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PIMCO vs Whitney: The Muni War Of Words Turns Ugly, As Equity Mutual Funds Welcome The Wipeout In MUB

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billion billion equities billion billion muni flow increased billioncorporate inflow increased billionequity inflow decreased billion gross meredith penned female praying mantis bitting praying mantis intercourse sleight meridith compare accuracy bill gross pimco teams endless snake oil uh returns versus bills returns calls oppenheimer inflows equities beginning money flowing ksi money thoughts investing tens hundreds billions federally subsidized bonds babs hundreds billions strikes gross jacking mouth john bradshaw layfield apa acolyte protection agency bony ass send al arian egypt card despised asset planet bonds brokerage firms zhers contrarian disliking bonds barrons money poll portfolio managers predicted bonds performing asset chose equities precious metals cash experts forecasts munis defaulted mostly legacy issuesall shitty municipalities youll drastic spending cuts increased taxes muni defaults occur legacy issues issuers citiestowns harvard issues muni bonds yale issues muni bonds comfortable owning cents bearish economy wild card states bonds union pensions obama lost independents unions supporters


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