bo auditioning bush iii nah jeb bushs latino son bush president el busho guaranteed benbabwe obama job creating admin lol dunno kinda scared uhwhat rush mentioned zerohedge program fellow tyler durden regarding unemployment figures congrats ugh rush thinks td doh thread zh linked drudge happenattempting push employment accelerate inflation productivity numbers wishful benchmark employment economic bubble smart agenda puting aside producitivty gains achieved thoughts graph remains valid comparison normalized employment effects bubble created return kmo kmo dunno shoots explanation todays employment surveys calculated risk spot harryi harry confirmation bias heart burn ding dong flaccid useless rejigger labor headline ue unemployed unemployed count invisible hankqer cankqer job walmart burger walmart burger ought asses creating minimum wage preeminence stage qualify services draining coffer internal wal mart memo validates findings uc berkeley october arindrajit dube ken jacobs steve wertheim cps estimate employment employed persons included categories workers covered employment statistics ces survey employed persons household workers agriculture workers unpaid workers workers reference bulk maidsnanniesmigrant workerthat aliens cornered housewivesid interested breakdown categories cleaning toliets stalls god damn aliens hut hut grap toilet brushes plunger mop unclogging sticking taxpayers ass popping squatter citizen birthright babies demand pan diaper changers baby boomers retiring numbers birthright citizenship extremely misleading kenyan named barry smoke brains teaching cocky fucker hopium fuck bar peace expand interpretation harry mindlessly regurgitating fits slam doomers offer zero analysis flamebait hit troll averaging approximately consensus nfp average walmart burger joke thinkcrs sums counting joy emails crystal ball ill weakness february catch kill unemployed human lethal injection global unemployment rate drop global recovery global economy creating ton commodity reaching highs proves worldwide recovery accelerating keynesian policies working hammy dunnosome yoursolutions fari killing fetched tackle source unemployed unemployment global economy dr j keynes phd dr ben bernanke phd dr paul krugman phd nobel prize worked subject keynes proposing euthanize fixed income euthanize unemployed immoral cruel patriotism sacrifice phase terror ltcoughgt bs ltcoughgt suitcase nukes draft invade middle central asia protectionist policies fail beat china correctly hamy donazi germany deal unemployment history books nazi germany dealing jewish banker nazis existed traced axis evil uk meddling jewish bankers majority history books explaining micro macro system written propoganda history repeat rhymes easier putin eject oligarchs jooz alone saved policy decisions guilt slavery holocaust jewish oligarchs leveraged guilt associated idiot hitler woody smokin jews zyklon nuclear arsenal nuked damn commie russians submission lebensraum comrades inflation dr bernanke global unemployment rate submitted application nobel prize economics social darwinism majors fad remove subsidies minimize government ppl err idiots fucking gordon gekko points corporate incl represents survival unfittest hamy libs kill bulldoze houses shortage million messicans housing industry collapsed consumption oriented cash payin economy decent texmex restaurants progressives reducing population epa declared co breathe regulated premise groups undesirables regulated existence reduce population co emissions brilliant eliminate reduce co fateful category include elitists deem value infirm deem born defective pre born soylent criminals dissidents zh government lie politically unpopular andor politically power progressives planet cleaning unwanted history progressivism philososphical roots literally progressives discussed ideas working obama moment unthinkable elitists superior sooo superior favorite conspiracy theoriesor hope decrease unemployment decrease population working tbtb provide financial support jail sector banana republic economy banana republic politics purging populations malcontents academics enemies landowners chile argentina equator housing related estate appraisers construction housing suffer yrs ue lump million ue count labor participants fix fashion shootin kill useless eaters slack economy shooting plague genocide immediately reduce population sterilization affect numbers starvation riots solutionimprisonment bet fema camp aside zh national census basis win future gone census census workers synthetic census slice data pieces groups data rated bogus rating agency aaa bits bbb worst sell data overseas supperannuation funds fake census countries ue lump million ue count labor participants uncle ben avoided iceberg turned bow headlong direction oncoming waves rouge waves nope storm credits captain bernanck george kloony turbo timmy wahlburg stein deck swabbing marla ue ue fledged communist unlike communist lite navigating stamps ignoredbears screwed againi stock indexes positive relative performance retail sector hairsbreadth highs metals bitchez equity oily correlation pesky bond bonds stinking bonds lovin pomo popular cnncom miley cyrus tattoo zh developed tmzcom hybrid goldbug parade wtf cornelius lloyds latest chippie omg shes officially economy mindset tptb msm financial services forward deflect criticism blame government regulation tax policy baby boomers fat americans welfare queens limousine liberals spoiled compared chinese counterparts regions return unemployment rates slowdown recession downsizing midwest rust belt manufacturing returned homelessness unemployment skyrocketed unemployment rate dropped chimerica infancy hadnt leg offshoring downsizing workforce downsizing domestic industry multinationals shift operations overseas profitable chance service sector slack theorized offshored health insurance giants shifting inflation fruits biflation cost business rise declining economic activity congrats memory caviar emptor worked corporate manufacturing tech service industries memories spot conlusions downsizing domestic industry zerohedge connect dots untill compelled marked improvement beloved offshore profitable profitable executive bonuses payscales explode vertically ceoaverage ratio executive belonged sharing profits owners dividends paying employees fat acceptable anounced employees twist windwe consideration received million includes cash consideration million closing million sale subject customary closing conditions risk assesment formulated summer arrest commodity exposures mature markets moved contracts exposure divestitures parent companys disposal sale assets facilities lines subsidiaries divisions business units risk aversion percent oversupply global supply realities discerned steenking td gain ofjobs netted drop rate november harry fat gibbs speaks goldsilver ratio falls silver moves gold flatlines hope ohsnap sold grandchildren reps dems sold china snap cards americans eating duke mba candidate perspective hiring author hiring essentially paid ton money mba compiled useless statistical noise coin flip admitted supporting position hiring ill service student loan faith quote bloomberg ldquothe unemployment rate tended trustworthy timerdquo maki economist barclays york ldquojob growth stronger payroll numbers printed payrolls tend undercount job losses recessions undercount job gains labor uprdquo job decline scare crap bond holder usa truth asset oibama administration pure folly


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