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Obama Scrambling To Replace One Crony Egyptian Government With Another

mubarak hussien obama nominated related egypts dictator torturers jailers spies egyptrsquos lsquonewrsquo government icymi boss boss israeli zionists murder servicemen punished actions uss liberty incident attack united states navy technical research uss liberty israeli jet fighter aircraft israeli navy torpedo boats june combined attack killed crew members naval officers seamen marines civilian wounded crew members severely international waters sinai peninsula nmi mi km northwest egyptian arish dead sinking uss liberty palestinian islamic army links al qaeda carried attack christian church alexandria egypt dozen dead interior minister habib al adly sunday cnn wire staff ciamossad involvement provoke resentment arabic al qaeda syllables closest naturalized english pronunciations include aeligl ka aeligl ke al qaedas transliterated al qaida al qaida el qaida al qaeda arabic qidah foundation basis refer initial al arabic definite bin laden explained origin videotaped interview al jazeera journalist tayseer alouni october al qaeda established mere chance abu ebeida el banashiri established training camps mujahedeen russias terrorism training camp al qaeda stayed christians murdered church false flag operation linguistic derivation proposing criminals areidentified hundreds teen agers die fromtexting crashes meant idiot turning conspiracy perspective save trillions nonsensical expenditures somehow meaning false equivalence associated fighting palestinians lord al qaeda ballpark vis vis govt entity vet resigned staff president supermajorities support houses congress anytime latest killing money repeat false equivalence cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance uncomfortable feelinga mental conflict holding conflicting ideas simultaneously theory cognitive dissonance proposes motivational reduce dissonance changing attitudes beliefs actions dissonance reduced justifying blaming denying influential extensively studied theories social psychology multiple personalities disagree territory sign evil evil extermination camp camps created dare outside whose minds minds fear retribution feared egypt false orchestrated outside forces forces unseen unfortunate died suspended feeds egypt fear fear safety egypt orchestration thebeginning losing grip turned feeds egypt cnn trucking goons attack held damn pisses democracy countrys government wanted muslims beast quietyly pearl price egyptian truely blood required anywhere deal beast negotiate beast designed power greed domination beast prepared prepared metaphorically speaking liberty watered blood patriots tyrants pussy withdrawaldagger hpd distant mirror century premise mirror revolt weavers guild ghent revolted taxes feudal lord army erect tent rebels valid concerns parley rebel leaderleaders dispatched rebel army freaks collapses english plains drifter nut shell contained facts fears losing predicted noted typed printed trolls cia links al qaeda created strongman dictator planet cia power prior dictatorial regime power regime rebelled shop israel amirite strongman dictator planet cia power crap eh forgotyoure expert subject jeopardy immediately prior regime slide poetic license stole comeback creating muslim brotherhood terror organization globe fingerprints pods western goals bellmont brotherhood jbs cfr entertwined cfr soft kill terror enabler outside lab suggest waziristan teashop discuss theories shebabs travelers insurance photos internet ullah teek il feeyah junks officials peace egypt armies killing innocent wars irony hypocrisy noticeable crawlers web shut subjects approve junk button gives zh junkers justpeople brainwashed msm junk israel zionist conspiracy egyptian revolution supposedfree shut mike job gone easier block managed shirk controversy shut mater mouths skin brain farts trained corrected sir believeall sides argument resort tactics ascribe differently internet bloggers brainwash effectively msm absolute knowledge experience regarding merely sides share opinion reasonable admit limitations unreasonable aware limitations blogosphere crowd source particular subject lightning speed ruthlessly sifting fiction embarrassed misconceptions equals msm counter saudi arabia funded al queda afghanistan soul mates sent aid jihad pakistani army intelligence fund fanatics cia covert aid runs whom effective soviets al queda focussed creating myth importance bought false assumption morphed popular conspiracy alive played fool bastard source believes cnn egyptian security apparatus tortured death local egyptian wahhabi ist accused crime violence lately ominous november militant al qaeda iraq announced coptic churches egypt targeted priests wives allegedly locked coptic monasteries converting islam freed al qaeda militants iraq referred women justifying attacks vibrant christian communities baghdad mosul nightmarish nonetheless storyis evolvingwhether source hobsons choice cnnor latimes church bombing egypt mossad operation bottom middle muslim muslims egyptian revolution tea party movement arizona shooter led crazy theycant pin onmore oneindividual learning leader learning leader follower astute collective consciousness learning leader sandmonkeys blog nabbed mubaraks gestapo powerline released thugs discovered international