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Egypt And The Muslim Brotherhood: A Stratfor Special Report

western fears contrary mb incapable dominating egypt realistically hope largest future government irans religious party recall shahs departure iran secular government nominally supported iranian revolution inspired led khomeni remotely egypt compare egypt tolerant secular society multi billion dollar tourism industry lived egypt money maker suez khomeni member islamic brotherhood agent british intelligence approached exile france paid job shah boys chosen iran britches eyes iran daring speak iranian nationistic ideas national concern internationalist parasites control sides conflict whichever cash price eliminated played games destroy games affect human beings planet include justin raimondos insight muslim brotherhood narrative stratfor unadulterated neo con stratfor facepalm link stratfor track muslim pharaoh soetoro mb control egypt planned hedgetard appropriate listening glen beck serf glenn preacher nowadays michael savage shnizzle voices jew zh compadre junks hi glenn beck fans mb backup option elbaradei doubt hell succeed bombers helicopters generous stratfor brilliant remembers analysis housing collapse deal stopped recall review acknowledged missing financial crisis quit lolz statfor indebth analysis debkafile zh serious blog internet serious business media con charm analysts debka stratfor michael savage balls chance hitting breaking hitler message destroying judaism power plurality hitler member muslim brotherhood catholic hitler campaigned christian atheist wiki hitlers architect albert speer hitler remained formal member catholic church death speers opinion attachment atheist lukewarm catholic german vs austrian gain ear germans reinforced elitist atheist academia tie hitler christianity denegrate germany majority christian wwii ascribed christian church imho heretical member catholic church proably pagan vs staunch atheist search hitleroccult insane involved heretical member catholic church atheists paganoccult members club kinda destroys atheism aspect atheism rejection belief existence deities narrower atheism specifically position deities inclusively atheism absence belief deities exist atheism contrasted theism belief deity exists paganism latin paganus meaning dweller blanket typically refer polytheistic religious traditions occultism occult hidden wisdom forbidden knowledge occultist truth deeper truth exists beneath truth hidden sight involve subjects magic alternatively spelled defined magick alchemy sensory perception astrology spiritualism lithomancy numerology religious element studies beliefs occultists profess adherence religions gnosticism hermeticism luciferianism satanism thelema neopaganism hitler washe christian happily catholicismreligion purposeswhich distresses atheists founding fathers religion zero invocation football grounds operated funded solution elaborating outside money fund hide zero hitler member occult practiced satanic rituals catholic oft jewhe hated obama lost election chancellor series deft maneuvers aided naive clueless german parliament egypt personality leadership skills vision helm el baradei sycophant socialist puppet stepping stone desired destination member radical muslim caliphate western leaders emerge selfless megalomania future darker darker catalysts hitler bankers looting germany reparations jp morgue imf ireland ireland voted eu vote obama democrats fawning muslim brotherhood george w bushs grandfather herbert walker played vital role financing takeover germany nazis decides acting nazi linked businesses harriman controlled hamburg amerika steamship hamburg amerika carried weapons largely manufactured rockefeller owned remington arms united states germany nazis rise power intimidation german population murder anti nazi politicians hamburg amerika routinely carried nazi propagandists propaganda materials shipping served conduit introduction german spies united states transportation hundreds stolen defense secrets germanyharriman errand prescott bush financing rise adolf hitler nazis organize finance william paley columbia broadcasting system cbs radio network evolve americas largest television network paley forever grateful bush harriman hitler project gang happily cbs cia propaganda psychological warfare operations united states herr doktor erich traub leads varied german scientist trained art manipulating bacteria viruses rockefeller institute princeton jersey rounds membership amerika deutscher volksbund german lsquoclubrsquo camp sigfried camp sigfried national headquarters nazi movement outbreak traub return native germany apply rockefeller acquired skills nazi germ warfare working directly ss reichsfuehrer heinrich himmler conducting grotesque experiments victims accomplishments nazi germany release virus sprays occupied soviet union traubs circle thousands nazi criminals mass murderers rescued prosecution allen dulles operation paperclip nicely de nazified government united states traub finds satisfying job navys biological warfare program naval medical research institute bethesda maryland opportunity forgot john maynard keynes joe pa kennedy infinitely destructive prescotts descendants academic lounges scattered inhabited thereyou luck jmk pa cia bush crime prescott santa claus prescott bush whose senate unsuccessful following revelations role eugenics movement hits jackpot errand harriman rockefeller families business dealings nazis bush neatly evades prosecution