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Brent Plunges On Rumor Mubarak To Resign, Takes Entire Commodity Complex With It

dollar explanation mubarak resignation middleeast stable peaceful consequently oil plentiful um price artificially speculation sudden unexpected price drop shakeout bet bucks oil endsup knwo cnbc parading morons flashing headlines referring commodity bubbles concur ben andpms broke support price artificially speculated roll data ticket adding liberal oil price speculation conspiracy perspective hoping bs facts pissed delivery gallons fuel oil obviously walked warehouse grabbed gallons kool aid desk fat limbaugh asked grape cherry slimyrocks cesspools snakes backstabbers explanation hog oil staying worse rates rate logic muslim brotherhood power middle ages oil consume chop demand significantly oil plunges bullish oil unemployed everyday tool shopping trinkets bobbles bobbleheads baubles kebobbles hookers tired muslim brotherhood agitprop bs value democracy chips worse mubarak thief net billion range replace figurehead remotely democratic government united states defend promote interests united states defer foreign matters sovereign nations respect internal affairs sovereign nations internal affairs sovereign nations adversely impact interests united states eg soviet unions seizure eastern europe settlement wwiis spoils leads naturally asking quote worse mubarak thief net billion range worse history tyranny missed dancing music alternatives mubarek shot korea iran myanmar pol pots cambodia unpleasantries inrwandaor maos cultural revolution egypt version worst tyranny grown response daddy muslim brother hood wh egypt sheeple precedent motive oust nd rate politicians retake nation joe sixpack team o reps congress joe sixpack cares muslim oil middle militaryforeign aid expenses costs terror hate al qaeda intuitively muslim iran remains potent producer exporter oil count oil muslims whom benefits financially insane morally machiavellian leaders deserve complacent extremist iran range missles nukes risk bomb apparent khomeni nuclear weapons blackmailed bigtime outright hope sunnis shias kill muslims hell middle radical extensions government italy oil save wasted money criminal mistakes iraq muslims actuallyfor starters africaspain franceand italy med lands conquered crusades islamic law saudi arabia islamno reeks irrational fear eu deal spain france muslim menace shore chicken iran pursue bomb range missilespreferably nuke variety democracies fight nuclear nation states fight mad poster tmosely nation benefits detonation bomb nuclear nation literally shooting govt gain false flag ops govt suspect bomb detonated iran nukes hell nuke tel aviv crap holy holy oil mad nukes introduces win won destroy uninhabitable mutual crazy screaming democracy nukes detonated admittedly underground weapons delivery systems mad roughly actors pakistanvs calculus goliath v david lemme faced ussr nuclear punk pakistan muslim terror brings leaving alone gain detroying unilaterally worlds biggest oil consumer brained hysteria lack rationality usamsm ministry al jazeera english stream ummmm power vacuum bullish oil supply profit hedge fund weenies lived resigns encourages countries region streets oust tin pot corrupt scum leaders fun middle finished btfd ftbd f benny dips genocidal ben price oil demand recovery oil speculators closing hosni money mubarak resign muslim brotherhood bearish oil claiming mb strango flash crash usdyen rumor gold comex warehouse blow nazis power egypt oil gold al jazeera aj fort tungsten knox surprise lieu nights negotiating transition expected harry snake oil future harry expected expected expected negotiating tahrir egyptians western puppets obumble negotiating meaningless expected expected occurred himhe dosent disconnect reality rising price apple suppliers speculate higher irrational confidence distort reality speculative froth justified himhe dosent disconnect reality rising price apple suppliers listening aapl stunned improving economy apple sold verizon iphones summer apple selling gadgets enormous numbers worldwide damn indicator economy eyes spending money clouds parted listening realized ue rate factual data points crap job working barack hed spokesman economy spend borrowed moniez barack mubarak broke hell gibbs masquerading toilet accessories salesman gibbs leaving wh winding duties hws increasing frequency length stfu hamy harry harry alone bullish obamabaggers alinsky internet sadly mubarak urinal cakes rapidly draining lieu harry lieu missing replaced moron chicken cordon bleu waitress informs shell lieu cordon bleu stick urinal cakes nite hotel chains harry spit coffee hahahahathats harryjust stfu unstable rumor crying theater theater falling apart audience hypnotized qed smell scythe ray bradbury somebody job soma tv bnw allegory mirror masses scythe allegory capital markets bernanke save expired bare scythe banks mortgage investments interactive protests africa middle fails rumor clue pounded resign crony td commodoty space employment numbers analyses gold below monday exchanges reduced gambling dens whereby traders pockets markets maximize profits expense remaining players boys enormous money power markets direction maximum profits effectively media lure players position incur maximum loss rounding maximum sheep shutting doors slaughter ohhh noooono bazooka mubarak hosni tbtfyeah wellcest vie rumor hosni power vlad putin worry cmguanflxtzoo egypts wealth abscond