following william suppose wash dick egypts interior ministry william bastard fascinating dupe nuking arabs eyelash dropping nukes cairo kid liberty google operation cyanide russian subs parked coast israhole orders israhole temperature environment michael hijacked thread inane anti israeli propaganda michael bringing standards zh crashing faster faster whichever organization discussing egyptian democracy middle eastern trick discussion arab policy zionists masterful attempts distraction thread attract trolls lemme criticize apartheid israel zionist bitches middlefinger history spouting foreign policyis captured israel naive zionism hebrew tsiyonut primarily nationalist national liberation jewish movement broadest supported determination jewish sovereign jewish national homeland establishment israel zionist movement primarily advocate behalf jewish address threats continued existence security usage refer cultural zionism founded represented prominently ahad haam support israel jews christian zionism millennia existence jewish diaspora national zionist movement founded century secular jews largely response ashkenazi jews rising antisemitism europe exemplified dreyfus affair france anti jewish pogroms russian empire movement formally established austro hungarian journalist theodor herzl following publication der judenstaat movement sought encourage jewish migration ottoman palestine initially jewish movements offering alternative responses assimilation antisemitism zionism grew rapidly dominant jewish politics destruction jewish central eastern europe alternative movements rooted movement successful establishing israel iyyar hebrew calendar homeland jewish proportion worlds jews israel steadily grown movement existence roughly worlds jews israel outcomes represent historical success zionism unmatched jewish movement assignment history middle eastthis documentary series power nightmares baby outside power nightmares phantom victory adam curtis power nightmares shadows cave youtube precautionary principle benefits deal clinton allegedly regards rendition george dubai bandar bush obama tool following orders besides dusted cia contingency plans stupidly practice c zzz obama gw bush truer birth certificate michael savage explains doubt progressive socialists nudging african revolution backfiring libtards pissed eco fascist global carbon tax nwo movement flames nwo liberal conservative agenda libtard nom de geurre conservi tard suits neither divide divide et impera golden rules lording peasants divided propagandizing idiot poor believing belong groups liberal conservative lord owns propaganda destroy idiot peasants fight lord rules fun sipping gin juice laughing merrily banker concept idiot peasants master liberal conservative conservative liberal libertarian conservative libertarian liberal conservative liberal vietnam monsoon season bar beach girls vladivostock provide security gentleman ill buddy sends clientele singapore harrasses girls dealing anonymous beat anonymous missed assumed lord banker banker atop pyramid pods referring savages interpretation speaking precipitating revolution sides benefit ignoring neo cons plans capture nwo nwo image likeness neither win nwo heads snake libtards eco fascist global carbon tax nwo neo pugs fear corporatocracy nwo chose neither mistake deriving ideas michael weiner lost blind neocon woke blinders fell eyes control sooner bridge rubicon warning disown price pursuit truth blind deaf radio airwaves ending bullshit dawn dawn importance talked importance talked capture liberty slowly sir truth former listener woke realized lie hpd ignore corporate media hpd surf airwaves till palatable nights radio egypt revolt erupted hannity spout muslim brotherhood cue plays parts beast matrix control pods tyler truth disturbing administration comprehend egyptian sufficiently intelligent superficial proposed regime bet whenif chaos election september power itll egyptian accept puppet dictator replace puppet dictator egyptian youthey egyptian fucking fascist whoever pimp sold neverthey billion aid favor democracyas elect puppet favor democracy wacko office provided refund luck refund weapons brotherhood fund buildup afterward derp maintenance intesive egypts advanced weaponry egypt chooses multipliers junk irans f favor constitutional republic democracies constructs dictators democracies constructs bankers modern governments pods easier divide conker democracy republics democracy weapon financial capital oswald spengler quote ours pods uncle sam support wacko sold hello handouts treasury contractor lobby mubarak spaldingi enjoythe abrams tank built egypt licenseegypt weaponsthey built weapon production infrastructurethey wanted domestic source itmuch pimp built egyptians accepted europeans ireland imf ruled eu imf robbing countries blind law enforced slavery crackswhip alien heart played tunisia accept bait switch tunisia settled plenty americans enthusiastically voted obama hope und hank slipped barry bag hope und morphed dope mange york cabal dictating policy united states behalf dirt mediterranean kayman truth zh argument dance truth pervasive social conditioning history channel cabal centered london heart beast pods harry refreshingly mondane shallowly positive brings smile seethe silently harry egypt domestically itsmm citizens reliant imports survival unlikely credit government israelamerica