assistance nazi shyster fellow hitler project luminary allen dulles slammer treason bush handed million nazi assets primarily shares nazi union banking corporation seized trading enemy nazi cash forms chunk bush fortune doubtless bushs son george bailout bush grandson george lyin bush successful quests presidency united states prescott bush law herbert walker minority shareholders nazi union banking corporation owned roland averell harriman host nazi operations seized trading enemy include holland trading corporation seamless steel equipment corporation silesian corporation slave labor auschwitz estimated value harrimans nazi assets billion dollars staggering money saidyour journey completetrust itll worth mb egyptians invited turning radical islamists seat radical bomb eatingmurdering muslim idiots suit taliban hisbollahal queda label goal groups islamicize lenin support russian revolution bolshevik party organized mb frag favor trained latest weapons ma abrams wazoo hood outside trouble maker bacardilol hates prepare iraqtrashcanistani picnic trashcanistan doszap conversation sometime logistical capability resistance attains mb cowards max wish israel protected tactical nukes startsandlike ass theirs survive israel army oursif decided speaking conventionally weapon risk aware sampson option personally fear convince fuck em weapon chosen god claim proof convenient chosen god merely asses kicked harder misbehave history glad chose max beaten jewish growing raped uncle poor hate max stillsupport welcome zerohedge posted fyi youmay sign ikhwanbookcom facebook knock sites dos attack overwhelming siging muslim brotherhood official english website facebook twitter account ikhwanwebtube muslim brotherhood ikhwan muslim brotherhood social networking experts interviewed cable channels contrary stratfor suggested mb won rigged badly radicalsmb infiltrated radical mb sitting events cowards turns lackeys chance opportunity pounce mubaraks paid thugs attacking movement earlier marched fucking cowards worthless cowards statement leader tahrir encircles destroys brownshirts cars bringing load load molotov cocktails cowards broken clock stratfor debka debka weekly received hypothetically western peoples government reject empires serving arrangements egypt spells empire yup merely rising dictatorships obamanationbehind forces freedom cuz saudifalls bankfine ampco load agricultural commodities gods popular government egypt possibly export oil apartheid israel besiege gaza starting likelihood fuck western banks dictator thinks uncle sam wanted crazy scared shitless mubarak ordered goons uncle sam settle control control destroyed preferably camera hardly required yup pharaoh barry working bringing revolution mubarak hussien obama member hardly revolution westerners pining sharia freedom lovers jbyeats defining moment problems influence countries bias corporate interests empire highly rated bulky leads partners wars technology expand rate faster ability absorb focus energy flows unlimited energy unlimited choices spent piss god forsaken stink holes stink holes fix fear cutters rid parasites ass banks jack booted thugs government chance lie solve refuse honest cia agent robert baerrsquos ny bestseller ldquosleeping devil washington sold soul saudi cruderdquo discussed canadian energy viewpoint september changed eight penned below deal stayed ldquoit minutes inside former cia operative robert baerrsquos latest ldquosleeping devil washington sold soul saudi cruderdquo hooked baerrsquos contains fascinating accounts experiences gathering intelligence muslim brotherhood referred al queda western insiderrsquos guide affairs saudi arabia names passages covered ink courtesy cia publications review importantly ldquosleeping devilrdquo lays bare likelihood overthrow saud western economies below quote encapsulates topics covered ldquoif wheels flying saudi arabia november fahd suffered fatal stroke saudi arabia clinically alive crown prince lsquoabdallah couldnrsquot saudi arabia drifted chaos proof corruption turned theft scale scene saudi history government finances wahabi militants adherents osama bin ladenrsquos violent interpretation islam reservation government riyadh stopped meaningful cooperation washington terrorism washington saudi arabiamdashpretended opportunity fahdrsquos stroke extort money kingdomrdquo ldquosleeping devilrdquo robert baer reuters arms manufacturers capitalizing fears withiranto sell weapons saudi arabia nervous gulf arab neighbors islamic republic plans unveiled sellsaudi arabiaup billion aircraft helicopters arms gulf arab states spending billion overhaul armed forces analysts european arms suppliers established region promises regional rearmament program analysts diplomats united states talks saudi arabia uae defense system involving lockheed martin corp smaller gulf states kuwait bahrain retaliatory strikes bases missiles patriots firm raytheon analyst theodore karasik flush petrodollars countries gulf include qatar oman unveiled plans modernize armed forces strategies improve cooperation armed forces joint buying strategy analysts gulf countries spend billion percent defense forces percent forces percent navies john sfakianakis economist saudi banque fransi backing boss usa sent text message toss boss forced pickup hardware milk cookies mubarak familys net worth ranges billion billion estimates elections donemubarak forced election sitting middle cairo outcome founded ismailia schoolteacher named hassan al banna patient held goals strategies