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Guest Post: The Mathematics Of Hyper-Inflation

notation bitchez employ legions scientists engineers consultants unable lesson exponential functions youll ill laos chaos studies compares money supply money befor crash shadow banking system comparison asame money interested creadible studies support reject theory money supply barely moved printed money largely held excess reserves held earns sliver risk banks data trillion worth qe increased billion billion banks lending genuine economic recovery sham trillion excess reserves trillion vis vis reserve multiplier banksters escape consequences stashes gold getaways places doc hell jews track mendella argentina wherever pray louts escape detection internet instant photo dna gps todays computer super brains super idiots milestones ps paraguay million price tag platter checkout constructing denver airport exponents bitch exponential curves bitchez lecture instill fear exponential growth cares future chronoexpogrowphobia shudder manditory viewingby iii seconds socialistic government policies rely accelerating monetary inflation ben obama karl marx corn closed coincidencei soybeans socialist fury missed irony crisis housing sarc meter eleven snarkier genben fix minutes resignation minutes sack frost referring inception minutes minutes outside recursive fuck theory stepping tbtf execs necks execs hizzazz theory implementation roller coaster zooming higher rails lower g motion whip bottom cars coast space guided soft landing flameout despite feds vain attempts guide lower communist soviet union capitalist gold muni mortgage wiped argentina gold bridges roads companies sheeple survive planned peter schiff circa owe foreigners presiding demise gradual striping carcass value remains power peter schiff ftw ends selling leather shoes newbie tighten remove liquidity allponzicollapse dieponzidie dollar destroyed beast rampage r related gashole banks insolvent broke states insolvent everyday services halted unfunded liabilities health pensions washed creating chaos civil unrest hopes screwed pms semi nope worry gd buddy stocks commodities puppetmasters collapsing pinocchioes btfd death crosses lighting screens selling ppt angels insuring orderly owe taxes goobermint haul money lite voila fiscal integrity krugers tighten meaningfullythe economy owe foreigners forced japan plaza accord hitchina hit hit gold revaluation japan assets buying natural resources related volcker stopped golds rise americans gained owned armaggadon gold revaluation therewerent trillion rate derivatives production magic wands armaments devices essential surveillance moved offshore embargo placed manufactured products utopia afford trillions trillions borrow afford continuing print money continuing print money restructuring occur restructuring exchange whatmy brothersused aunt ada gasholes covered extensively collapsebook released rates rise tries sell treasuries soany recovery collapse global wagesor manufactured collateral loans catagories deflating wages levered paid collapses possibly inflationary spike commodity wages support demand g biflation baby alone competing depleted commodities natural resources chips shelves wages drop preventing extortion cracks empire beginning multiply chance wsj regarding hedge fund held mil gold contracts mil cash repricing sustained ability creates inflation reaches max potential boom added leverage capacity false prospect demand repriced assets deflating competing marginal dollar debts considerwhat suppose demand bond anywhere mortgage gift demand cliff collapsing rate demand cliff collapsing rate demand global competition limited resources hotter wage inflation demand inflation billion chinese indians yearning goods services americans enjoy armed oceans dollars steadily shipped economy tube experiment biflation wages net worths dropping steadily estate rise pricing power labor engineered beginning overcapacity industries input rise rise structural costs middle existence energy banking fees insurance health education tuition ownership costs municipal services apparel permits licenses cpi register shifts housing deflating drags index pce reported crb highs challengin highs yup chinese paying ferrari usa goods exported europe traditionally stagflation disagree described wage inflation economy population growing discordant rates contributed rising wage inflation demographics unfavorable economy growing slower rate housing deflating cost middle existence rise chance hyper inflation consequence quantity fiduciary media circulating failure government bond expanding alarming rate surprise hyper inflation germany zimbabwe preceded alarming increase government bond issuance government bonds dominant credit instruments money developed economies consequences bursting government credit bubble tap credit convert fiat crap exchange value pm guns service bankster anothers money approaching collapse arrives til system worshipping banker lawyer neighbors yell window dinner gun woooo hoobitchez ta damn recourse credit cards tap metals fuckin math sum xn n n gtinfinity nn xn ill qeurfuqd mathematically relative confidence hyperinflation expressed mathematically relative system continuously changing rules influences evisceration currency mathematical toast strip club overheard female bartender invest stocks titties likea bubble gold bullish gold zerohedge shoeshine organization stocks infinite krugs poboy shrimp dressed barqs yo durr gold meal durrrrrrr phd economics princeton youll poboy steel n youll bout princes yo durr hurr gold bugs guns durrrr brilliant analysis die bet wuz pumpin bullshit stock player imnot dissin iveoverheard announcement sorts whoever listening ultimate contrarian signal zero hedgeand fiat lap dance lesson zhersyou lap dance gold bars playa fiat lap dance muchgo vegas fiat mathematics hyperinflation equation slightly supercilious remark exponential growth fascinating variants systems differential equations hoping treatment mathematics valid hyperinflation ah excuses author bitchiness sharing inflation riots spending stocking velocity stores pre riot specials damn glenn beck bold mac helen premise issue wholeheartedly honest managers plague century lab rats profitable society urban sprawl identified americas basic problems driven communities eg lovely houses local council corporate consequence participate homes communities communities driven capable members hope realise power working community growing tools cities attract arts clubs music anonymity society working working corporations somewhat muddy midnight members society chosen success paycheck alone hurts feelings remind contribute targeting tax increases earners discourages successful elements society effort kleptocracy ayn rand scream aep london telegraphthe international monetary fund imf warned imbalances emerged threaten derail global recovery stoke tensions ultimately civil wars countries reserves held abroad countries money sitting bank reserve foreign counted money supply percentage money foreign countries vs counted lost reserve currency money money supply money supply increase third overnight postbut twol overlooked increases population material wealth brakes inflation moneys assuming government adopt inflationary policy financing deficit constant share countrys wealth leads exponential inflation inflationary policy destructive tends fits sustained push adopted fund continuous operating deficits inflation increasing money supply artificially phenomena associated exponential rise classic starring jane curtin susan james jessica lange wish intro movie movie sells california japan stuck susan james beat cost sec clips share fiscal policy lines stagflation carters legacy iran hostages

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