unofficially boycott shipments squeeze concessions betray push shove enemy decisively acompromise struck regime hmmm hedges global finance commodities sell egypt government sachs nothin canal pressure peers region revolt solidarity moved spark tunisia egyptian pacified unlimited discretionary decor items throw amazoncom gift cards sweeten deal magine grope ipo growing tired smailes posting immediately wanger operations sealmust omar suleiman secured safe embassy location unlikely vp mubarak trade joe biden egypt future considerations lol throw holder negotiation tactic assholes accept asshole gona send asshole tracks lol egypt cds presumedly owned gs hell clinton george george ii robert rubin geithner feith wolfowitz names popular egypt rummy heads global finance outfits hell marie antoinette party davos mummy mummy mummy dinner lizzy joethey holding heads hubris arrogance ignorancegive demand hosni hit highway goodwill army key security apparatus obstacle billion freshly printed frns goons shut drink tea cheapest bailout appointing puppet dictator egyptian chose acceptable advance obama offensive desperate backing colonel appears romantic fashion elections provisional council plaza cell phones shhhdont israel leader gamal mubarak boa bank investment banker son hosni egyptians dissapprove investment bankers mubarak worth billion dollars abc awfully stakes northern neighbor egypt fools wedge position reasonable gives protesters cuts support abroad egypt sicko brilliance hillarys slightly downcast mevlevi barrybummer sell hope hillary clinton imo alone w hillary kissinger hillary brzezinski gates nsa lt gen alexander prez peter sellers representing joint chiefs meeting stories underground cheneys permanent residence mixed martinis stirred shaken operating procedure foreign policy handbook helped whos obama brawhahahahahaw egypts joke shooting civilians israel kick ass cia shutting egyptian communications israel damage hell conquer million egyptians iranian mullahs german nazis disagree ruthless leaders subjugate population zionists europe armed hilt manage oppress suppress indigenous inhabitants palestine decades weaken starvation itll cinch apartheid israel screaming crying uncle sam obliged unlimited supply welfare checks apartheid israels army flying nursing bombers tough grounded army soldiers serious hamas gaza hizbullah pummeled bomb mosques prevent wheelchairs occupied palestine kill grandmothers newborns win middle buzzsaws refering nuclear option nuclear option inside wire nuclear option raises imperative inside wire lebanon youd israelis serious peace conventional alternatives warheads yieldsomewhere kiloton range arab army scare israel capture canal brilliant unforeseen israelis fight pretend salvaged pride sadat deal israel carter training equipment cultivating popularity letting police twists turns wheels wheels arabs pharoahs greeks byzantine manipulations underwear replacing cow turd punch bowl goat turd msnbs shouting cramer maniac drink punch drink cow turds gone talked zh eithera propaganda mission failure ex cia assets dead kermie roosevelt sooo cia played mossad egypts dictator israels silence phone calls interviewing candidates lulz israeli dolphin submarines armed tasked appropriate target coordinates geopolitical strategy involved maintain status que region inevitable changes egypt weapon shipments egypt purse strings congress maintain relationship ultimate importance radical slides leadership unlikely obama hit massacre friday waffling suleiman divot golf publicity backing stable transition pleasing egyptian despots region cake eating resigned reality unknown governmental structure egypt weekend influence mubarak dead suleimanjust steps forward obviously outside uncle sams control effort grab control uncle sam egyptian militaryno egypt fourth estate sorts funding spares maintenance tech weapons deprive intelligence training bombs expendables solves egyptian money soldiers ordered toys bribery france england russian army revolution solidifying boots mostly sympathetic protesters gov forces generals frame voila examples failed interim governments intended placate revolutionaries revolution baby omar suleiman participated torture australian rendered egypt killed prisoner habib claim writings protest egypt habib received australian government compensation rendering egypt proceeding progressive clintons send thug extraction hillary speed dial tyler rumor floating hillary ambassadors dcfor weekend pow verify feeds relief solved spinning control tptb popular resistance violent demonstrations africa middle intensify contagion rapidly spreading expression geopolitical crisis entirely definition charter united nations chapter xix ratification signature charter shall ratified signatory states accordance respective constitutional processes ratifications shall deposited government united states shall notify signatory states deposit secretary organization appointed charter shall deposit ratifications republic china france union soviet socialist republics united kingdom britain northern ireland united states majority signatory states protocol ratifications deposited shall thereupon drawn government united states shall communicate copies thereof signatory states states signatory charter ratify original members united nations date deposit respective ratifications charter chinese french russian