networking coordinating actions likeminded islamist organizations avoiding alliances terrorist organizations individuals maintain appearance ldquomoderationrdquo infiltrating existing muslim organizations realign towards muslim brotherhoodrsquos collective goals deception mask intended goals islamist actions doesnrsquot conflict sharirsquoa law avoiding social conflicts westerners locally nationally globally damage ability expand islamist powerbase provoke lash muslims establishing financial networks fund conversion support administrators workers conducting surveillance obtaining data establishing collection data storage capabilities watchdog system monitoring western media warn muslims ldquointernational plots fomented themrdquo cultivating islamist intellectual community establishment tanks advocacy groups publishing ldquoacademicrdquo studies legitimize islamist positions chronicle history islamist movements developing comprehensive advance islamist ideology balancing international objectives local flexibility building extensive social networks schools hospitals charitable organizations dedicated islamist ideals contact movement muslims constant involving ideologically committed muslims democratically elected institutions levels government ngos organizations labor unions instrumentally existing western institutions converted service islam drafting islamic constitutions laws policies eventual implementation avoiding conflict islamist movements levels development processes conflict resolution instituting alliances western gtgtgtldquoprogressiverdquoltltlt organizations share goals editmy gtgtgtltltlt gw creating autonomous ldquosecurity forcesrdquo protect muslims inflaming violence muslims ldquoin jihad frame mindrdquo supporting jihad movements muslim preaching propaganda personnel funding technical operational support palestinian global wedge issue muslims adopting liberation palestine israel creation islamic keystone global islamic domination instigating constant campaign incite hatred muslims jews rejecting discussions conciliation coexistence actively creating jihad terror cells palestine linking terrorist activities palestine global terror movement collecting sufficient funds indefinitely perpetuate support jihad muslimholds follows muhammad held account infidel al taqiyyaan infidel meaning believer islam prophet muhammad starting flowsas holds truth regard caught pilloried casejunkedbut truth organization accomplish worthy pp respect inclusion humanitarian values typical zionist troll seeding discord hatred defamation disinfo service aggrandizement theft schadenfreude charity hope appreciate commeuppance typical intellectually leftist moonbat response forward refute cantyou refute practice infidels refute practice covering brother remaining idont sharia law snowy mostly disagree missy doc sandi disagree treatment law arecompletey idiot leftist eh scare incantations evil sharia law egyptians arabs choose law fucking business zionist propagandists imperialists uk israel butthurt underestimate muslim brotherhood organized everwhere usa access commie cronies domestic terrorist bill ayers et al mb weaponized organized hitlers nazis sharia law anti modernity germans virulent anti semitism recruiting tool hatred ancient al qaeda anaconda patience killing enemies menu thinker fear moslem brother fear muslim brotherhood andrew c mccarthy national review online thinker witnessing collapse middle raquo muslim brotherhood lsquoday ragersquo egypt protest tactics obama allies bill ayers code government alciada patsyfrontfranchise uncle sams operators ought conclude brotherhood power hell spalding points abovesome dollars repatriated mb theological levelbut quest survival dominance sides lol sources wish facts sources msnbs kos du huffington tyler sane fox fear mongering al jazeera npr analyst mb unlike martin luther christian faith moral mutual cultural reference support society positive direction oppression religions support moral obamas chance pray topic listening npr blabbing egpyt talks religion freedom expression issues fueling crisis factor discussion price msm starting slam ben chaos climate moron fires drought russia climate revolutions stfu monetary policy arable climate morons npr redeeming qualities criticize bernank media npr joke egypt smokescreen covering ben bernank destroying dollar obamacare declared unconstitutional anderson cooper christian amanpor pretending beaten zh filled obama leftards ac npr redeeming qualities criticize bernank waste anytime criticizing firing jaun williams civility thingy teabaggers raaaycistlol progressives em fieldsstring em upkill bastards reads analysisdata classified egyptian treated frankly killing mf power killing families burning houses sowing salt restrained response hallelujah omg glen smokin crack becks earlier heresa clip synopsis guardian vomit bag trouble egypt campaign camels evil evil camels mubarak hussien obama thas fat target ole rev jeremy er glen thar hallajujah allah akabar clown comments yikes stick original rush blames inflation zh travelers sahara drink camel urine survival narrated anassome tribe ukl prophet embraced islam climate medina suit prophet ordered herd milch camels charity drink milk urine medicine sahih bukhari offered choice drinking camel urine forced chunks lung butter particular animals tospit ill urine enjoy experience sayin price urine cheaper evena cup catshit coffee bundle november herveys range heritage tea rooms cafe hills outside townsville queensland australia kopi