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Labor Force Participation Plunges To Fresh 26 Year Low

msm god unemployment rate plunged honored walmart burger ass patriot worked employment fing bums participants money hadnt lost value working letting enter labor industrial revolution nicer worked ud losing value happenstance occurrence perp schoolivy league racketeers disassembling industry middle job shipping states profited degenerate acedemia led devolution fulfilling circle jerk kleptocrat culture r oligarch culture earnest blow bubble deregulation partner crime feds treasury entity decades lower rates export inflation developing countries runaway growth crashed switched deposit looting tarp et al tax producers electorate multitude scams involved eg creation derivativecdosiv et al scams msm propaganda fostering flip profit parasitical mindset basic premise underlies rush pennies huddled masses stripped wish luck paved unintended consequences imho em harry idiots junked burger walmart prophet harry spittin truth respect booyakasha lord wagner flog transport australia harry sensible junk hitting junk button laziness loss hope hope hope achieve hope drives sacrificing perceive achieved banking system government corporatocracysystematically rips peoples hope wanted lie disillusionment blame desperate discover fault deck stacked violent expected inertia government preparing gain destruction gift backwards party seemingly fix affect naturally rationalize sociopathic minds fault hope goal rise challenge human nature false hope hypocrisy trampled blame government contrive false rallying points false hope seemingly killing rejuvenate sociopathic useless parasitic elitists destroy cowed slave reply alter harry selling poison patriotic culture virus destroy host nauru worlds fattest nation rise driven increasing urbanisation growth sedentary office lifestyles substitution western style foods traditional diets researchers imperial collegelondon mcmaster university canada writing lancet tsunami obesity affect regions obesity grown importation western foods paid proceeds 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outside houses semi automatic weapons neighbors fuck fence ill blow freaking protect cans spaghettios chart em pop ratio seasonally adjusted average worked bull improved productivity investment slogged proles wheels fallen bitch numbers cd bite nation update newstainment bobbleheads return tehir cheeze puffs ice truckers vicariously carachters television afford vicariously characters television afford truth don francisco internet literal matrix spot keiser farmville slavery facebooks farmville cash virtual currency farmville fantasy uninterrupted worry braindead cattle mtv e spike history channel discovery intelligent worst idiotic fools worship sports global population ori job job americans shoulders fabricate chart stats bls dime worship bls data considered relevant subject sampling error modeling sets apart unemployment rate dramatically added factor numbers reflect economic reality readily visible whereas unemployment rate numbers obviously ignoring noticed sizable increase faces cropping female escort industry considered employed independent contractors curious considered pitiful desperateconsequence genocide bens crooked crooked systems pays ofthe genocidal policy pursues masters wishes choices poor majority welcome reality observation ill inquire discounts ama reddit effectively forced economic awful awful awful ama ama dig considering theme history ama indicator frequently tons faces sign ifwe required file escort services wound businessmen escort tough wealth income households labor percentage population print cash wealth steve liesman cnbcs cheerleader weather related futures joke analyst bloomberg stated employment participation propaganda discourage unemployment rate markets roof nowqe cards worlds largest economy vibrant diversified highly workers blah blah blah blah blah blah blah points em em ominous trend structural unemployment seasonal workers shorter timelines desperate measures finesse disintegration prodded ministry mistruth disinformation reported unemployment below indefinitely improving disenchanted workers entering anytime shoulders msm reaction sickening names faces remembered appropriate print benny print print eahc print benny printing trillion trillion goldsivler alx pm lift fault drop quit working patriot workat walmart burger cranqer wanqer spoken analysis june unadj civilian noninstitutional population unadj forward jan unadj civilian noninstitutional population unadj mln mln popilation mln lost alx todays ue signal qe bond unequivocally rejected horseshit gov led stats literally opacity luck sir caved bought dip felt money itif egypt decending chaos awful futures tide dollars leaving entering unstoppable screw thejobs numbers screw unemployed screw middle flames printing stops monkeyfaction buying tfd bubble bursts worse higher markets stocks pm oil nothey lost btfd fraud mismatch skills prefer downscale shitty job income websites showing unplug system unclear biased sample extended benefits gettingwelfare mom iscalled tea ended welfare working choose accept getdisability contract witha agency types structural shift types stressful poor stressful shitty eldercare job cleaning poo poor stressed timeplus knowi wontcount itagainst surprising books percent cheap places types monetary policies pushing marginal governments cliff supported despots decades oppressed spawned covert opposition groups allied foes opposition groups catering anglo povsystem overthrowing despots control alot mineral resources oil george orwell wrote peace freedom slavery ignorance strength ben bernanke overall inflation remains monetizing inflation minutes working money working improving appears money rid unemployed chance drop labor participation theleading edge ofbaby boomers retiring doubt accuracy labor participation rate butthe decline employment credible ifthere accompanying decline tax revenues z alot retirement leading edge bboomers portfolios guts ripped values keelhauled r lately thier working walmart local grocery stores ben zirp policy job manyretires count income thier homes blame weather labor secretary solis data missing business creation serious businesses businesses closing droves shoppingstrip malls built tech company company folded closed thier doors banks refuse extend thier lines credit payroll banks risk money fees economic distress fees bounced checks loans repayment schedules exposed estate closely business loans cutting lines sectors profitable unsecured shoppingstrip malls retail woman child business switched internet switch impact banks money space stores asking leg rent estate taxes esteemed politicians raisng corporate tax rate amororn invest business spent systematically moving manufacturing countries loss ofjobs industries actuallyproduced somethingworthwhilewas covered borrowing trillionstofundjobs services sector poor bubble burst imbalance created wages employment trajectory competitive covered extent innominal terms inflation numbers population million unemployed include population terms million working relevant worry comrades knowing workers devolution bags plastic rice arriving shortly positive americans retired btfd working money closed practice retired plunger john galt wheres health mentioned euro downside usd upside recurring overdue dollar rally imgetting tired bureau statistics bs count unhappy looser fight gulag ruled psychopaths summary turned false blood sucking vampire squids scion upper income earners lower effed overmedia dominated upper earners experience stress lower unrequested advice lower disconnect system economies livetrade prejudice relative upper starve freeze death bernanke economic reverse engineer economy hundreds millions americans billions permanent backwards quality quantity truthful reporting rush limbaugh mentioned zerohedge tyler leveraged buyout china slogan laying job shall erase middle prosperity slowly etching pain misery eternal destroys hope meeting iceberg steer sober dips chips veggies tighten capture rushalanche linked drudge congrats hi drudgies

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