suspect asking egypts wealth abscond wealth stashed globe bloomberg tv block suez oil awayus dollar retail stocks intraday correction morningas predicted midnight massacre executed usdx swap lineson friday appreciate detail mechanics robo victory bull dance equities brent claims settled possibly weekend djia rally points lost ignoring djia rose standoff rules growing anticipation inflation gain considered dip captain hindsight strikes derision voodoo economist don coxe replacing mubarak junked ticking monday qbing effort esp price oil skyrocketing sundown cairo crowd sudden wild amazing millions jubilent cheers tears joy shouts filled victory mubarak stepping tears beig rumor blow gut mtself markets exit hosni bearish oil suez canal bullshit hosni leaves canal closed control markets rhetorical rumor mubarack stepping baltic plunging canary inching closer digit territory established bdi falling glut ships loads commodities shipped shipping freight bdi consideration ships hundreds reality shipments spread ships lowering bdi ships established wish esablish backlog visible disclosed follows bdiy surge boats surprised price reacting argument novices bdiy furthermore relative basis ships increased accounting scrappage parking bdiy indicative collapse demand lastly dayrates operators losing money charter business thereby returning equilibrium price higher apple trade super super bleach hamy hairy wanqer cankqer blown de bloomberg percent global trade moves international shipping associations slump rates vessel surplus contracting economy surplus orders placed income averaged bill mcbride explains ships online surprise shipping rates roof ships third bloomberg freight costs fell queenslandrsquos worst flooding prompted buyers australian statersquos coal cancel charters intensifying competition cargoes vessels summary collapse demand statement alone worldwide growth bloomberg hahahaha ouch harry admire guts sticking owned admire guts sticking owned refuted claim ahh ignored key tylers established wish esablish trust arthur fail harrywanger gum tyler tim ayles claiming monetary system tim ayles financial advisor written contradictiorial zero hedge monetary system tylers monetary system importatnt issue colide issue realy worth anyhow tim ayles financial advisor advising clients relaxed dollar worthless thru topics touch reality prattles textbook econ judging writings afloat miracle rigged markets dollar worthless worthless dick gold worhtless federal reserve created quibble ayles zh monetaray system tim ayles necronomy reply bothered sign ayles ecbs monetary system unsuccessfully resorted lawyers letting passing trillions amongst solvent directly loot sovereign citizens save chinese literally laughed geithner stage beijing keynesian circus counter opinion points valid savings gold stocks warrant reply harrys hmmm barack speak blasphemy hopium changeium puppet controlled bankers boehner austerity cuts bn wooah grasped el duderino cutting lines subsidized vaccinations poor whooping cough epidemic dealjust algo glitch oil rise yr fucking circus umm million americans buried hello bank deposit money bills winter somehow adjust disturbing trend goddamn localized united states buried dozens states declaring disaster areas asking federal assistance million anywhere million stuck emergencies upwards million barrels oil worth consumption disappearing supply queensland wreck egypt chaos oilgas heats buildings mexico oklahoma kansas states nat gas fired elecricity gas nat gas heating interstates trucking fairly itll melt weekend rebury blizzard inches fell stuck shelters national guard humvees highways literally choked medians buried invisible sidestreets cleared areas cleared drove suv rail flipped inside died survivors core temps f barely alive forecast limitations recognizes drop oil uncertainty increases whenif gone insane rumor comet bigger hit expected rally crude march march futures below ma manothing picking stops fri mon spike sell otm puts strike cotton profits mar otm calls sold suggested oilspeculators viewing mubarak won winning attrition protesters staying thug government staying mubarak leaving de stabilizing send oil higher markets fear unknown unknown power vacuum mubarak trigonometry math suffice peaceful demo thugs win stable transition gives timeto anglo banking cabal vetted puppet oil companies reliant suez canal breath sigh relief suffice capture serves gateway moving co oxygen exchangers crude declining volume sonothing heremove volume temporarily reduced hesold energy nerve temporsrily dollar ol usasuch galwe backbrings tears eyes dollar index cramer goldman sachs net dollar shortit rise temporarily mad mad ass dictator welcome egypt welcome prison planet optionsxpress account died mins quotes brokers pfg quotes photo harry score super bowl sunday mubabak resigns risk suez canal closed drops nil hiatus crisis traders trade seconds minutes regime bigger risk oil caresall matters risk minimzed mubarak resignslonger deal futures contracts trader sex withdraw method feels reminds plural coitus interruptus twins ohharry chesthow claimed parabolic rise fnm fre metric catch sheets zombies moves jan announced announced preempted themslves alot monay hilary uk dumped gold al jazeera media montenegro reporting hosni mubarak exile son preparing arrive montenegro deposed thai prime minister thaksin shinawatra sought refuge attach charts comments plz contributor privilege


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