english spanish texts authentic shall deposited archives government united states duly certified copies thereof shall transmitted government governments signatory states faith whereof representatives governments united nations signed charter francisco twenty sixth june nine forty hell scenes mental makeup somebody lucky scenesis matters somebody fixed pop beer provide data guesses monkeys throwing darts stock charts ill classify guesses uneducated likelywont manner anacademic exerciseanyway tough apply method theory distinguish hypothesis theory law academic exercise involves violence deathand academic victim sending bb camel megaphone egyptians misunderstanding inflation money printing adjust cpi include oil chomsksys events egypt middle piss industrial complexbut sake integrityyoushould offer cogentsolutions approachand iranian outcome ultimate negative policies failures pre ww isolationism lucky egyptians guns usa itd diarrhea mardi grasin cat shitstorm recall agoan assassinationof sadatreplaced vp changethe issue mb oust control intel community suspect holding cards smart victor suez issue larger ships transit cape oil crosses pipeline rise oil speculative hide issueoil finite interests served weakened egypt dc interests whit rules egypt grip power tenuous egypt psychologicalmaybe goods transit suezthe trip cape adds daysnot changer issue israelthough israeli attitudethe weakwe condense power ourselves spread fronts worldfix domestic attentionbefore addressing issues obama scrambling settled super bowl enjoy j lo super bowl welcome distractionjust roman games roman empire packers lions pittsburgh unemployed former steelworkers bow oprahs plotting revenge transition arresting muslim brotherhood extremist possibly cia spook preview operate investigative reporting guatemala importance third thecia payroll third government official cia money sent insider trading tips headline spot obviously analyzed headlines msm americans celebrate victory democracy pride accomplishment withdrawal combat troops iraq focus superbowl sunday hope orator speak personally break fightmeet bossyea yea marching orders imams comprehend outcomes facts reveal truth nervous bernanke spoke civilizations rebuild bubble business acquire multiple phds unsustainable collapse edit drafted paperlaws crisis initiate planned scheme whose facts chose truth official benjamin netanyahus office israeli prime minister netanyahu suleiman director egypts intelligence service expressed concern egypt netanyahu suggested possibility israeli intelligence personnel undertaking specialist operations demonstrations specialist operation false flag operation egyptian jews recruited israeli intelligence plans bombs inside egyptian british owned targets attacks blamed muslim brotherhood aim creating climate violence instability crony egyptian government crapload islamic government muslim brotherhood hating women stoning liberty crushing brain dead government porking mullahs choices egyptians settle chance evolve classic liberal democracy prosperity relative freeom iraqis suspect arabs dictatorship theocracy played jingoistic islamophobic racist scumbag respect fear islam meme installed minds americans media reactionary islamophobia primary symptom captured chris mathews rachael maddow wolf blitzer anderson vanderbilt et al kool aid yall latest flavors ignorance islam quote koran smeared hate speech islam hurrah bloody brutal doomed fade worst cronies replacing egypt mostly ruining economy mubarak regime ugly history examples ugly regimes replaced horrific reality government egypt currently partly coercion september obama dictate egyptian government interfere egyptian attempts restore currently maintain egypt worry government power september inclined prosecute leaving control hell break obama egyptians restore restored privately scenes incentives egyptians gradually system decade realistic decades dictatorship replaced democracy introduce dictatorship egypt created sole duty fix forces system egypt badly blamed automatically blamed middle encourage poor uncle sam blamed traveled middle contradict amazed blamed earthquakes aids virus russians invaded afghanistan express orders ordered iraq attack iran kuwait cia engineered assasination anwar sadat masterminded attack trade played handed role region impression virtually snap fingers episodes mission believed iranians embassy iranian government reassembled shredded documents compiled iranians mentioned documents executed spies embassy officials trained hypnosis convert spy merely key pax americana manage engineer outcome favorable terms oil matters middle security hodge podge accords agreements autocrats domino theory mistakes middle costly obama bought wholl benefit pro surprise egyptian revolution jews coptic christians muslims government lived egypt secular constitution muslim zionist agency repatriate jews middle felt duty changed nazis weaponized newly formed mb virulent anti semitism sharia law foundation hatred jews phenomenon muslim brotherhood closing suez canal israel power mubarack power mb assassinated sadat peace israel mb mothership radical sunni islamic groups hamas al qaeda offshoots mb al qaeda nihilistic kill hamas palestinian mb underestimate hell collapse everyday doomers baby boomers baby busters alciada uncle sam mb bought junked zh truth

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