luwak coffee menu aud cup selling seven cups gained nationwide australian international april brasserie peter jones department londons sloane selling blend kopi luwak caffe raro cup pecks downtown milan sells espresso cup euros personally century ad desert survival trick cost bucks admit inclined research medicinal value camel urine suspect sodium content conceivably cure cholera andor dysentery conditionally obligated cure ill heresy fatwa tyler stratfor changing tune moved mexico evening stratfor meltdown sometime eyes propaganda click attacks tab government collapses organized opposition power necessarily popular bolsheviks popular russia dedicated rank file charismatic ruthless leader lenin helped successful revolutions century seemed involve charismatic ruthless leader ataturk turkey lenin russia hitler germany mao china castro cuba nasser egypt khomeini iran opposition leader egypt egyptian moment events unfold egypt starting outlines revolutionary manifesto position successful revolution peace treaty israel spooking threat beginning pax americana neo colonialist control accords middle oil policies affecting price delivered whom handled governments dictatorships divine monarchies concerned slightest shift oil policy affect considerably currently cheapest gasoline western governments demands national wealth domestic drilling reverse declining oil production reached peak demand reduced oil policies affecting price delivered whom handled governments dictatorships divine monarchies shah installed forum internet emperor cloths development spontaneous communication solutions springing egypts net closure promising plastic stone variables control yup oil puppets mobilization scale secure oilfields hmm israel nicebeachheadto launch ldquoif credit suisse speculated golds predicated concerns muslim brotherhood peace treaty israelhelliprdquo statement strikes credit suisse infomercial globalist firing reference muslim brotherhood ldquofounded ismailia schoolteacher named hassan al banna mb worldrsquos organized islamist movementhelliprdquo organized whom rely analysis historian webster tarpley muslim brotherhood founded british intelligence iirc donrsquot wiki pedia eqyptmiddle flair nwo exacerbated manipulated orchestrated accounts planningpreparation irsquom drinking kool aide mb tarp mad planned circumstances rulers account popular awakening nwo hell wanted chavez rise document branch nwo working positioning mad planned eventrdquo stated ndash ldquoexacerbated manipulated orchestrated eventrdquo listened lindsey williams repeat interview ken fromm former coo arco stating globalist diversionary ruckus middle oil bbl williams checked contacts former ceo oil company repeated whatrsquos wersquoll purpose weaken economy render citizens resist takeover naiumlve comments ldquowhen government collapses organized opposition power necessarily popular bolsheviks popular russia dedicated rank file charismatic ruthless leader lenin helpedrdquo unsaid lenin russia lsquosupportersrsquo brooklyn ny trainload gold courtesy bankerindustrialist nwo york london deal ford gm building tank armored vehicle armament factories ussr height lsquocold warrsquo bullshit pentagonhellip mao cia itrsquos divide conquer theater herersquos insider politics accident planned franklin roosevelt nd president united states statement literally yoursquoll rely analysis historian webster tarpley geopol ldquogeopolrdquo hardly disagree irsquove argument disagreement cheap shots unreasonable request saidgeopol tarpley geopol fixated uk royals tyler dreck history gmo monkeys uh stratfor youll embarrassed history mb effectively al ciada connections british intel wacky deadly serious freemason schemers designs oil resources lack democracy development character flaw peoples hallmark islam serious anti gentilism increasingly disturbing prejudices encouraged voiced verboten historical lack constitutional republics ottomans lost control ww legacy national destinies fucked outside forces destablized region western puppet tyrants purposely inflammed ethnic religious infighting easier dominate exploit oil geographic position geopolitical importance debka stratfor disguised hasbara portals neocons tits em human beings fuckin nuts hasbara refers propaganda efforts sell israel justify actions defend opinion contemporary euphemisms diplomacy israel pejorative interpretation apologia israel portrays fighting fronts palestinians opinion latter dealt hasbara premise hasbara israels problems propaganda underlying unjust lack democracy development character flaw peoples hallmark islam history democracy nevereverbeen arab trait governance islam theocracy lend hell allah intothe law democracy republic reside seriousexplain meill al taqiyya comrade meloli quit pledge allegiance fourth gradei heart wordsi stare blankly flagused piss teachers royally indivisible imparts oath guarantee date knowi teachers studentwas loyaltyremains withthe principles spelled originally morality consumingmore discuss dealjust bump regards fatalistic teachings muhammad utter degradation women arrested development arab developing george patton gmo eating corn anywehere gmo gm cows hamster gmo worry turned corn power vehicle miles gmo ethanol ruins engine serious worry avoid gmo gm random expose seemed mi cia involvement mb tool ours decades pods spot insert rim shot lol topic bretton woods gold imf accords signed expecting evil spirits chills banal nh bretton woods collapse prophecy


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