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Ben Loses The Long End

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thwarting nascent economic recovery ldquoi outspoken limits monetary policy salve nationrsquos fiscal pathology provide bridge financing congress restructuring tax regulatory incentives businesses confidently expand payrolls capital expenditures ldquothe federal reserve held rates nil expanded balance sheet unprecedented levels debate mdash included concern expressed member formal vote voting rights mdash fomc collectively decided november temporarily undertake program purchase treasuries added policy initiatives roughly purchasing equivalent newly issued treasury june ldquoby risk viewed accomplice congressrsquo fiscal nonfeasance avoid perception vigilantly protect integrity delicate franchise limits monetary provide bridge financing fiscal sanity friday speaking germany european central bank president jean claude trichet lsquomonetary policy responsibility substitute government irresponsibilityrsquo ldquothe fomc history ruinous fate meted countries whose central banks regularly 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complexity juggling usually proportional dexterity experience juggler writing following sentences paragraphs andlarge interwoven thoughts colons semi colons commas parenthesis suggest steve leisman cnbc eggs ham dr seuss easier steal money stocks bondsso blame hits fan weather earnings gulpprofits employment sales gulpfundamentals grand finale reasonthe wipe sucker qe assured markets bens faith policies unshaken stock sets records promises miles print printingprintingprinting miles print frost promises overlords printing grave editing wherewithal mash dory finding nemo gen benrsquos mix ldquojust printing printing printingrdquo kool chasing cmg lulu mo mo rotation jpm bac computer gamestay anemic loan growth tbtfs saved nuttin persuasion resolve feelin reluctant folksit forces banana ben handhe leveraged lehman fuck thru print leveraged definition qe benny inflationary anddeflationar monsters battle energized inflationary monster symbolic qe consequence billion dribs drabs springsummer yields lid gold pms spec commodities margin offering alternative treasuries trade handle probablystill tough gdxj break resistance resistance beyween pm thingy thru gdxj stawk fake belive gunna trash hell lol mofos crack spx ben lost tyler realy lately predictions confidence bernank afraidthis despite pigman pigmen lucaman fear bernank slaughter commodity beloved metal bar ticks yr dma barrel bernankersquos quantitative easing saves undeserving bankers economy collision reality medium rates sky commodity excessive joblessness instability monetizing countryrsquos desperate desperate chance working bernanke qe circumstances chairman buying thereby economic crashmdashcatastrophic president obama wake viewpoints economic goldman sachs jp morgan nuke equities bernank sticks script launches qe rising commodity ironically tarp talf qe qe qe app ben bernanke trapped rat pump fiat slush funds chosen speculators stocks andor commodities resume rise deal fiat crisis sewn withdrawing liquidity 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