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Name That Lie: Recent Fedspeak Soundbites

mattersduring latter stages pomo diseaseis combined pomo injected financial bloodstream dead forgotten graphic image barbed harpoon qe qe qe lite killing bull qe bull dead ceases amaze utter bullshit spews forth twisted minds hucksters politicians truthdied volcker soundbites walked stage fomc members ah ankle bracelets chain john spewing plenty gallows worry clowns temper remarks remourse andor regret necessary evil choice damn yellen moonbat printer nail coffin qe qe lite juiced printng crash destructive bernank nile crocs bronx zoo catch nyc washington zoo dc catch hq modeled samurai jc apostles banzai supper illustration statements oath bullard cnbc para longterm unemployment workers lose earningconsumption purchasing power ben unemployment skill social atrophy cnbc struck joking squawk unemployment numberswhy hire unemployed benes job colleague sent bbc john cleeseannouncementthe english feeling pinch relation recentterrorist threatsand security miffed peevedsoon security levels irritated english blitz tea supplies terrorists categorized bloody nuisance british issued bloody nuisance warning threatened thespanish armadathe scots theirthreat levelfrom pissed bastards levels thebritish armyfor yearsthe french government announced terror alert hide higher levels france collaborate surrender rise precipitated destroyed france flag factory effectively paralyzing countrysmilitary capabilityitaly increased alert shout loudly elaborate posturing levels ineffective combat operations sidesthe germans increased theiralert statefrom disdainful arrogance dress uniform marching songs higher levels invade neighbor losebelgians holiday threat isnatopulling brussels spanish submarines deploy beautifully designed subs glass bottoms spanish navy spanish navyaustralia meanwhile security worries shell alright mate escalation levels crikeyi cancel barbie weekendand barbie cancelled bernanke classics ajoke damn employment economy itsabout transferring wealth banker masters qe liquidity recapitalizing handing americas wealth bankers exchange worthless securities gold oil imo savers retiurees cash badly paraphrasing jim rickards banks banks banks mission benefit save banks dual mandate inflation unemployment rates banks sooner grasp sooner feds actions notion government agency lie protect banks expense


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