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Peak Theories On Whether Gold Is On The Mend

lookin dandy bought ol intra liquidated position mornin jus takin powder hope yesterdays gift price egypt resolution weekend below rally sold sell fcking rally powder contrarian indicator cramer gold bottomedmdashbuy cramer speaking gs gone au receiving permission bb suck minnows grind cramer carnival barker profession confess watched dunno sold goldmiddlefinger unloaded reggie participants locked elevator hmmmm middelfinger sock puppet incredibly inarticulate investment advice trolling confirm editmember member tmo pbn hump cramer useless spent pointing companies paid dividends unlike stock touters fault pm trend decade shrewish proverb hell paved intentions helped load bear sterns collapsing shill occasionally sucker win cares cramer trusts gs dancing stars reliable indicator djia performance oooh oooh etf dwts dzz monday gold pop trade charts technical analysis headshoulders blah blah blah blee blee blee wtf providing unlimited liquidity pomo asset morons attempting technical analysis insanity difinition witnessed classic profits miners paying gold dontuse leverage soft commodities oil pms throwing chicken bones dust waving feather validity technical analysis dead manipulated markets flush upmove resumes imo abigall f doolittle btfd turd additionwatch movie zeitgeist moving forward official release damn smells teen marxism advising tokeep itif presented informationthats marxism smells governments interested creating worker paradise tact workers government hell goddamn painful frustrating gold trade urge chart patterns decisions degree rigged beginning looked chart patterns looked entrails goats conducting pomo assets charts religion lost azz technical analysis screws timing dips runs charts formations fundamentals respected thinks fight charts fighting technicals worshipped ancient device measurement occult predict movements magic extinct rituals markets economic data history channel mentioned segment ancient aliens bigjim pms eg gld slv announcement etfs gold purported dropped eating lunch local steakhouse celebrating uptick gold silver possibility concern fence pullback gold silver crises muslim preventing exclusively pms pms safe gold bitchez pms believes thinks prints reserve currency quantities deems necessary power indefinitely chart chris martenson gold bullish peak theory range chickens backyards range chickens menu critters legs birds prey chris martenson german chinese martin hutchinson chart matters chart tracks purchasing power lack thereof federal reserve notes dollar debasement net worth starving unemployed mechanic banks solvent packers won super bowl zimbabwe lovely economists million realizes themrefering debasement fiat money supply pms peak theories drivel presents sized target critics ta shame properlyta utility profile creds candlesticks pictures whod thunk abigail parascience rely tea leaves bottom cup tea leaves monday sell tuesday walmart weekend loading constant abigail rally bond mkt break wheres turd turd turd shoulders gold bottoming ema runups reference ema moving higher bull runs hs patterns rally shoulder forming resuming uptrend momentum suggests


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