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The Flim-Flam Men – With Artwork by Banzai7 Labs

gentlemen cd appropriate moniker wish glad ill sheeple rebel williams huffington reporting latest threats al qaeda terrorists yemen target financial institutions executives goldman sachs barclays citibank jp morgan chase protecting thieving scum national security pulling crap perspective website paypal enjoyed movie classic cd job applying collective predicament refusing cooperate convincing shop enjoy wb shop banzai welcome contributors pool michael victory becausebanzai sneaks pee gt ill raincoat zhedge theme asked sacrilege date untilall bugs worked expressed feedback silence reins gt yup rings gold eating bacteria experiment banzai spirit artistic genius allagreed overlook notpotty trainedyet released poster mug shop nest eggs pensions wealth amassed involvement cooperation con sell donrsquot wish admit wersquove decades mouths shut stock irarsquos krsquos increased value pensions continued paid system apart warp speed claim bamboozled fooled nope charade doesnrsquot wash hearing increasingly dire warnings fiat currencies unfunded social security medicare government pensions promises ending wars empire expansion resource exploitation corruption obscured progressed mostly assuredly participation gentlemen includes flim flam team hollywood history laurel hardy education considered alternative definition flimmiddotflamflmflm informal n nonsense humbugbeen greatpast daysfor sleazy southern movies flannery oconnor georgia dysfunctionality followed mississippi counterpart baby doll onlast tmc uncut acted nineties marketing fund manger firm exist bought sold turned firms advertising approved misleading upside lost license firm nugatory seemed deal bs merchant finished proofing motivated saving investing worked pensions mis selling firm undoubtedly lies customers negotiation posturing hit suitably insignificant pensioners losses spent hundreds proofing senior testimony flim flam stuck pitched government pension promise role receive xyz xyz rationale sounded motivated invest nowadaysits trading law practice owe thankyou sell flim flam education motivation scare promise riches vampires mirror cd wb flim flamwomenlook justlike definition hollywoods sting classic movie pn rr flim milf spelled backwards bonzaiwelcome party figured financially capitalized hideous retired forever retired losers wealthy offspring history spend money ill bet spend easier shame sadness towards fellow deserved determine fuck joined club spare thre bullshit moral arguments toosniff sniff boo hoo fuck em practically epiphany gf grace gf realizes doggs moi beatiful planet universes criminally insane gf garden weeden slewie splain lucy ethical compromises routine bigger compromises expediency desire social approval avoid waves careful sudden considered routine uneventful felony charge career professional sociopaths compromises bigger compromises stock ethical lapses anddiscussing anonymously shocked deceive ourselves innocence purity motivations ritual path humility human 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holding gun break system break rules uncle thug gun enforce hope money kicked system ss medicare pillage burn money ala joker stick pics gamble die choose gamble holds monopoly acceptable monopoly enforced culture strongly doubt shaken generations respect opinions careful comments immersed system appears exit choice dance consensus dance disrespect grew balls sheep control environment itever pasture turned graze thesheep function graze consume fatten itselfup provide woolfor shepherd masterowner citizens holding capital gamblebut gambles financially viable giant casino naturally casino rigged games choice beat odds capital formation immediately wagered disappear ether gentlemen william contribution banzais web gold silveryet dirtyfilthy federal reserve notes welcome gt essay reduced law following respect theirperson property essay revealed thatlincolnsdc monument chair hashis resting fascia bound bundles wheat roman army advancing legion fasciacommunicated yourwith mowed william mortgage fraud poster

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